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Anyone listen to Zuckerberg today?

What was your take?

Will it lead you back to their forum? Do you feel any better about your personal data?

I love Dick Durbin's questioning; "Mr. Zuckerberg, would you tell us today what hotel you stayed at last night? " Zuckerberg, ah no....

Akfishlady 8 Apr 10

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Before I emigrated, I wa watched by the CIA and the CID. All my history is documented back to my grandparents' life and known by Homeland Security. I am poor and live in rural New York. You think Facebook scares me?


I entered FB knowing that privacy is compromised. Thusly I friend no one & I use it to catalogue my interests. The only ad I clicked on was
Privacy a concept that was.......


I did not listen but I am of the opinion that people should be aware that nothing is truly free. I knew when I joined it that anything they found out about me would be used for their benefit.

People want free shit but are too lazy or greedy to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and now want the government to punish Zuckerberg for their own failures.

Sure it was worse than most people thought but there were people out there that knew and told others. Hell, I downloaded TOR because of that but never took the time to install it and learn how to use it.

That's on me


Which hotel he stayed checkon the FB you will know Hahha

Rosh Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

I just heard bits on NPR where he stumbled through questioning on whether or not he was willing to share his Private Messages of the day with the public and of course he said no. I think he was stumbling when he realized he had put his foot in it. Personally I am not pleased with some of FaceBooks decisions. As a producer of registered Boer goats I used FaceBook to reach customers and they have this policy you can't sell animals in FB so we skirt around the issue and advertise our animals creatively, they get labeled as Self propelled lawn mowers, weed eaters, self replicating fertilizers, milk machines,(for dairy) Security systems ( I had a goat that was a wonderful guard dog ) and so on. From privacy to the right to free commerce FB is losing out.


All I kept thinking was....where are his eyebrows?


I thought many of the questions asked were rehearsed, especailly from the "oh we don't want to over-regulate crowd". There were a couple of occassions where they got into his shit and made him uncomfortable, but very few. I think most of them were just trying to seem "hip" talking tech. It was nonsense. The low point was the admission they too were helping the Trump Campaign. WTF? The fucking oligrachs are winning folks.

jeffy Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

While many of you want to see Facebook take a dive and go away, I'm not of that mindframe. I watch what is going on sparingly and still believe that anyone who thought Zuckerberg would set this up simply to create a meeting and sharing place just for you is not very smart. It would seem obvious that he was going to use your personal details to try and set you up with people selling a product. That's why those people pay him the money and why he is so rich.
My personal info on the site is limited and not even under my real name. I use that same name on this site. Where I went to school is listed and the fact that I'm ex military. I drive for a living and I used to work at "someplace else." I'm very vocal with them and most of my friends on the site are "Facebook friends." I'm politically active and most people think I'm not American. That's good enough for me.
On the other hand, Zuckerberg and friends know you by your IP address. OK, so does your ISP and most places you visit on the Internet. My advice is simply do not be afraid and share less.


I'm enjoying watching Mr 'Suckerberg' under the glass. They are talking about huge fines. Hope so. Despite his billions he looks like a boy doing a man's job. In a suit he looks like a boy wearing a man's suit. I hope this is the beginning of the end of FB and general awareness of social media privacy. What about all the other sites that FB owns now too, photo social media sites? What are they doing with your data?


I found it very interesting, I think that 'privacy issue' will be vulnerable, even with a fix! Maybe no more 'out-right' selling of FB, information! I want be on it!


Exactly..I gathered he was a little light on details...

And a little light on business ethics too.

@David1955 a lot light on those..then again isn't that the American way?

@Charlene it's the way of power and privilege, and it should be stood up to. The US govts treatment of Zuckerbergs today was so lame. Pathetic really.

@David1955 of course, he's an Overlord don't ya know..


I. Saw. A few senarors ask questions including my Sen Gary Peters from Michigan. His questions were good, appropriate and knowledgeable. Older guys you could tell just didn't know what social media was to begin with. I think Zuckerburg was thinking, "it's all come down to this"?? I just made this up to meet women, socialize, now this.



I think he is in trouble. I don't really have information worth stealing, but I don't like the idea of being sold down the river.

I use Facebook messenger for most of my US communications, so will probably continue.

@Akfishlady What do you recommend? My daughter and friends, and all my Thai friends typically contact me on messenger, often using the video option,


No, didn't see or heat it. I am curious if anyone asked him if it's necessary to share user data with any third party, and what his answer was.


I loved Zuckerberg's response to the question of whether he though facebook handles personal sara better than the federal government. I laughed myself silly when he said yes. Granted, its true..but still.


It was surreal, I was frustrated with the staged interplay between Mark and Diane Feinstein


Yes, I watched a good bit on C-Span. It was annoying that he kept answering and I paraphrase 'I'll have to get with my team on that.' I understand that they have to constantly keep up with the challenges regarding security but they knew this stuff for a while and didn't inform people on FB. People may have never known had it not been for the media. He was aware of the fake news, too, but seemed to let it slide until the media brought it to light.

It's the fake news part that makes me angry. Did he know he was letting Russia post so much of it? I'd rather hear about that.


Yeah, Durbin's question was perfect.

Zuckerberg paused for quite a while before answering, too.


I haven't had a chance to listen to his answers and statements (I read that he had several softball questions), but I do find it amusing he had a booster seat during the hearing.


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