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LINK Texas Bill Prohibiting Male Masturbation Moves Closer To Becoming Law

"Commenting on her bill, Rep. Farrar told

A lot of people find the bill funny. What’s not funny are the obstacles that Texas women face every day, that were placed there by legislatures making it very difficult for them to access healthcare."

evestrat 8 Apr 9

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A lot of people comment without reading the linked article, making their comment fairly irrelevant.

I like the statement that the proposed law is trying to say. Though, I don’t think proposing legislation is a proper way to say something, especially when, as demonstrated in this thread, lots of people will take it at face value and miss the point entirely.

@obtusethevague1 No they won’t, but you did.


I love this bill the lady proposing it is a genius !!!


Perhaps that's the only way to get men to understand and empathize.

marga Level 7 Apr 9, 2018

I doubt it but worth a try.


Yeah, good luck trying to rub out masturbation. 😀

@Countrycuz666 I'm touched, of course.


This is just a bill in retalliation for all the bills passed restricting women of their right to autonomy.


Now that I read the article I fully support this bill. I love this bill.
She is very clever in making a point.

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

The worst part is that there are some people (unfortunately, far too many), who just won't get the point of all this.

@evestrat I feel that!


Maybe this bil -if voted into law-will teach the stupid legislators that women reproductive rights must be respected. I hope you guys see the sarcasm and the message conveyed by this bill.


I read it I get it. Hopefully, more people will get the jest of what she is proposing. I can’t believe how much Texas has been moving backwards on reproductive rights.


Ha, it’ll probably pass, regardless of her intentions.

@evestrat I had heard about this about a year ago, too, and it wouldn't surprise me if it passed because these pro-theocracy legislators are all about controlling others, but not themselves.


I would love, love and love to see this bill brought up by the DNC senatorial section. Put the bill in front of the american people. The women will immediately get it and most men, once they recover from shock, will look forward to a little karate pulling later that evening

EMC2 Level 8 Apr 9, 2018

It's a simbolic law like the Law requiring Gun ownership in Kennesaw, Georgia.
There is no way to enforce it, but it is meant to start a conversation.
I would find it funny if Texas man had to get Prostate exams for viagra bills.

2nd: Trying to demonstrate how hard it is for Texas women to have reproductive freedom, and good sex ed and pregnacy help. Just look Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the fruads they are.
This bill is more of a distraction, but Texas really does ignore the women's reproductive freedom

We don't need any more CONVERSATION...there is too much of that NOW! I am beginning to think it might be a LOONY BEN!

@FortyTwo but, it is making laws, to prove a point! What happened to addressing the real issues, head on?

Texas Government is under the view that Women's health and reproductive freedom is settled and any law that comes up to address this issues are either a wast of money or are an attack on Texas' morals.

The Texas Government needs to fairly address this issue, and stand by their principle of less Gov't, and more Freedom.

@FortyTwo I hope you are right...


If you're caught illegally masturbating would the penalty be to have to sing 'Oh cum all ye faithful' in the town square?


What an absurdity, those lawmakers must be on crack.

If those lawmakers are not on drugs then they ought to be on drugs. I wonder how such a law would be enacted, would all males have to wear a wristband that detects rapid movements? What about when you are jogging?....Ahahahahaa


Maybe this bil -if voted into law-will teach the stupid legislators that women reproductive rights must be respected. I hope you guys see the sarcasm and the message conveyed by this bill.

Yeah, the intent seems to be a little overlooked.

@Lauren Well, reading comprehension has never been "forte" in USA.

@DUCHESSA {{{ Sad to agree }}}


And how, exactly, are they going to enforce this? Anybody wanna be on masturbation patrol? Not me.




Love it! Men still won't get how ridiculous they are thinking they should have power over woman's bodies and choices. I sure hope I see a lot of change in my lifetime, this shit is getting very old.


Wow what a bunch of jerkoffs


I do sympathize with the struggle of women but.......can this law be for Married Men only?
Single guys masturbate because we are S.I .N.G.L.E!

Yeah, that puts a different rub on things.

@Meep70 lol


And HOW praytell, would that EVER be enforced !?


Don't know if you watch "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" but his main story Sunday night was about abortion, specifically "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" and how horrid they are to women. If you have access to the show I'd highly recommend watching the episode. It may be on YouTube by now.


I'd say: "Payback's a bi... " but I try not to use the 'b' word.


Haha, if I lived in that state I would like to see them come to my house and stop me.

Every sperm is sacred...


Though This Was Brilliant.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 9, 2018
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