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LINK Hate-Preacher: Girls Who Look Like Rachel Maddow Are “Repulsive” to “Normal” Men | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor Tommy McMurtry of Liberty Baptist Church in Illinois is one of those New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preachers whose every sermon seems to be a hate-filled diatribe against LGBTQ people. A few months ago, he delivered a sermon in which he longed for the good old days when being anti-gay was respected: Those were the days, he said, when we “put [gay people] in their place: six feet under. And unfortunately, we have forgotten that in our country.” In September, he suggested that anyone who respected gay people was “insane.”

He’s still preaching the same sort of hate in the name of Christianity.

snytiger6 9 Nov 11

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What a bastard.
Rachel is beautiful, if they didn't know she was a lesbian they'd approve too.
They fell for that Russian bitch Maria Butina at the NRA, the same way they fell for that airhead Sarah Palin.
They think with their genitals.
These people are terrible judges of people, they support Trump after all.

I'll bet they never saw her high school yearbook picture.....they'd all have been salivating. What a bunch of ignorant assholes.

@Lavergne Is this the one you are talking about?


I think Rachel is attractive, but who gives a fuck. I would love it if this guy would stand in front of a female UFC fighter, say Amanda Nunez, tell her she looks like a man, and call her ugly. I mean, let's see how much of a man he actually is.


Another wild-eyed preacher who is very afraid of strong women. If they don't stay home barefoot and pregnant, they scare the hell out of him.

You got that right.


Pastor Tommy McMurtry sucks dick (don't let the Catholics know!).

godef Level 7 Nov 11, 2020

And probably gets it through the Fruity fudge tunnel.


Maybe a bit intimidated that she was a Rhodes Scholar, although I would guess he doesn't even know that, and he couldn't last 2 seconds with her in an intellectual contest. Again the bullshit in the bible written by stupendously ignorant flat earth sheep herders. Makes my head explode. Thank the universe for Rachel Maddow

Well said!


Sounds like a frightened man to me. Possibly frightened of all strong women.


Setting aside for the moment this asswipe's lack of definition for "normal man," why the fuck should Rachel make attractiveness to men her top priority? For that matter, even hetero women with healthy self-respect shouldn't waste their time remaking their image merely to please men. What a neanderthal! But what do we expect from a religion founded in a primative patriarchal pastoral society that treats women as chattel and calls them inherently "unclean" and "vessels" for men's use?


Maddow is not a girl, but a woman. Who is this sick specimen of sexually twisted humanity to define 'normal men'?

I'd bet the ranch that his description would be rejected by most hetero women.

Any chance any of us had to develop into what Nature equipped us to become (the real normal) is strangled in the cradle by male dominated, theological fanaticism. They deign to define normal???


Another demagogic and blasphemous evangelical preacher.

Look at the sheep that enable them.........they are in many ways worse.


i am a straight woman (not that it matters) who has played the mind game "if you were attracted to someone of your own gender, who would it be?" (women, in my experience, seem more at ease with this game than men tend to be.) early on my answer was "lily tomlin" and later i found out she was gay, which seemed somehow relevant to my choice. later i played the game and found that my choice was rachel maddow, whom i already knew to be gay. i think i have good taste lol. the idiot pastor hasn't got such good taste. i wonder who he does find attractive?


By way of answering your question, I would suggest the Pope, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Andrzej Duda and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

His mother?

  1. Glad that I'm not attracted to "normal" men (whatever the hell that means)

  2. Better to be insane than to be homophobic.


And he would know about "normal men" how, exactly?

Because he has slept with many of them, how else?


Just another jackass religious whack job.


He can go fuck himself.
I like WAY more LGBTQ people than I do "christian ministers".


What a retarded!!! As a straight guy, I bless the existence of gay men. The more, the best for me less competition...

🎶always look on the bright side of life🎶

@Canndue, of course!!!

You are 100% correct! I used to go to theater parties in college. Most of the women were hot, and most of the men were gay.


He's gay and desperately trying to hide it behind hate and anger.


Six feet under? And this guy's a pastor? He's not just a troglodyte, but a troglodyte would find him ignorant, irrationally hateful and especially repulsive.
As for Rachel, she looks like a woman to me. Aside from all the inner beauty and qualities one looks for in a person, which she has and then some, (you remember "beauty is only skin deep" ) she's as good looking as most good looking women are to me. The pastor is a small-minded man with a tiny heart, a shallow personality and probably a micro penis as well. I love Rachel Maddow, watch her twice a day and if I were a woman I'd be so hot for her, only because I know she's gay. If she weren't, I'd love her just as much.


So many people who are awaiting men in white coats coming to take them away and so few coats with long sleeves available.


By normal he means sexually repressed hypocrites who fuck around with pool boys.

LMAO... Glad I wasnt' drinking my coffee... It would have been a spit take all over my computer screen.


I find Pastor Tommy McMurtry to be one of the most abnormal men on the planet.


This explains why I cannot find a

manic pixie dream girl anywhere. 👧


Idiot she is nice


Sounds like an old Klan grand wizard to me. F this guy hard, and every hateful human being on this planet.


He is spewing some down home Sharia, or, oops, Abrahanic law.


The "good old days" when you put gay people six feet under. I'm sorry. Those are actually the murder days. That's what you call them. BTW, I find Rachel Maddow attractive.

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