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LINK Hate-Preacher: Girls Who Look Like Rachel Maddow Are “Repulsive” to “Normal” Men | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor Tommy McMurtry of Liberty Baptist Church in Illinois is one of those New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preachers whose every sermon seems to be a hate-filled diatribe against LGBTQ people. A few months ago, he delivered a sermon in which he longed for the good old days when being anti-gay was respected: Those were the days, he said, when we “put [gay people] in their place: six feet under. And unfortunately, we have forgotten that in our country.” In September, he suggested that anyone who respected gay people was “insane.”

He’s still preaching the same sort of hate in the name of Christianity.

snytiger6 9 Nov 11

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I don't find Rachel Maddow repulsive.

However, I don't find her attractive.

I'm pretty sure Rachel Maddow doesn't find me attractive either.

BD66 Level 7 Nov 11, 2020

Same lol


Define Normal Men... I had seen a lot of Normal Men with Repulsive Looking Wives so... What is Your Point?


Well.....any one paying heed to this clown....trying to lay out what "normal" men think, are clearly being as insane as he...


Some of "normal" men appreciate women for their minds. Of course, in my case, their minds are all I'm permitted to experience.


This clown also must think that a ship sinks because of water around it........rather than water getting into it.

The same way these idiots think that hundreds of thousands of animals fit into an ark and walked across oceans to do so. The same morons that think a snake talked. The same people who call Satan “evil”.

I would argue if Satan punishes the evil, wouldn’t that him good? LOL!!


Ah yes the xtian love thy neighbor mentality lol


Well, fuck him up the arse with an RPG, that's my opinion.


Is Pastor Tommy McMurtry sexually attracted to pumpkins?

This is how they attack him on Youtube,totally deserves it.


Christianity IS all about preaching hate. And lies. And gaslighting. And bullying. And testing loyalty. These are swagger, and Christians interpret all these toxic disordered behaviors as leadership and reassurance in a chaotic world.


Seems like people promoting hare like this should imprisoned.


Why are Agnostics listening to this kind of BS ?


I despise Maddow not for her looks at all, but for how she's sold out from who she used to be on Air America radio. Nowadays she shills for the establishment Dems in the party of identity politics and neoliberal war-mongering. So sad to remember what she used to stand for. She's an attractive-looking woman, but who cares? That's not what her job is about.

no she doesn't. you perceive that she does and despise her for that, when simply not preferring to watch/listen to her eould suffice. you are entitled to hold and express your feelings, and i am entitled to find thrm bizarre and express that. but i also repeat, "no she doesn't." she doesn't shill fo4 anyone. she accurately reports and honestly analyzes the news. understanding that a candidate who isn't ideal is not only preferable to a candidate who is a monstet, surrounds himself with monsters and ibeys a monster whose obstructions appear to be "destriloy america any way you can" does not make her a shill, and neoliberalism isn't even relevant right now (i have my own ideas about that, mostly that neoliberalism is a made-up thing and at any rate progressives are changing the democratic partly at a steady clip, which is a good thing). but by all means despise whom you will. i despise people who deliberately destroy democracy. rachel maddow, right or wrong in her thinking, agreeing with you, with me or with whomever or with no one, is in no waya democracy-destroyer, the supporter of democracy-destroyers, or in any way a despicable person.


@genessa Say what you want. When she was on Air America, she supported progressives and criticized corporate establishment Dems. On MSNBC she criticizes progressives as soon as they threaten to get power within the Dem Party or get elected prez. So it's clear she changed her tune on what political side of the spectrum she supported over the other when she changed networks. If that's not selling out, as they said in the Sixties, I don't know what is. I have never sold out, politically or to get a job where I denied who I was or what my politics, are. That's why I despise those that do, simply so they can get more perks, more money, and be higher status in America. Feel free to think different and suit yourself, but I am proud of who I am and my friends are the same as me, they never sold out. I could not be friends with someone who did and had no regrets about it because that would mean they put money and status above all else.

Shills? No way, I don't think that at all, and I always have reservations. Been watching her for years and I've never seen her falter from some of the best reporting and analysis in politics these days. She and her team have done some of the best investigative stories on MSNBC. She's authentically intelligent, perceptive, thoroughly knowledgable of what she speaks and has more honest integrity than just about anyone in her field, and it shows in her work and the work her team does for her. The greatest shame is when people of her caliber are smeared because competing with her is so difficult if not impossible.

@TomMcGiverin i have not witnessed this and i have rarely missed an episode of her show over the years. feel as you like. you are no obligated to like her. however, my observation is not only otherwise, it is the opposite. she does not smear progressives and she does not appear in any way, shape oe form to put money or statuas above honesty, integrity and truth.


@genessa Believe what you want.

I've beern a long time fan of Rachel, way back from her Air America days. I( actually altered my sleep pattern to catch her radio show.

I do miss that she used to be more fun with bits like "Ask Dr. Maddow" and "Kent Jones Now". But now when she does her mixologist bit you can watch her actually mix a drink.

She isnt' as fun to watch her on TV as it was to just listen to her on radio, but I have seen very little change in her values or in what subjects she covers.

@TomMcGiverin it isn't belief. it is observation. we may disagree about what we have observed, but your remark is dismissive. there i no "belief" involved. if i have watched 98 shows of 100 ane yiu say once she wore red,, i would find it unlikely (she always wears black). under the same circumstances if you said she wears red a lot, i could safely say you were wrong and if you responded "believe what you want" you would be adding dismisiveness (which is rude) to wrongness. my beliefs would have nothing to so with it at all.


@genessa Time to block. You appear to suffer from LastWorditis..

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