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Your Influence

Who are the people that are regularly influenced by you and do you check yourself to be sure your influence is setting the example you intend or hope for?

AMGT 8 Apr 11

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My 7-year-old twins. I call my self at least a few times a day to ensure I am still crazy.


My children, my coworkers, and the children that I care for all watch me and I am above reproach.
I keep myself in check and keep my words wise.


My kids have given me the desire and the will to be a better man.

JimG Level 8 Apr 11, 2018

Tit'shank you, it's funny how that influence works both ways.


My son possibly. My wife told me that I'm mumbling a few days ago and she couldn't hear that what i tell so maybe my wife too. I try to be kind so hopefully people see that in me. I care about others so I hope that's seen too. I like to ask those questions that have a sexual inuindos. Just to change up things a little. I ask those relationship questions and what if questions. Hopefully I didn't mislead an opinion of me. Hopefully people understand that I'm only asking questions. That I'm not trying to connect with tbem. I just want to be their friend that can be silly sometimes. I love everyone one this forum. But im married and please don't take me wrong...

@AMGT What she said! 😉

@AMGT. Awww shucks .... Thank you Amy.

@KKGator. Awww ... Thank you KK

my cold dead heart just twitched.....

@dianahdz88 Hi Diana...


My two daughters. Since my daughter moved back in we get along better. She tonite is telling me that I am a different person than I was 6 years ago.before cancer and chemo which has made me a nicer person lol. We can talk about my posts and she tells me she heard them back in middle school. Oh well we're trying.



I decided a long time ago that consequence is the most powerful force on the planet. That thing you do, that thing you don't do - the words said and the words unsaid. None of us have any idea of the impact (or lack of it) which any and all of us may have. But once the hare starts running, there is no idea of where it will go.

So, yeah, I have no idea who I influence. I work on the assumption that I just might influence every single person I encounter every single day; if I keep that in mind, then I can ensure I am not a douchebag and maybe, possibly, I will make someone's life just that little bit better.



My two sons, and my clients. I do my best to be a positive influence, especially when it comes to my clients. I definitely have to practice what I preach.


One of my nephew's. His dad, my younger brother, died unexpectedly three months ago, less than a week after his grandmother died. He is in his early 20s and was not prepared for adult responsibilities. He wants to stay in the home, so I have been helping him with organizing his finances and teaching him how to care for his lawn. He lives about three hours away from me, so I have to plan my trips.

His dad and all four of his uncles are alcoholics. Two of the four uncles died alcohol-related deaths. I quit drinking alcohol and am trying to get him to understand that if he is not controlling his consumption, he needs to quit also.


That's a tough one. Obviously, my kids (who are all adults now), and I'd like to think I have some influence over the tribe my brother and I have collected over the years. We inherited from my parents the habit of taking in strays. Not officially, but in other ways. And yes, I try to make sure my influence is a good one, but sometimes I find out that things I didn't notice I was doing have more impact than I thought.

I wonder if my life would have been different if I had kids. A purely rhetorical question now, and I think I did the right thing in not having them. But it does make me wonder, sometimes.


I do worry about the number of people I unintentionally influence. I am sure if people were to let me know the influence I had on them, I would be shocked and pretty sure if my influence was as intended it would be the opposite. I think it is the downside of secrecy, even the people I work with do not know much about me, 98% would not know my surname, 80% would not guess my age within a decade. Humans don't like unknowns, so they fill the gaps. For example, everytime I tell someone at the community pantry that I am an atheist they are totally shocked, they are all from an evengalist church of some kind and assume I am also. I don't think I can resolve this without losing my privacy. I do lots of "things" so I know I do have an impact locally.


I have been told my influence a couple of times, but I don't check myself as often as I should.


I love and support family and friends but I have more influence with friends!


Two small humans, daily. Just had a conversation today about respect.
I do the best I can. Like I said in another post a while back, you can't always
tell children to "fuck off".



I hope my daughter and maybe some of my friends and perhaps co-workers. My intent is to make them think about the world around them.


Right or wrong, everyone.....


My nephew is prob the one that I influence the most because I don't have any kids of my own. he lived with me through his high school years and he has grown up to be a gentleman with respect for others. ive always been very honest and open with him since he moved in with me and have told him some things that most people would say I shouldn't have told him at the time because of his age but I think its better to teach them early than to try to fix something after its to late.

jorj Level 8 Apr 11, 2018

I feel it's anyone having contact with me, knowing me or of me, associating with me. It's like a doppler effect. The whole, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" is entirely true. On a smaller scale, definitely my children. Especially my Autistic developmentally disabled foster son who will be 37 in two weeks. I've known him since he was 10, came to live with us when he was 15, and unfortunately after divorcing, had to put him back in the system as my life had drastically changed and balancing work with home life without that support system was difficult. I still have the mom guilt over it. I do pick him up for an overnight visit once a month and take him to family holiday/birthday events. I know at the time he re-entered the system, it was developmentally time for him to be around similar peers, to foster more independence for himself (as was related to me by my ex to quell my anxiety). My ex has not done anything in regards to picking him up or spending time with him other than when I bring him to events. I can't answer for that. That's on him. I want to be sure my foster son knows I love him, and I care. He is my life coach. He is the epitome of unconditional. I can only hope to come close to the life changing impact/influence he's made in my life.


We all have an impact on others whether we know it or not. I'm not particularly liked at my work but I am respected. Then you have that occassional person who would undermine you because they are jealous. I know this sounds strange but many are if in some way they are not sure of themselves. The problem starts when they assume you might be a threat to them in some way. Not so long ago this sort of situation came to a head with me where a man wanted to turn an old family relative against me. It's a complicated story but it did not work. I addressed the issue in front of him and our boss. Calm, cool and collected the issue was ended before it cost me my job. While I cannot tell you the exact story on here today I am confident that it will never happen again.

We all influence somebody. We are all also influenced. Movies, TV, books, etc. sell images and phrases that many of us chose to identify with.


I don't know but I hope I do.

wow, thank you so much @AMGT that's a lovely thing to say xx. lovely words and well said. I do hate superficial people. I'm a very deep person treated like a puddle lol.


I don't believe l influence anyone, and there is no reason l should.

@AMGT l just don't and that's OK.



@AMGT thank you for your kind words. If I influence people, it is not with intent. I try to be as authentically myself as I can, and if that has, in some way, a positive influence on someone, that makes me feel good. But I do not solicit feedback, as my actions are just my being who I am, and I do not see them as having any bearing on another; nor is that typically my reason for anything I do, save for occasional kindnesses. Being positive and supportive, and admitting to my foibles is part of the person I am becoming. Presumptuousness is difficult to overcome, and can be useful in some ways, but I am mindful of eschewing that trait if it becomes egoic, or self-aggrandizing.

I find that if I expose my own faults and weaknesses, then no one can hurt me by doing so opportunistically.

I try to give thoughtful comments on this site, or maybe just be silly, if the post merits that, and again, if that has a positive influence somehow, that pleases me. But all things are transitory, and I am well aware my words may be forgot as soon as read.

@AMGT likewise. Your trials and tribulations, and how you have faced them, give some of us hope where we might not have so much. You are a courageous person. Far more so than myself.


My son. I try very hard to be a good influence. he is a sharp kid who keeps me in check. he was an atheist before I even mentioned it so I think he's on thr right track lol


My son step daughters and my nieces and nephews. And I do check myself to a point.


My son step daughters and my nieces and nephews. And I do check myself to a point.


My older sister is influenced by me today... She is very educated yet seeks my advice at times re medicine, nutrition and re big family which is complex. This was not always the case but she has accepted my atheism, though doesn't agree.. It is simply she understands I have lived an eventful and seasoned life; we have gone in different directions and have similiar herstory~ so can learn from one another.

Come to think of it, my sister in law, will ask my advice and think it over, carefully. She says she admires my spunk and discipline.

My friends say they are influenced by me, both as a business person and as a survivor...

In business, I know I impact other's lives re nutrtional HEMP products and also in helping them with their "pets" some of whom has PTS--> this also spills into my deeper friendships with humans. Experience is a wonderful and challenging teacher.

Am also proactive in my community, as a writer and in sales/PR. Have written letters for others to solve problems or help get them work. I LOVE TO NETWORK.

Have sat at a neogotiating table to help save people's home from a HUGE mining company, as I was invited by a person who was sleep deprived and distraught. I just find myself in these kinds of situations...

A couple of times I have found out years later from someone, something I did or said to them while I was working in a helping profession changed their life for the better; that is a mutual inspiration! I have been very fortunate and very grateful in this manner.

And am a natural born protaganist and whistle blower, too. Have kept a recylcing center from closing, exposed lies in local government. Plus, beaten city hall- big time once-- became a kind of folk hero-- famous for my 15 ms YIKES too much press, TV, too-- like the former part more than the latter, yet all of it, ultimately is very humbling ... I am not bragging, have been naturally busy, being dynamic much of my life.

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