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Anyone ever had anything bad happen on Friday the 13th?

ebdb 7 Apr 11

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I had something quite strange on friday, october 13, 1944....I was born !!!!!

We share a birthday, but different years and I was born on a Saturday, but my dog Jinx was born on my 5th birthday which was Friday the13th in1961.


Nope! But I usually get the day off. I'm a wedding officiant and not a lot of people want to get married on Friday the 13th, but they don't mind April Fool's Day. Go figure!


I had my daughter barely at 17 and was almost immediately pregnant again. I miscarried unknowingly because I was still quite ignorate about life and damage was done.

When I was older, I tried for years to carry a child but couldn't stay pregnant beyond the 5th month. So I gave up and bought a mustang.

A year later I am pregnant, carry to nearly 7 months and he was born on Friday the 13th

I also bought a house with a credit score of 666. I actually have that letter somewhere

Was that the horse, mustang, or the car Mustang? If it was the horse mustang, YAY! If it was the car Mustang, well, let me just say that my first car was a 1965 Chevy Chevelle.

@AncientNight Yes it was the car not the horse. The chevelle was a mighty fine car as well. In fact my mother had a red one. She loved that car.

I had to give up the mustang because my husband and I each had a kid already and that hump in the middle of the back seat wouldn't do.

I tease my son often that Im not sure if it was a good trade or not LOL

@SherryMartin My Chevelle was blue. Having sat in the back seat of the Mustang before, I would imagine that the lack of space there would be a factor, too. Mot much room for kids, let alone adults!


Always have to go to work, so yeah.


No more than on any other day


Yes actually! I got roped into working over the weekend aarrggg! But come to think of it that happens many fridays not just the 13th, oh well.


13 October is my son's birthday luckiest day of my life


I’m getting my taxes done Friday. I’ll keep you posted...

MsDee Level 5 Apr 12, 2018

Nope, but Ive had a few good things happen like a promotion


Not that l remember.


I've had bad and good things happen every day! But if someone believes in something and expects bad luck, it could happen.


Nothing bad happened on Friday 13th.

But then nothing much happened period.


MAN oh MAN! That was some FUN KILLIN' last night!! Got me a bunch of teens at this camp. They were all pretty predictable prey, so I made a smashing score last night!!


Jason V (never could spell my last name...)


Since in my culture the bad luck takes place on Tuesday the 13...I am perfectly lucky in USA. 🙂


HaveI ever! I went to summer camp to be a counselor one year. We arrived at camp to set before the kids got there. it was great, until a madman killed off all my friends. It was kind of a bummer, really...

you watch too many horror movies. LOL

LOLzies! smooches from Jason Voorhees!


No, but I'm thinking of posting tomorrow asking you guys to report any bad things. Maybe put up a poll question.


So sorry for your loss!

ebdb Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

Can't say that I have.




My wife had a nervous breakdown and ended up on a psychiatric ward on Friday 8/13/2004.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

No. The number 13 holds no fear for me or my family. My fathers birthday was March 13th. That was a Tuesday. I grew up in house numbered 13. My oldest granddaughters birthday is July 13th. That WAS on a Friday. So, I would have to amend my answer to say that something good happened to me on a Friday the 13th!


I asked for a dozen bagels and they gave me 13 and the 13th bagel was one of those healthy ones that never gets eaten, I can’t recall the date but there is a One in 365 chance it was a Friday the 13th, Compared to lottery statistics it’s practically a fact.


I can't remember

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