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Day-drinking....yes or no?

Shiraz, Pinot....hell, even a few shots of cheap vodka during a lunch date or right after breakfast for that matter..

What's so wrong about that?

Back in the 50's, people used to drink and smoke on the job!!

The point is...daydrinking is a taboo in 2018 and it's hilarious as to how uptight we have gotten over the years.

How do you feel about daydrinking?

FinchiMcQ 6 Apr 11

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Alcohol is like any other drug/brain altering substance; different by degrees and parts of the brain affected.

I follow H.L. Mencken's advice. If you have anything important to do, like work, driving, getting married etc. Let it wait until after. Otherwise, it IS always 5:00 somewhere, right? πŸ™‚

It's also 4:20 somewhere!

Not quite. Drugs like hash,cocaine,heroin are taken purely for their effect. Drinks like craft ales, quality wine and quality spirits are drunk because they taste good.


I’d rather smoke.


Sure, here in Philippines people do that all the time. You can drink anytime.

Cool, Philippines! I got to go to Luzon about a decade ago. Such a beautiful culture πŸ™‚

@NothinnXpreVails My father was in Luzon. He hated it. He was there during WWII. He said that the view from his Sherman tank was terrible. Other than that, he never talked of his experiences there.

@AncientNight I’m sure the view from a tank limits the appreciation of the culture


Depends. When me and my brother get together, we do some day drinking. I've never worried about it. If the situation is right, go for it!


In the 50s people used lead and mercury in everything didn't make it a good idea.

Personally people who enjoy alcohol too much have a problem

People eat tide pods and snort condoms in 2018..I don't see any difference between people then and people today.

@FinchiMcQ just saying cause some people did stuff in the 50s doesn't make it okay or fine to do. Using the 50s as way to excuse alcoholism is no better than using kids eating tide pods to make alcoholism seem less negative

@FinchiMcQ Just out of curiosity, how does one do a line of latex?

I was sitting here thinking... are we sure we want to follow their idea of socially acceptable? Lol

I also saw this as kinda hit and miss way to excuse one's drinking.
"itssss juS OUR cuul--ture. ThEY DID it in da 50s."


Oh hell yeah. I like to get home before it's dark, so this is my preferred method. Day drinkers are the best!


In the 50's it always was taboo to drink on the job , people did smoke cigarettes at work , stores, government buildings, just about anywhere. We are more aware of the danger we put other people in with our own activities. Day drinking (and other drug usage) is OK as long as you're not working, driving or doing anything that could harm others, that is your choice, bad choice but yours.


Yes but only during the day.


It's always 5:30 somewhere!

I used to have a clock that was all fives


Sports alone justify the concept. Why the hell not? A local bar nearby opened at 6am--they served some local companies' employees that worked 3rd shift. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, as they say.




Ben: I have no idea why you're so pissed. You said, 'drinks at 9:30.'

Friend: (Angrily) I meant… P.M.


Day, night, dusk, dawn drinking is drinking and that's literally my favourite all day task besides reading and baking


Hell yeah, screwdrivers! Cheers to you, have a drink whenever, screw taboos!


I day cannabis. I drink in the evening. And more cannabis before sleep.


I retired my drinking career in 1989.
I have fermented soda and it provides a small amount of ETOH for health...
I love booze--still. It just don't agree with my psyche and blood.

Psst... are you in west texas? I'm in Truth or Consequences, NM

I'm looking forward to visiting Truth or Consequences..I'm 3 hours away!


Yes. I don’t drink much. But when I do the time of day doesn’t matter.


These days you don't even have to drink. I quit several years ago. I have seen powdered alcohol you can just sprinkle some on a cupcake and eat it.


Just don't do it and drive or work.


I'm a fan of day-drinking.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with day drinking. I am not a fan of drinking, but I think people should do anything they want as long as it isn't hurting themselves or others.


I don't drink at all, but used to have half a martini glass of fine wine each evening to relax me-until lines started appearing on my face each time I drank.

But cannabis oil and CBD can relax you without giving you wrinkles, and even cure diseases.


Key lime pie and a margarita is breakfast in the Keys.

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