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LINK 7 Steps to Grooming Your Young Christian Wife | Biblical Gender Roles

Wow!! This article just blew my mind. 24 yo m asking about "spanking" his 18 yo F wife. This is just totally so messed up!

HippieChick58 9 Sep 4

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WTF, Sharia Law Christian style or what?
Next thing he'll be doing is making her walk around in a bin-liner bag with just an eye-slit so she can see where she's going.

I always said that if Rick Santorum was president we (women) would all be walking around in burkas. Looking at the way they are marketing facial masks, I can only imagine what an American burka would look like.

This pic was supposed to have been attached to the above comment.

@MyTVC15 Actually those masks would be great for kids and those who work with kids.

@HippieChick58 They are intended for kids, but it is really just marketing. The material is low quality and a lot I doubt they filter out much of the virus. That is probably what will happen with the burkas-all low quality. But intend to buy mine at Lord and Taylor or Macy's. I bet they will have the ones made from natural materials and pre-washed and all that.

@MyTVC15 I have lost count of the masks I have made. I have 8 or 9 for my own personal use. I wear hearing aids and glasses, so I made mine with ties to avoid anything else around my ears. I made several masks for each of my kids and their partners. One kid asked that I make some for her dad and I will do anything for my kids including contributing to my ex husband's good health. I made masks for the grandchildren as well, and some friends or siblings of the kid's partners. All my masks are made of 100% cotton fabrics. I'm a quilter and I mostly used my quilting fabric stash. All my fabric is washed when it comes into the house. Elastic was hard to come by for a while, but I now have a huge stash of that. When I was making masks in March I did not expect to still be wearing them in September.

@HippieChick58 I think that we are going to be wearing them for a long time. I am a teacher with diabetes, COPD more than a few extra pounds and high BP. When I get it, I am done. My mother died from covid in June.

@MyTVC15 I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to avoid Covid. I am also in the more than a few extra pounds range, with HTN, and pre diabetic. This weekend I have conclusive proof that I can no longer eat chocolate, which will back me out of pre diabetic range. When the shut down started I was working in an office and my team was not WFH, and since I decided we were all going to die I started bringing in a variety of easter chocolate candies. I noticed my heart rate was high, and I figured stress and my supervisor. I cut back on the chocolates, and the supervisor was out of the office most of the time, and things calmed down. Supervisor is back and so are the chocolates and my stress is high. Then I was fired in June and more chocolates, and heart rate went up. Sure stress. Then I added dark chocolate and could no longer sleep. Did some research and yep, that will happen, so I cut out the dark chocolate. Started a new job 3 weeks ago, we WFH. I weaned off all the chocolate and was doing good. Friday at work I did some of the online onboarding education. One of the modules was harassment, and one of the sub modules was bullying. Eye opening, I finally realized the previous job was toxic because of bullying among other things The idea had been in the back of my mind, I just didn't acknowledge it. Then I had some chocolate ice cream, it is a holiday after all. I have elevated heart rate again and trouble sleeping. So, no more chocolate. My current job is assistant underwriter for Medicare Supplements. Definitely gotta get the HTN and pre diabetes under control before I go on Medicare. I'm 62, this is a good education in what is ahead unless Donnie boy messes us all over. I love chocolate, but I also love sleeping.

@HippieChick58 I had a tough job last year-elementary special education. The kids sneezed on me a lot and i was sick most of the time. I actually think I might have already had covid. I think I had it all of March and April. I just got my sense of smell and taste back the end of July. On top of that there were actually 5 deaths in my family starting with my sister on 9/11. I am looking forward to life with out mango man, since life is hard enough already.

@MyTVC15 I am waiting patently for the first Santorum kiddo to write a “Daddy Deartest” book.
There’s something not right with a parents that would bring home a baby that was no longer alive, to meet the kids.

@Iamkratom Oh, I know, right?




I was just going to say... where is the vomit emoji.


I saw this, somewhere else......maybe, "You Tube." Anyway, women who accept this, are slaves.


it isn't "grooming"...this is indoctrination and a form of torture



That website needs to be taken down. It promotes treating women as property or children. Basically it treats women as baby making machines.


Geezus H.

Young women like this are put into situation where leaving is difficult. Where does an 18--or a 25 year old--find job that will support her if she has no education or work experience? She is dependent on her husband.

No wonder "they" hate feminists.

That's the whole point, keep em' scared and dependent. Same as mail order brides. Maybe women in other countries are getting less desperate and wiser, so these guys need to look for slaves here in the states instead..

@TomMcGiverin I was married for 25 years and my ex was passive aggressive. He liked it when I was fat because, in his mind, it meant that other men would not be attracted to me. When I lost 100 pounds, he could not deal with it. As for the money/working aspect, he was conflicted; he would have liked the money, but he would have lost the control factor. I also think his control issues were subconscious.

@Gwendolyn2018 Better to get out late than never...

@TomMcGiverin Indeed! I left 22 years ago--almost as long as I was married. It seems like 100 years ago.


LOL, It looks like we're safe since the wife must be young in order for grooming to be effective.

This article makes it obvious why Fundamentalism would appeal to men young and old.

When I think of someone grooming people I think about a pimp turning out a young girl. Actually this is not much different is it?

About the only difference is that the pimp is grooming the young "woman" to have sex with other men.

@Gwendolyn2018 The keyword in both relationships is obedience.

@SanDiegoAirport I am not aware that Mormonism promotes women having multiple sex partners--just that some sects promote a man having many wives.

@Lorajay Indeed--and if obedience is not forthcoming, there are penalties. Maybe the husband should refuse to have sex with his wife.


If this guy thinks he has a god given right to spank his wife, does it mean I have a god given right to beat the crap out of him?

yes. And if you need assistance I can be downright mean in those situations.


I learned many years ago that the ONLY person I will ever change is myself -- and that is damned hard. I have no right to try to force change on my wife.


For punishment purposes that is so many levels of wrong.

The idea of a husband "punishing" a wife at all is wrong.


It is not a joke, unfortunately. The guy actually believes this s**t. His first wife abandoned him. Not surprised...

Well, at least he didn't do the 'really' bad thing, biblically speaking, and marry his deceased brother's wife...LOL.

@Triphid God forbid 😛

Unfortunately, other people believe it too. It is really disturbing what we have found out about our fellow human beings in recent years.


I'm no lawyer, but maybe what the site needs is a good lawsuit?


The writer of that article needs to spend some quality time with me and a few choice objects (2x4s, bats, rifle butts, etc).


Some kinky shit always going on with these religious fanatics.

@K9Kohle789 you are confusing religion with christians, there are many other religions who do not wear crosses or sadistic shit of that nature, but to answer your question not all religious people are fanatics, kids in the process of being brainwashed cannot be called fanatics for example.


This is one very mixed up puppy, his mixing up of the word grooming is one thing but the fact that there is a pack of them out there agreeing to this? It’s very concerning. The old masculine control, it’s so tough for them to release it and let people fly. If that’s what they’re like with their wives I really feel for their children, who they’re legally allowed to hit.

Oh by the way, in Wales they just made it illegal to strike a child, allowing them the same legal rights as other humans, no doubt there will be education into suitable alternatives.


Sick bastard! This is what happens when any religious teachings are taken literally. I wish more christian leaders would preach the bible as it is written. There would be a lot more atheists and agnostics.


I just can't bring myself to read about gender roles at the moment.
It's a trans woman thing.

Don’t blame you, it’s all daft at the best of times. Take care of You 😉


" She was raised in a strict family and I guess she thinks now that she is married, she is free from all authority. " I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she got married to escape her father's authority and got trapped by her new husband's. Out of the frying pan into the fire. The age gap is also a bit concerning.


This is a joke right!

I don't think it is a joke, it is a xian site, and it looks legit. I can't speak for it, I have never seen it before. When I was an Xian I did know families that leaned this direction. I knew some "quiverfull" families and some that really pushed that husband as head of the household. I tried for a short while to defer many decisions to my then husband, he didn't like it at all! Neither did I for that matter. I made better decisions and quicker.

It would be nice wouldn’t it.

@HippieChick58 I guess this explains why I am divorced!!!!! 🙂


Really fucked up


I... can't... even...

Besides, I like my spankings on demand... my demand. 😀

Leelu Level 7 Sep 4, 2020

That is pure evil.


"We live in culture which denies almost all the rights that God has given to a husband including his right to discipline his wife. That means that if you do not have your wife’s consent to spank her and she calls the police on you, you may go to prison for domestic abuse. "

Well, that is because it is IN FACT domestic abuse. Why don't these "gentlemen" just move to Afghanistan. Sounds like they would be happier there.


Okay, where in the Bible does it say that the wife has to watch the same TV show as the husband??? That is just plain fake news.


This also explains why some extreme Christians don't put their kids in public schools and opt for home schooling instead. "Un-learn What Your Culture Has Taught You."


What is interesting about this article is that it spends a great deal of time explaining why grooming is "not wrong." I think that if you have to go to such lengths to explain it, then it probably is wrong.

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