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COVID Silver Lining:
I canceled Thanksgiving day get together with my conservative, evangelical family. It would have been irresponsible to spend the holiday with them under the circumstances with cases going up and the pandemic truly not under control, but it is the perfect excuse not to have to deal with their political and religious bullshit for an entire weekend.
Plus, only 1 member of my family knows I’m atheist. I haven’t come out to anyone else, I don’t think I’m prepared for the fallout from that one yet 😬.

What’s everybody else doing for the upcoming holiday?

creative_OT 4 Nov 16

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My preference would be to treat it like any other day, maybe like a day off and lounge around, but my mother is in my 4-person isolation bubble and she wants the whole holiday food experience, so I'm making a Thanksgiving dinner for her and her two best friends, also elderly and quarantined. Then we'll play games.

You will never regret that decision, and what a dear gift for the elders!

@tinkercreek Thank you! I'm hoping so, and I'm sure I'll have a good time.

You are a good daughter.

@Jolanta Thank you! I try. 😊


NOTHING! I live in a low income 55 and older complex that ALSO allows people with disabilities and most of the residents that have moved in in the last 4 years ALL think they are special and don't need to follow the rules. Like no smoking in your apartment, quiet time hours, etc. I digress.
Thanksgiving meant a lovely meal served in the clubhouse for the residents. I am one of the people who help get a turkey, cook, set up the dining area, etc. Most of them don't realize just how atheist/agnostic I am and I am not a member of the GOP political mindset. While there is some gritting of teeth at times, I REALLY enjoy being part of the group of kids (what I call the old folks around here) that do the work to pull off the meal and I will miss that this year.
I won't miss the soppy grace before eating. πŸ™‚

If you were a member of the GOP political mindset everything would be normal. They have declared victory over COVID-19 and have moved on. The problem is that the virus will not concede. πŸ™‚

@DenoPenno Too funny! I wish there was a drug for that delusion.

@silverotter11 I would order a case πŸ˜‰


Since I had covid earlier this year, cancer surgery before that, and a cancer scare last month, my son wants to celebrate this year. It will be the first Thanksgiving for him and his new wife, in their new home. My ex wife who has only been cooking since our divorce is helping her cook, so it will be just the four of us.


That sounds like a wonderful idea, Glenn, and I think your son has the right idea! What a memorable first Thanksgiving for them.

Hope you’re doing ok post-COVID

From what I have read, after 3 months, you can get covid again and 2nd round is usually worse then the first. Even in the small state of ND, on the television from Minot two weeks ago a doctor or administrator (forgot which) noted several re-infections of covid in his hospital.


Perhaps because I live in the UK I rarely encounter people who are promoting their religious views. I have had Jehovah's Witnesses call at my door and after a few words they never returned.
The pandemic has spared you from their political and religious bullshit, how fortuitous.


Our big evangelical get together has been canceled. I would not have gone had it been held for safety reasons. We had seventy people there last year. I will miss seeing my brother and three sisters. And a few of the others.
I've been an open atheist for many years now so they accept that I will be outside while they say the blessing. No big deal.
So me and my little atheist family will have a very pagan holiday πŸ™‚


Regretfully, cancelled plans for family event. We are several hundreds of miles apart and must travel through hotbeds of infection. We’ll forego the day for healthier future days. We are planning on virtual dessert so we can connect..


My sister was planning to do something for Thanksgiving. I declined and told her the obvious reason why. She said it was going to be outdoors, in her huge patio, but eventually she cancelled. Probably for lack of participants. My wife and I will prepare a nice dinner and enjoy life at home.


I'll be isolating, as I have since this thing started.
If it were cured today and all restrictions removed, I'd probably still isolate, I kind of like it this way.
Maybe I just tell myself that to keep a little sanity, but somehow I don't believe that rendition of the truth.


Avoiding pretty much everything about the whole holiday season ... happily.

I find these year end holidays to be depressing anyway - watching so many become slaves to a calender. Going crazy spending money they don't have, for things they don't need
(ESPECIALLY this year when they may be exchanging gifts AND Covid !).
Thousands of innocent turkeys dying - so humans can overstuff themselves.

Visiting people they don't particularly like (unless they get lucky like you did ).

Celebrating some bullshit birthday that never happened.

Ok - some of the music I like, mostly classical stuff.

Bah - Humbug ! (heh-heh)

@StarvingArtist And to you as well !


Thanksgiving day: pack the last of my belongings, turn in old apartment keys, drive four hours from Wisconsin to Illinois, unload the minivan into the new apartment, and get ready for the movers to come either the next day or Saturday.

So you're moving. Job?

Not for a job, although I will be job hunting. As much as I love Madison, rent is too high here. I lived in Champaign for a few years as an undergrad. And maybe the change will be refreshing.


I work the actual day of Thanksgiving. And am grateful for the extra money.
The weekend after I will be camping with a kayak group on Lake Marion in SC.

I'm looking forward to it.


Not going to sisters because of risk helping out former partner who will be starting chemo

bobwjr Level 10 Nov 16, 2020

When I worked hospital schedule/holidays in my youth I realized my relief in avoiding family gatherings. That made it easier to join groups of friends in later years, making my best holiday memories. This will be another solo day, where I buy some turkey parts to roast with veges and enjoy that lovely aroma in my home!

That sounds lovely, relaxing, and enjoyable.

@Lauren As sad as it seems, I never knew that there could be laughter, fun and heart-warming conversation over a holiday meal, until I shared it with people outside of my core family. It's no wonder I've struggled with relationships πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ.

@tinkercreek That is indeed sad, and I'm very glad that you finally found the right "family" to celebrate holiday meals with.


Hello and welcome to the site, do check out the groups if you have time, there is something for everyone.
This can be a good alternative to 'family'. Though we do have a few grumpy mad cousins.

Then I guess I’ll feel right at home 🀣


I will be alone as usual. Well my dog will be with me. My selfish, immature adult children who claim to be Christians will not even try to be with me. I'm used to it by now. It will be a quiet peaceful day in my beautiful home. Not so bad! ☺


i wanted to cook myself a duck, expensive & very little meat but perfect for a festive Me bymyself, but they seem to be in short supply....maybe a lobster? But a lobster will not makethe house smell festive.......Gotta do something "festive", for sure! Usually i cook a turkey, but his year it seems too mundane.

I bought a couple nice NY strips which we'll grill. I'll probably also make roasted red potatoes and green beans. I just can't be bothered with the big bird this year.

@Anne, put some cinnamon is a small sauce pan to simmer. It will smell like thanksgiving. Or some sage if you want the full affect.

@freeofgod Or get a pumpkin spice candle 😁


Having dinner with a friend from college along with her daughter and fiancee. As for my family I am the black sheep because I am an atheist but my sister has spent half her life in prison yet my mother acts like she is the golden child because she believes and finally got off the drugs after almost 50 years....

I believe there is a story in the cult book that deals with this situation. I am sorry that you have to live with that situation.

Family does not have to be blood. Great that you can spend it with others who value you.


It's me and the TV, just like every other year.


Maybe for thanks giving you should send them an email and let them know, you know so for next year they are prepared and have simmered down a bit.

Let them know via email that I’m an atheist? Yikes... I think not 😬

@creative_OT Why not, at least nobody will be throwing anything heavy at you.


Thanksgiving isnt a holiday. Its based off of a huge mass genocide and celebration of stolen land. Its not any kind of "holiday" to be celebrated. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

When the first Thanksgiving was held, it was way before the mass and on-going genocide of the Native Americans. Documentaries on the subject of the first Thanksgiving dispute whether or not it really happened at all. I could just be folklore.


As usual since dad died, nothing...

I share that perspective. died...sold house...sister(family gathering catalyst) moved to Oklahoma...5 brothers still in area, never get together...there, that's a bit more detail to the state of things...

@seattlepanda , I've noticed through the years that sisters will keep a family together. Brothers don't.


Lucky, enjoy your day off.


The way the virus is going in Missouri my Thanksgiving might be buy a small ham (if I can get one) and just stay home. Previously I was going to go to a dinner at one of my daughter's places but there is no indication that there will be a dinner. A third option would have been to find a woman in my same situation and take her to dinner. Looks like that will not be a option either.

Sorry I am so far away or I would have taken you up on the offer of dinner.

@Jolanta If you were here I would gladly take you to dinner.




I don't really have Family. Thanksgiving is cancelled, the holidays are a very lonely time for me. I won't feel so deprived this year. Cancel Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, NYE. 2020 could be a good year after all.

I feel the same - holidays are lonely times. They used to be good when my parents and former fiancee were alive. Now I typically see only one sister at Christmas for a couple hours, then spend the rest of the day alone.

Holidays without a lot of family suck. We need to share kids with other in-laws and grandparents. Every other year wife and I spend Christmas alone. Just not the same. We did adopt going to the islands , drinks on the beach are a nice distraction, but this year, no travel

I always feel sad for people who are alone on holidays. I do have family but can remember when I did not. You take care of yourself.

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