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If humanity could get past religion and politics, what do you think it should focus on instead?

What's the direction we should should have been headed towards by now?

summatyme 7 Nov 7

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Get past politics? That's how military dictatorships justify their rule. Getting past politics would mean getting past democracy. What on earth do you mean?


@p-nullifidian It doesn't exist now because of the privileges that accrue to class and race privilege. How can we overcome those obstacles without politics?

@Krish55 I believe we're in agreement, mertitocracy does not yet exist, but it should.


If humanity could get past religion and politics, maybe focusing on getting past racism and classism would be good to work on.

We could probably have progressed in almost everything if we all had respect for each other as human beings instead of being divided and distracted by so many things. Technology and medical advancements would probably be at an all time high. Maybe even space travel and exploring new planets outside of our solar system by now. These are just my thoughts and ideas.


Worldwide birth control. Nuclear Fusion energy. Water conservation. Without those three, wars are inevitable.
Overpopulation leads to competition for resources not just between populations but also with the natural habitats of all animals and plants.

Sourcing energy from fossil fuels, solar or wind has limitations and "collateral product" pollution. eg. Discarded batteries, old wind turbines and broken solar panels. It is also not a limitless resource.
Nuclear fusion energy uses hydrogen, the most abundant substance in the universe. The by product, helium, is the second most abundant substance in the universe. Unlike fission, there is no dangerous radioactive waste to store. This virtually limitless energy would allow sea water to be desalinated cheaply, for irrigation of deserts and semi-arid areas.

Far more worrying than access to oil reserves is the prospect of future conflicts over access to water. An overlooked example is the current tension between Israel and Palestine over access to aquifers. This is what the next Middle-East war will be about, no matter what the pious politicians claim.
Finally, unlocking fusion energy access also is essential if a species, hopefully ours, ever expands to other planets or moons.

I rather think "old wind turbines and broken solar panels" are short term issue. Wind turbines can be recycled and the current generation of composites will last for decades. Ditto solar panels usually have a lifetime of 25 to 30 years but that is actually only to when they will be at 80% efficiency. At 75 to 90 years we'll still get 50% efficiency. That's two or three generations... Combined with population reduction renewables can keep us going for thousands of millennia with a very small amount of land used for generation.

That said for sure fusion is the only solution that will get us off planet earth in the long term. So we have to master it or perish with Sol. But relatively speaking there are so many things to work on in the mean time.

I agree with all that you’ve said. The other thing we need to look at is a new economic model. When this pandemic is over, almost all western developed nations economies will be in tatters and we must rethink how we can rebuild them in a way that is more inclusive and for the benefit of all citizens. A form of Social Democratic capitalism in which our nations’ wealth is less concentrated in the hands of the few, especially the international corporations, but is instead used to make society more equal. Giving people a feeling that they matter and have a stake in the society they live is the first step in removing the causes of unrest and dissent.

@prometheus The problem is that these "renewable" technologies are not "on tap", and so require storage, such as huge banks of batteries. These batteries have a relatively short life. That is a serious Achilles' heel.

@Marionville However, one still needs discrepancies in wealth, because man as a species requires an incentive to be productive.
The caveat is that hopeless poverty for the majority combined with unjustifiable wealth for a very few is a powerful disincentive.

@Petter I meant less differential between rich and poor. I know that complete equality of income is neither possible or desirable.

@Petter again their "short" lifespan is generally over hyped. Lifetimes for lithium ion batteries is generally down to 80% capacity and based on the number of cycles. Batteries can and will get recycled. On industrial scale there are many alternatives for storage to chemical batteries. Plus the same amount time spent on battery tech research will almost certainly eventually yield viable battery chemistrys and construction to give decades of life.

Again I have no disagreement that fusion is the way to go but really no one has the slightest idea of the economics and practicalities of grid scale fusion power. One can only hope it all works out. In the mean time renewables fits the gap and can be the leading edge for CO2 emissions reduction globally.

@prometheus I agree they are a short term solution, but how short?
The generally accepted norm for Lithium ion batteries is a charge recycle life of 500 times, with an upper limit of 1,000 cycles. Let's be generous and predict that advances in technology stretch that to 5,000 cycles.
5,000÷365=13.7 years if the battery cycles once per day. However, the battery will in all likelihood have to charge/discharge far more often. There's a daytime industrial peak and a household evening peak. Wind or sun cannot be guaranteed to coincide with demand peaks. That means, at a very minimum batteries will undergo two cycles per day, probably more.
So a fresh stock of batteries are required every 6 years at least, and we're talking of seriously large banks of batteries.
Yes. It works, but can you see the problem?
Batteries are fine for cars, but not for cities.


I think genetic science should focus on developing humans with fur, claws, and fangs and become more wild and animal-like so we can rejoin nature as a natural apex predator

This is not going to be a popular idea but I like it.

Should go down well with the deviants group! 🤣😅

You Repubs still have fur, claws, fangs and predatory habits.


Science. Fixing this planet and expanding further into the cosmos.


Easy. One word:



Healing the planet earth


There are so many directions we could have gone if we had intelligent and compassionate leadership. I personally would like humanity to start treating the planet better, along with animals and our children.


World-wide FREE Health care, reducing Hunger, Poverty and Famine, Peace for for the whole world, ridding the environment of Pollution, cleaning up the Atmosphere, jeez my list would be endless.


That's a mighty big IF !!! Not sure humans are capable of such things. Hell - look at what this election has brought to the forefront ...

But ok - I'll play along . Reversing climate change, so we still have a place to live !


Bertrand Russell said: “ Religion is something that belongs to the infancy of reason.” Thomas Szasz said: “ The desire to belong in most people is greater than the desire to understand. Hence, the popularity of religious groups and cults and the lack of the role of reason in human affairs".

Nearly every company carries out an annual assessment of it's employees and I cannot think why a similar form of assessment should not be applied to politicians. At the end of their term in office they could be assessed on their performance on the basis of the mandate(s) on which they were elected to office. The bar could be set at 40% (not too high) and with any score below that figure they are automatically barred from local elections for the next term of office.

Certainly, a focus on education of a practical nature which improves the quality of life for humanity as a whole. For humanity to progress there would need to be a cessation of the creation of scapegoats whether locally, nationally or internationally, in short, a willingness on the part of everyone to act responsibly.

The zero-sum (winning and losing game) has plagued humanity for too long. In his work titled Winners and Other Loser in War and Peace the late Arnold Arnold stated: " Winners do not win by superior tact, skill or ability except in very limited circumstances, viz, you or I step into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson. All games have deliberately skewed odds that favor a winning outcome as in the best of 3, 5 or 7 sets. However, when two players or teams with equal length of experience and the odds are changed to the best of 2, 4 or 6 a different outcome emerges, a drawn game. The only way that you can win in any game is by taking advantage of your opponents mistakes or inducing a mistake that gives you an advantage," The notion of winning and losing extends far beyond the board and computer games that people play and permeates all areas of their lives whilst they ignore the consequences.....

For a man with a sense humour, where is one in this?

I like the idea of the assessment of politicians, but who would be doing the assessment where it wouldn't be corrupted into another political tool?

@JeffMurray Clearly, self-assessment would be out of the question because that would be equivalent to making the goat the gardener. Perhaps a firm of independent auditors. If a political candidate has promised or pledged to build new roads or schools or whatever he or she has promised or pledged it should not be too difficult to verify their promises or pledges. I'm sure that there are more creative minds on this site who could think up some ingenious ways of making politicians accountable. 🙂

@1993fto I could have cracked some jokes about politicians, however, I felt the question deserved the best answer that I had to offer. 🙂

@ASTRALMAX I agree. It's a noble goal with a valuable outcome. The only problem is that everything is corrupted by money and power. There already are independent firms that evaluate politicians but no one gives a fuck about what they have to say because people don't even believe in facts or science (and by people, I mean half of people). But if people did care, they would be corrupted.


More team building, meaningful relationships, like the WHO tropical illness doesn’t stay put, look at Zeca virus. These things start in areas without resources to stop it there. We need our allies and they need us.
Teamwork between labor and management, between area mean income coupled to rent control so a married couple doesn’t have to have four jobs to live in an apartment.
You know an organized rational fair society.

One can dream


Making bigotry and systemic prejudices a thing of the past.


Synthahol - drinking without the hangovers.


You can't lump them together. Politics is about contest of ideas and philosophy and economics and when performed honestly is about human progress. The only way to get 'past' that would be to live in sterile and probably single ideology state. Religion, by comparison, is the very opposite of that; about mindless faith and belief in non rational things. To get past that would be to leave it behind and focus on creating a better world, which brings us back to politics.


Nature and fauna.


Science and Art

Mvtt Level 7 Nov 8, 2020

I'm not sure humanity will ever get past religion and politics or the mixing of the two.




Trying to figure out how the world will be able to provide for an exponential population growth. Food, energy, climate change, etc. I don't think there will be enough to go around in 100 years.

Agreed. This is a problem that doesn't get discussed enough.

Fortunately, out-of-control population growth is a myth, as we will level off by the end of the century at just under 11 billion, or 3 billion more than our population at present.

@p-nullifidian interesting. I'll look into that. Thank you

@KevinMR I have come to learn in recent years that one of the keys to reducing population growth is the education and empowerment women. Countries where women have more options, as a result of education and reproductive rights, have lower birth rates and reduced poverty. As a useful primer, I recommend Han Rosling's TED talks.



Empathy, and making love.




Popcorn, where the kernels don't get stuck in your teeth. 🤔 And crude blasters. 🎇


Brick homes, business and property for everyone on Earth built by true masons. Free from: mortgage, rent, taxation, governmental terrorism. and religious oppression.

Education for everyone on Earth free from: tuition, fees and loans. There should be an educational-invention institution on every street corner to allow for all people animals to enjoy the fullness of intellectual capabilities of all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, skill, craft, trade and college certification of any kind the one major thing that separates people animals from any other known creature. Everyone should have true freedom to do things with their life, learn, build, make, create, teach and laws of capital justice punishment for anyone that opposes it.

Free medical services for everyone on Earth because everyone could be educated as a doctor of every kind and every would be able to get any medical care free from cost, fees and indebtedness and laws of capital justice punishment for anyone that opposes it.

True freedom for everyone on Earth to be free from Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshipper capitalism slavery and each person have a bank account of a million, billion, trillion unlimited dollars so that money is not an issue or an enslavement for anyone.

Then, abortion or reproductive prevention for everyone because people are being forced to exist because of what their parents did and no one asked to exist in the first place. Forced existence must come to an end and laws of capital justice punishment for anyone that opposes it. Supposingly, we would only have a few billion years before the Sun explodes or expands into a red giant star and burns everything up anyways. Either way, once and for all everyone will be able to be in non-existance with the non-existent flying spaghetti monster sky God for ever and ever and never have to worry about this pathetic crap ever again.

Word Level 8 Nov 7, 2020

I fear you'd better start pleading to mythical beings if you think these objectives can be achieved.

True freedom for everyone on Earth to be free from Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshipper capitalism slavery and each person have a bank account of a million, billion, trillion unlimited dollars so that money is not an issue or an enslavement for anyone.

You lost me at the bank account. Not because I don't think it is a fine ideal, now that I don't know if it will actually work in practice. I'd have to learn more about how societies that have no need for anything actually motivate themselves towards intellectual improvement. So far as best I can tell it only works in the exceptional case - is that enough to ensure our survival?

@prometheus could you ensure survival beyond the point of the Sun phase into a red giant and presumably any thing surviving doing so off of Earth in space or other feasible objects of substance?

@prometheus how does eliminated money as issue cause for people not surviving? Not considering some eventual move off of Earth.

@Petter no, pleading to eradicate pessimistic sarcasm would be more effective in getting things possibly achieved.

@prometheus He always loses me at the Masonic secret lodge devil worshippers, which is apparently what he believes the government is and always has been.

@Paul4747 Especially since I was, for many years, a full member of a masonic lodge and it never had any secret plots. I dropped out because it was so childish in many aspects, although it did help the community.

@Petter So, just a fraternity with silly rituals, amiright?

@Petter I once read (somewhere) "You would realize, once you've seen a bunch of Masonic lodge members arguing over chicken or ham for the menu at their next meeting, there is no possible way the Masons could organize a conspiracy to rule the world."

@Fletch That sums it up. The Masons are a "society of secrets", not a secret society.
The secrets are the rituals and silly stuff you are supposed to learn for promotion. I never bothered beyond what was needed to be a third degree member.

@Paul4747 Got it in a nutshell. Masons were hard pushed to organise anything more than a charity luncheon.
As a member of Round Table (similar to Active 20/30 in the US) I was far more organised in holding charity fundraisers and community self-help projects. One of our more brilliant events was to stage a non-stop 24 hour race on a 2 mile motor-racing circuit - in pedal cars !!
Teams comprised 10 "engines" that could only be swapped over in the pits, plus two technicians, for emergency repairs, and a team manager.
The cars had strict regulations on things like the maximum height above the ground for the seat, working horns and lights, and no gears
The teams raised sponsorship money for each lap completed in 24 hours and the general public were charged gate money to come and watch. There were also sideshows refreshment stalls, etc. It was tiring, but oh so rewarding.

Active 20/30 - []

Round table - []

@Paul4747 Murdering a man because of his race is not something the Judge and Sheriff (Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshipper members) could plan out very well either.

@Paul4747, @Petter []

@Word Proving absolutely zilch.

I suppose it's a waste of my time to point out that belonging to the same organization together is no proof of conspiracy, much less a secret religion, devil worship, slavery, or any of your other characterizations; and especially that it doesn't prove a thing about our current government.

Looking up your citation of a court case leads to nothing but the existence of said court case. Nothing about whether there was a guilty, not guilty, or, as I find most likely, dismissed. Anyone can file a lawsuit and name anybody they want, as I know from experience; prison inmates are especially good at filing frivolous lawsuits since they have nothing but time on their hands. Calling it a "Ku Klux Klan Masonic Lodge Governmental Corrupt Organization" doesn't make it so, any more than the hundreds of claims that the Clintons are murderers or that President Obama is a secret Muslim.

It did, however, have this note on the site:

Disclaimer: Justia Dockets & Filings provides public litigation records from the federal appellate and district courts. These filings and docket sheets should not be considered findings of fact or liability, nor do they necessarily reflect the view of Justia.

@Paul4747 it was not a case that went to trial of any sorts. So, no it does not prove anything specifically other than to show I have tried for what I can to do something about my personal knowledge and investigation as a deputy sheriff to bring the Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshippers to justice. Looking up the case or what is filled in court records is not the full story nor all of the facts and information.

@Word humans of late have demonstrated that the ultra rich who seem to want for nothing financially, or at least need nothing financially, have a propensity for indolence, pettiness, and depravity. If we are to while out the nadir days off our existence in such a way then so be it but personally I think humanity needs to do more than remove any requirement to work to ensure success.

@prometheus Personally, I have found that the forced to work capitalism wage slave labor has been cause for my lack of success in life. Where as, If I had freedom like those of my ancestry that has been in these lands for 1000s of years, I could very well have freedom to work towards my own brick home, business and property to enjoy the freedom my ancestry once had where by they did what they did not because of forced labor capitalism.

From: Benjamin Franklin
Remarks concerning the Savages of North America

The Indian Men when young are Hunters and Warriors; when old, Counsellors; for all their Government is by Counsel of the Sages; there is no Force there are no Prisons, no Officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.—Hence they generally study Oratory; the best Speaker having the most Influence. The Indian Women till the Ground, dress the Food, nurse and bring up the Children, & preserve & hand down to Posterity the Memory of public Transactions. These Employments of Men and Women are accounted natural & honorable, Having few artificial Wants, they have abundance of Leisure for Improvement by Conversation.

@Paul4747 member of the GOQ ?


Religion, imo, needs people who can be persuaded to feel more helpless than they are.

Politics, imo, needs people who want to connect with others in ways more intense than they now connect.


People helping each other

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