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Wow, summer has gone by fast. Only a few weeks left. Get out and enjoy Mother Nature while you can. It's easy to be safe while enjoying her beauty. πŸŒ»πŸ™‚

BeeHappy 9 Aug 1

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Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! It's nice to see a non-political, non-COVID19 post. πŸ™‚

You're very welcome. πŸ™‚


Not a fan of Summer. I'm looking forward to Fall πŸ™‚.

I like fall too! πŸ™‚



As soon as summer is gone, my polar bear tush will go out for outdoors


We've had a summer of rains and thunderstorms to begin with and now extreme heat (extreme for us here is 27C plus). My 17.5 acres is now a rainforest with extra swamps and bogs. With all the rain and muddy grounds it was impossible to mow, and you don't really want to mow now when there's a chance of heat stroke. Most of us here don't have AC so when it gets hot it's a hassle trying to get buildings cool enough. When we had the heavy rains, many people had flooded basements. And, we haven't even mentioned the bugs. I'm a walking mass of mosquito bites. I hate bug spray so I have to cover up while outside in the heat, and the skeeters still get me!!! Even if I use bug spray they would still find the one spot that's missed. I do much better in the winter, honestly.

That's understandable.


I'm one that would want summer forever. This year it will be gone and I still have a few things I did not get done.

That's what I was thinking about myself.


Is that Lake Tahoe? I was there about 5 years ago. Beautiful area!!


It's funny... Summer used to be my favorite season when I was younger. Now it is all the other 3! Living in the woods I prefer autumn days and the smell of leaves. (Even though I need to blow or rake them!) Also the winter snow and having a big fire in the fireplace while watching it come down. Spring is great watching all the new life come out.

Anymore... Summer means heat, tall weeds by the river, chiggers and ticks... And it's much harder for me to do my blacksmithing. Pounding on hot steel when it is 100 degrees with 90% humidity takes it out of me!

Summer is only great inside my house with cold AC. The rest of seasons are good for outdoors


Good point; I'm tempted - thanks to you - to go for a walk on the beach - in the midst of this approaching storm (Isaias). I live on the beach in Ft. Pierce. will post pics later.

Stay safe my friend!

@BeeHappy Sorry about the's been an unresolved issue with since May. Lots of Turtle nests being lost...and one being created...

@Robecology Sorry about the turtle nests. I had the same problem with the photos didn't know it was an issue.


We're having a hot and humid summer in Quebec.


Good pics. I recognize many of those places. Keep a smile on your face and love in your heart.

They are from the Michigan thumb area and yes I will. You too Ted. 😊


For you maybe, here in Florida we have had to experience a fucking nightmare of Covid 19 deniers starting with moRon de Santis and a hurricane sweeping the coast as we speak, record thousand numbers of contagions and deaths, particularly the morons that went to bars and beach parties without protection, and a fucking heat wave that doesn't go away. So please, I appreciate the power of positive thinking, but this has been the worst summer ever in Florida and time went by so slowly when you're NOT HAVING FUN!


For us summer doesn't end until October.


If you live in the North country, there's only two more weeks of bug season. And snow season doesn't start for at least four more weeks.So,the last two weeks of August are perfect for camping trips!

Good to know!


Well we still have bloody horrible winter here. At the moment it is foggy as sh....t and it is cold too. Please, please spring hurry up.

Oh my!


Pandemic ... 😞 but I'm doing the Best I can ☺

I know, some areas are easier to maneuver than others.

@BeeHappy NYC is doing great but I'll wait a bit more.. I'll not risk my health or my babies. And Frankie too! Almost forgot my Love!

@Cutiebeauty Everyone has to do what's best for them. We take every precaution when we go out. Stay away from people, wear masks, wash hands and use sanitizer. I'm currently in a semi-rural area so it's easier to stay away from people.

@BeeHappy absolutely..


It is unseasonably cool in eastern Nebraska right now, this morning I went for a 1.66 mile walk. First time in weeks that I have been awake in the cool part of the day and that the "cool" part of the day was cool enough to take a long walk in.


Actually, summer isn't even quite half over with. Still a little more than a month and a half remaining.

I guess it depends where you are.


Gorgeous pics! where were these taken?

Up near Port Austin, MI, the tip of the thumb.

@BeeHappy never been to michigan but these pics make me want to check it out!

@Redheadedgammy It's a beautiful state! Here are a couple pics from a camping trip in the Upper Peninsula a couple weeks ago.

@BeeHappy Wow, these are beautiful too. Love the waterfall pic! Thanks for sharing!!!

@Redheadedgammy My pleasure.


Well, summer can't end fast enough for me, it's very dry, and it's been 112 + degrees. We are looking to cool down to 108 degrees. Hate the summers here in Vegas.

I feel you. That's one reason I spend the summer in Michigan. I'm lucky... I know not everyone can do that.


Well, it's been 108 degrees the last two days. Not every day is good to go outside.

As always, I have been hiking.

Nice pics!


I hate summer. Too much humidity, too much heat. I wish my life had a fast forward button, so that I could jump to september.
BTW Mother Nature is suffering too, trees are dying, crop is whithering...


I get outside by 8 am to have coffee then water the garden. It’s the only time I find pleasant around here at this time of year.


It has been in the 90's with humidity, I swear at 1000%. Just breathing is difficult!

I'm very fortunate to be able to leave the summer heat of the south for the summer.



here in Texas, we're looking at being in the 90's THROUGH September... it'll be late October before we get high 80's on a semi-regular basis.

enjoy your paradise!

I was just saying yesterday that cooler weather is just 4 weeks away. My son said, think again!

They moved ACL from September to the first week of October and its still hot.

Of course ACL is cancelled this year I think so I’ll be in the air conditioning

I was just telling @Sticks48 that I forgot that is why I'm in Michigan for the summer.

then again, I'm not really complaining.... it's not like we don't know Summer in Texas is going to be hot... heck, it gets hot EVERYwhere during Summer..... it's just that the heat doesn't break until mid/late October.....


There is no getting out and enjoying anything in this heat.

You're right, I forgot that's why I'm up here in Michigan for the summer.

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