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POLL Personal Experience of God Through Meditation | Ram - New Delhi, India | Atheist Experience 22.31 - YouTube

No lies here

This is what happened to me.

I guess it was hysteria. You guys tell. I'll poll it out.

What happened to me really?

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BikramK 4 Sep 26

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One night in 1979 I was convinced that God showed up as I was praying.
The mind goes into weird places when you get all those emotions going like that.
It only took like 8 hours of prayer for me.
What I experienced was a big deal, but it wasn't real, I can accept that now.


99% of "born agains" I have met couldn't handle their drugs, had a bad trip and "saw god".



Hahah. Haven't tried that yet ma'am. Wowo I saw your profile and saw your awesome life and experience. Very nice ma'am. Thoroughly impressed!


Altered states of consciousness are, well, just that, no matter the source.


Hallucinations are not to be conflated with meditation. Hallucinations do not mean that one is having a god experience. Awe ia simply awe. Meditation is meditation.

I do Hallucinate daily it is not god it is a pain in the ass!

No. You can't say any of that definetly at all

@BikramK I indeed can say all of it. If you have contentions with any part please identify it and explain what it is that you do not agree with so that we may communicate and have a better understanding.

Hallucination is not meditation.
Meditation is not hallucination.
Both can possibly happen at the same time but it does not mean that they are the same. Just as we may see and hear a concert does not mean vision and hearing are the same.

There is no scientically known "god experience" with the exception of brain activity in which we have identified the part of the brain that gives us a god experience and the "feeling" can be induced by stimulating the brain, This we do know to be fact.

I can say that I definately do hallucinate every day and it is very difficult to live with.

I just do not see ANY part of my statement that is factually wrong.

So please enlighten me so that I may know the errors of the facts presented.


Thank you for sharing your delusional proselytising solipsistic drivel.

The pastafarian on the desk in the video makes more sense than you honeybunch.


Your poll is not too bad BUT you forgot, maybe, to add "just plain Bat-shit Crazy" as one the choices.

Yea. That is a legitrmate option


To this I will ask you the Dawkins/Hitchens question....which is more likely....that the laws of physics or nature were suspended for you to experience this, or that, more likely, you were Under some misapprehension?


Congratulations on having a gratifying experience. Even better if you can apply something you learned.

A lot of different experiences are possible from meditation or drugs, but unless they can provide actual new information that can be shared and put to use, where are you going with the story? If you think you have established contact with God, where is that going to take you? Are you getting credit for your achievement? Why do you need that credit? When you can bring back an insight that can be conveyed and helps others besides yourself, then let the world know.

I'll share this. In the high of psilocybin, I repeatedly perceive a symmetric mandala that becomes infinitely fine in the center, and this perception seems perfect and complex enough that it suggests a spiritual origin. But that's it. Given it's repeatability, I can't rule out that this is a drug-induced pattern, in spite of its intriguing character. Really, the same applies to all the visual hallucinations. The experience is intriguing, but NOT instructive. No insightful information is gained.

The reality is that people have been taking drugs and meditating for thousands of years, but no religion has ever come up with new, valid information about our reality. is that meditation or medication???

@Paganlyl To what are you referring?

How right. Truth bombs everywhere


Which god? Guandi? Hathor? Poseidon? The Abrahamic god? Quetzalcoatl? Odin? Zeus?

Just your avg run of the mill spirtual mumbo jumbo one ness Shiva brahama type


Ugh. Being forced to choose what I think by parameters. Not a fan.
There are many forms of meditation that have not a thing to do with divinity.
Even 'Spiritual' if you will, does not always equate a God, or Gods.
IMHO there are forms of both that relate to one connecting with their inner self for lack of a better word. And none of it requires a so called 'Higher' power.


This is a subjective experience about god. There is no way to test it and get the same results.

Yes.... Now I feel since it's too subjective hence it don't count


I don't think any of the poll choices is correct. Meditation can give you a different perspective from what I've heard, but there's nothing supernatural about it.


Why is it automatically interpreted as "god" when one doesn't have any idea what has happened. More likely just a mind fart.

Whats mind fart

@BikramK Just a nonsensical expression.

@jlynn37 okay. I thibk coz we don't know God and the concept in itself is so pure and fun to interact with that we just want tto .I think

@BikramK As good an explanation as any.

I generally use the term brain fart but I understand what you meant. 😉



Richard Dawkins answer to this kind of thing. So, he had some kind of an experience and due to previously digested bias, he calls it god. What does that mean? What does it mean to believe in god?Define what you mean. I always come back to Hermann Hesse>the idea of god is an insanity.

@Healthydoc70 I've believed for a very long time that religious faith is a mental illness.
It's always been rooted in delusion, and delusions are a symptom of mental illness.
Gods do not exist.

@KKGator I think you and I share similar selfish genes. If you haven't read Dawkins Book, The Selfish Gene, I sense you might like it. One of my top 5 recommended books of all time.


He should have learned elocution from his experience cuz I really had a hard time listening to his ums, and ahs, etc. So I think weed was to blame.


Your choices aren't valid, we're talking about you getting high off the endorphines in your head, consequently you can't boil such a thing down to ONE specific cause.


Seek help man.

I'm cool now man . Thank you for concern

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