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Just because a person is agnostic doesn't mean that they have to believe in evolution and the same goes for atheists and theists. Do you believe in evolution?

waitingforgodo 7 Dec 5

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You are mistaken. It says right here in the 2020 Junior Agnostics Handbook, Rule 37b: “The Document of Affirmation of Belief in Evolution must be signed, notarized, and in the possession of the Office of Agnostic Certification no later than nine business days prior to the issuance of Agnostic License Card.”

Sorry. I don’t write the rules.

skado Level 9 Dec 5, 2020

That's an amazing response.



Well .

You've been watching too much Jurassic Park


It is called scientific fact, not a belief.

  1. Evolution is not a myth. There is literally tons of empirical evidence for it. It's a fact.
  2. "Belief" is making a claim for something you have no evidence for. Evolution has evidence.
  3. If you don't accept the evidence of evolution I doubt very much you have the intellect to reason out atheism or agnosticism.
Leelu Level 7 Dec 5, 2020

I do not believe in evolution. I accept the overwhelming weight of evidence for evolution. See also the comment by @Charles1971 .


There is nothing to "believe in". Evolution is not a religion.
Evidence supports evolutionary theory. I will accept the evidence while it remains falsifiable but not falsified.

I have found that the notion of falsifiable evidence is beyond the mental capacity of every believer that I have ever encountered.

@anglophone and many nonbelievers, unfortunately.


It’s not a belief, it’s a fact.

Mvtt Level 7 Dec 5, 2020

Evolution is not some supernatural belief based phenomenon. It's a literally fact.


No, I don't believe in evolution. I accept that evolution has been proven as a scientific fact. There is over a century of empirical evidence, scientific study, and observed evolution in nature and in laboratories that provides overwhelming proof that evolution is real.

Well said,Charles1971.


Of course I believe in evolution.

An atheist since childhood, I chose rational thought, not magical beliefs.


Of course I believe in evolution.
There is ample evidence which proves it.


It doesn't mean you have to believe in gravity either, but if you're agnostic but you believe in things that have evidence to support it, then you believe in evolution. What you don't seem to get is that evolution is an observable fact in tbe same way that gravity is an observable fact. What can be contested is the theory of why those things happen. There is a theory of gravity, to explain the observable fact that a rock falls and there is a theory of evolution to explain the observable fact of evolution. You can be an agnostic and not believe Darwin's theory of how evolution occurs but to not believe in evolution itself is to be on the same level as a flat earther, dumb as mud.


Ohferpetessake..." believe in evolution"????!! Do you "believe" the sun rises in the east & sets in the west? Get A Grip!

Another mamby pamby Agnostic slap the boy silly


Believe in Evolution? evolution is not a belief system.

The overwhelming proof of evolution makes anyone who rejects evolution obviously ignorant.


Evolution is science. You either understand science or you don’t. It is not a faith-based system. It’s an evidence-based system.


Like others have said, evolution is not a belief to believe. It's simply science.

Hi stranger. I hope you are well.


@Sticks48 I’m surviving thank you. I hope you are well too.

@graceylou That goes for me too...where have you been hiding?

@graceylou l am well thank you. I am being safe and following the protocols.

@Marionville I’ve been around but not as frequently. I’m rather bored with this place. I just look in now and again.

@Sticks48 That’s the right thing to do. Stay safe.


The Theory Evolution is best explanation we have about how life evolved.


If evolution were not a fact, there would not be a plethora of dog and cat breeds, a banana and many other common foods would be inedible, most adults would not need their wisdom teeth removed and one flu vaccine would be good for life.


I accept evolution as valid science.


We have most certainly been evolved. You should visit the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa and all over Africa.

Apologies i forgot to add the attachment.

Yep, fantastic experience to see those fossils firsthand.


I don't "believe" in evolution. I trust what tried and tested science has proven; and evolution has been proven over and over again.


evolution isn't a religion or a rumor. it is an observable natural occurrence. it doesn't matter whether we believe it; it chugs along without us. "theory" in science doesn't mean speculation, by the way. in addition, let's not confuse the big bang with evolution. yes, i know you didn't mention the big bang; i only mention it myself because people who don't understand what evolution is generally confuse or at least combine the two. anyway, no one who actually does know what evolution is about speaks of it in terms of belief, so i am wondering whether you do indeed understand it.



The stupid is strong here......

Not stupid, just need help.


Well considering its still this point widely accepted as a scientific fact. So I guess your question comes down to "are you a science denying imbecile?" The answer to that is no.


I believe in things that can be proven and even be seen. Yes, evolution is not just a theory but fact. Everything evolves but there are more and more people that actually devolve.

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