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Being single

How many of you are sick of being single?

hOtMeSs2017 4 Apr 10

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I'd settle for dating someone for more than a week without doing something weird to scare them off.

Duke Level 8 Apr 10, 2018

Be single for as long as you can. Learn to be happy by yourself. The only thing that should change it is finding someone you can't be without.

What he said.


I definitely miss having someone special in my life. I have severe social anxiety and having my "person" really helps.

But do you want a person to enjoy life with or to fix your anxiety?

Enjoy my life with for sure. I still have anxiety even when I'm in a relationship. Its nice to have someone to talk about it with among other things. In all honesty I'm just lonely and I miss having meaningful company and conversation.


It's an interesting question. I have made my life happy, with just me and my kids. Sure, I have moments where the lonliness is sto strong that it overwhelms me, but I'd rather be lovely than modify my life for the wrong people.

I'd love to find someone - someone who's life fits with mine. But it either will happen, or it won't. Either way, I stil have to keep on living.


I'm looking forward to starting a new relationship when I meet the right woman but I'm a lot less tired of being single than I was tired of being in a bad marriage before my divorce lol


Not exactly sick of it, I won't lower my standards just to be not single. I've seen too many people do that and get involved with someone who's not right for them. I'd rather be single than miserable.


Not sick of being single, but the divorce was ugly and even after four years the scar is still touchy. Maybe, but my health would have to improve and I don't see that anytime soon.

BillF Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

While I long for companionship, I have a busy an unconventional enough life that a full-time significant other would be a challenge.


I enjoy every minute of it. It has almost been 2 years now. May 1st.


I'm tired of being single, but I am becoming more used to being alone. This is probably just as well.


I enjoy being single; I enjoy being in a relationship. However, at my time of life I kinda relate to the scene in the movie Something's Gotta Give where Frances McDormand says and I quote:
'The over 50 dating scene is geared towards men leaving older women out and as a result the women become more and more productive and therefore more and more interesting. Which in turn makes them even less desirabe because as we all know, men especially older men, are threatened and afraid of productive and interesting women. Single older women over 50 as a demographic are about as fucked a group as can ever exist.'

Regrettably, I sympathize. I heard a tour guide (female) once in Alaska make reference to the 7:1 ratio of men to women. She said 'the odds are good, but the goods are odd'. All of us aren't as commonly portrayed, but there are plenty of reasons for that expectation. Enough that it gets really embarrassing sometimes. In fact, sometimes I've wondered about this transgender concept and considered the possibility that I'm a transgender lesbian..


Single is good but if you're asking about getting married, I can wait. Maybe a nice girlfriend is what I need. Or would that make me not single?


Not really sick, just interested in finding cool people to hang out with. I enjoy being alone quite a bit. Once in a while finding a cute girl to take home is totally fine with me.


I would not give up my single lifestyle, my being free to do as I please, to spend time with anyone I please, for anything.


I wouldn't say I'm sick of being single, but I'm feeling like I'm ready to meet someone I want to see often and build a relationship with.


I am more sick of offering my love only to have it rejected than being single.

I can't help it. I love even when I know I will get hurt. It's just who I am.


Getting back out there again.


Yep, me. I hate being single only slightly more than I hate being in a relationship. I've been single for about 5 years after a 3-year relationship that I broke off during my chemo because she was being a bitch. I'm ready for my next bad decision.

Only bad decision is not making a decision !

@VAL3941 LOL Completely disagree.

Do you hate yourself with all your negevity ? Things always improve, you must just have patience !

@VAL3941 LOL! Nothing you say makes any sense and your grammar is terrible. I guess I'm just realistic. Thanks for the laugh though.

Grammer problems are caused by finger problems. Does that make any sense ?

@VAL3941 Voice-to-text is a wonderful software invention.

Thats for lazy people and those that can't write. And I live in Africa..( smiles)

LOL. What does Africa have to do with this? Africa doesn't have Voice-to-text? Or grammar? That is the nonsensical reasoning I have been talking about here. SMH


Sometimes. I do think things are more enjoyable when you have someone to share things with. I have been single half of my adult life, so l know how to do this.


Not me. I'm glad that phase of my life is over with--and I escaped without reproducing or getting married or divorced. What I want for myself now is not compatible with intimate familial and/or romantic relationships.


Not sure I'd want a live together relationship, but a girlfriend would be real nice.


Its a place where a lot of people are afraid to go. Once you go down the road by yourself you soon learn that its not the destination but the journey. Love everyone you meet and your never alone. The most valuable things about your self and your character will be told to you by someone who you recently met and never knew before. You don't have to worry about being yourself or hearing from someone you have known all of your life say something you could care less about.


I think that I am sending out some very serious "I DON'T CARE" vibes. I'm Not exactly Mr. Charming lately......

twill Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

Not me.....


I know how to be alone my imagination is boundless, there is no rule says that I have to like it.

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