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What Do Atheists Do at Christmas?

I just wondered. Pagans don’t have a totally lonely time because most Christian holidays were stolen from pagan celebrations. I mean the Winter Solstice (celebration of birth of the baby Son God) is around December 21. Pagans decorated and gave gifts, feasted, etc. I give everyone gifts and say “Happy Yule” as I hand it .

SocialDarwin 5 Dec 8

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Solstice is the founding for all of the fun stuff the Christians hijacked.

And the sun has been "standing" at its earliest sunset for several days now. That is 5:18pm EST in my spot on earth. It will go to 5:19pm in a day or two.
Dec 21 is the shortest day, but the latest sunset is not until sometime in January so it balances out.


Participate in orgies and eat a baby, just like every other day.


Here in the US we observe an amalgam of modern and international seasonal holiday traditions, but mostly we eat. 😋


Get drunk, eat too much and watch tele, just like everyone else.


I enjoy time with the family, and I participate in giving gifts. I just ignore the mythical side of Xmas.


The same always. Eat, play monopoly, sorry, life, other games I enjoyed as a kid only with my 2 nieces and nephew.

Gotta love those capitalist cisgender board games we played as kids like Monopoly, Careers and Life! I too played Sorry! and Clue, and even remember playing Landslide where the Republicans were blue and the Democrats were red. My kid sisters and I especially loved the French card game Milles Bornes. Those were the days, indeed!

@p-nullifidian Sorry!! And Monopoly were always my faves. My two nieces aged 26 and 23 love Sorry also!!. Atari was another big one with me.......Adventure, Space Invaders, Asteroids, the like. But those board games are timeless, I remember playing them with my grandparents as well back in the 70’s and 80’s. Thanksgiving, Xmas will always be our days for those and even on Sunday afternoons and evenings to this day!!!


It's a good thought of sharing and caring not the religion

Totally true!!


Thee is no reason not to celebrate Christmas, there are a lot of good things about it. Just take out the religious bit and you are fine.


Hail santa!!!


Celebrate the Winter Solstice with food, beverages, and music making

BDair Level 8 Dec 8, 2020

Whatever we want


I wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head. 😁 Oh never mind. 🤭


I have always celebrated Christmas under that name, although not so much these days as it's not a thing for the people in my life. It was never a religious occasion for us growing up in my family, just a fun time for kids.


During our dark Alaska winters many of us celebrate the Winter Solstice and the returning warmth of the sun ...or sometimes I observe Saturnalia a Roman celebration of feasting and gifts when social norms were reversed and masters would serve their slaves...

So you are not atheist, you’re Pagan

@SocialDarwin - nope it's all baloney but I enjoy observing Norse recognition of the changing seasons and a rare Roman feast celebration...

@FrostyJim toga! toga! Toga!


I love christmas! I do the decorating and everything else except gifts are homemade only. Lots of cooking, baking, and having fun. Not much fun this year but still happy and a little festive.


Non believers eat, drink and be merry.

For tomorrow we die!


Honestly, pretty dull stuff. Eat too much. Drink too much. Irritate the family with gawd-awful Bob Rivers xmas songs and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but, since you asked, I think it'd also be a lot of fun to create what would likely be regarded as the most inappropriate/insensitive seasonal display for the front yard, with the center piece being a reimagined nativity scene. Maybe some of you could help me out with this next part, as I might need some help distinguishing between the, otherwise central figures, and the 3 wise men. In addition to the usual farm animals, I'd have the wise men represented by Dawkins, Hutchins, and Darwin standing watch over a serene, angelic spaghetti monster, over which would hang an energy drink can (Rock Star, naturally). I'm guessing the typical passerby probably wouldn't recognize some of the other figures on display, but I'm thinking Sam Harris, Michael Schermer, and Daniel Dennett, to name a few.

Don't forget your shepherds

German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd , Cybil Shepherd

Sounds like a lot of work and fun.


I celebrate the solstice.


I pretty much do as most Christians do, but without any of the god bothering.


Yup, Winter Solstice for me. I’m not Pagan, but love celebrating the shortest day and change to lengthening days.


Celebrate the winter solstice and eat drink and be merry


It is just another day at my house.


Gift-giving, Yule trees, Yule logs, wreaths... all pagan. "Christmas" has nothing to do with Christianity. It's just another holiday that was hijacked by Christians.

Christians seem to have a knack for that. Hijacking holidays, I mean...


Yes, anything to convert people.


I do the same thing I do every Sunday and other religious holiday celebration. Enjoy a peaceful day doing what I want with people I like - totally guilt free


I do very little at Christmas. If I did not live alone this would all change I'm sure. Merry Yuletide and Happy Sammich to you.


This year got my family all to donate to charity in lieu of gifts....waaaaay less social contact, (no shopping, mailing, touching "foreign" stuff)
We are all older & need nothing anyway.
The dogs will enjoy their presents in the morning, plus mine to me. (The bigger-screen 4K OLED is already installed)
Going to buy myself something lovely for dinner on the 25th...Thanksgiving I roasted a duck. I think a lobster this time......

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