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Does anyone in here believe in reincarnation?

I ask this cos a friend and I were talking about the afterlife and what happens when we die. He believes when we die, we come back to this world in another body. According to him, people are buried in the ground, plants and trees "eat up" the body and bring up fruits which are eaten by other humans. This "DNA transfer" (his words) makes it possible for a human to return to this world in a different form. Basically, someone like Gates, Buffet, and Bezos could return to this world as the poor people while someone who died poor may be reborn the wealthiest being on earth. Care to share your thoughts on this?

DBlaine 4 Dec 20

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Strikes me as another, updated version of an old, appealing fantasy. Now, it would be interesting if your friend could dream up some way to test it ...


I do not believe in any kind of "afterlife".

When you're dead, you're dead.

Or 'passed' Why do we say people have passed and when a rechargeable battery runs out we say it has 'died?' Seems kind of backward. When people say so and so has passed my late partner asks, "what did they pass, gas?" She constantly reminded people to not use this term for her. She died and will not return (except as a pile of ashes). She was from Iran and they didn't use pass for death in her country.


Nope. It's as silly as religion.


I believe once a carnation dies, that is it. This goes for all the other flowers as well.


Sure! When you die, you get reincarnated as topsoil!


Believe in reincarnation???..... Every time i open a can of condensed milk...



Reincarnation is just a wishful hope, a magical belief like religion.

As an atheist, I chose rational thought.


Trump deserves to come back as a homeless leper.


I have No direct evidence of this happening.

Word Level 8 Dec 21, 2020

I consider myself a skeptic, but one who is always open to new sources of data. I've long felt that reincarnation is a heap of woowoo, but recently I've been made aware of a number of interesting cases of children who, without coaching, prompting or prior knowledge, have provided intricately detailed descriptions of what would appear to be the memories of a recently deceased person who lived a great distance away. I have no explanation for this.

Me neither.

Most of these claims are in the same category as claims to have seen Bigfoot, to have taken aboard UFOs, to have seen ghosts, etc. They are either (1) outright fabrications, (2) eager overinterpretations by nonskeptical believers, (3) instances of pareidolia or apophenia. See Bridey Murphy.

@editor20 Bridey Murphy was not a child. Children don't have the capacity to fabricate an intricate ruse. And here I'm referring to the cases reported by Ian Stevenson and his protege Jim B. Tucker, which appear to be well-documented and objectively chronicled.


I do believe we continue on as our organic matter is recycled, but not as a conscious being.

That's interesting.. and I quite agree. My counterargument was that if reincarnation was possible, how come I have no recollection of my previous life? 🤷


This seems like nothing more than wishful thinking, the same thinking that animates religion. It is a fanciful story with no evidence to support it.


No. Its beyond ignorant and illogical


I do, my good friend, Alan and I re-incarnated my Evaporative Air Cooler 7 years ago on November the 7th. 2013, does that count by any chance.
in ACTUAL FACT we 'played God' and Dr. Frankenstein, we took 2 DEAD Air Coolers and used them to make one that is even bigger and better so we can say, " It's ALIVE," LOL.


John Cleese related a story in which he had a conversation on the matter with Peter Cook who seemed to be more concerned to know if there was sex after death......LOL

That's funny as hell 😂😂😂


No and I didn't the last time I was here either

Mark Twane quote

@JAMESW27 The news of his demise was premature?

@BirdMan1 i thought it was "greatly? exadurated"

@JAMESW27 "The report of my deaths an exaggeration." You got it right. (I took this from a letter in his own handwriting.)

@BirdMan1 thanks for the spelling correction , I appreciate things like that


I am guessing that your friend lives in a state where recreational drugs are legal?

Woo-woo nonsense. Tell him to get over the silly idea that he, or any human, is special. We just are. Our energy will go back to where we came from.

Lol my friend doesn't use "recreational drugs" 😂😂😂. He is a regular guy with a wild thought process.

@DBlaine If he is that creative with his thought processes, I hope he's able to channel it into some kind of enjoyable outlet.

@Mitch07102 I find his perspective amusing and kinda intriguing. This is why I enjoy a good chat with him every once in a while.

Hell, I use recreational drugs (weed) and I don't believe in reincarnation.


Your friend needs to take a science course.

What Science Really Says About the Soul


Below, I wrote that the soul is a debatable entity. It is debatable in the sense that John McCain said "The debate is over," about global warming. It continues debatable only because there are people who can not countenance letting go of the idea.


I believe that when I die I will be reincarnated as a corpse... or possibly a small bag of ashes if I ever get around to writing my will.

Cheeky lol 🤣🤣🤣


I’m happy to find out when I die, or not. Personally I have no faith and no one has proven reincarnation exists.

Although I have heard some very interesting personal and anecdotal accounts from people that I respect.

Plus as those that believe in reincarnation don’t tend to preach, judge or control me I’m happy to have a live and let live existence with them.

Nice 😊


I'd have to see some evidence before I accept such an idea. 🙂


Of course I believe in reincarnation! I’m a Pagan. Even if u don’t physically return - your soul can be transferred to a child by the impact you have while here.

You leave a legacy by way of your impact while here. The concept of "soul" is, at least, debatable.

wow. intriguing, I must say. so, you support the claim made by my friend about reincarnation?


|No its is just a load of religious bollocks


Pure bullshit! As far as any thinking person can determine there is no afterlife. BTW, people have stopped being "buried in the ground" for some time now. Usually you are embalmed and buried inside a concrete vault. This prevents any natural process like your friend wants to talk about. Eliminate this and go back 200 years, bury me by the old oak tree, and I am still not coming back "reincarnated." If parts of the tree and myself become one there is no consciousness involved.

I'm going to be buried in a "Natural," or "Green" fashion, in a Conservation Cemetery, that is in a permanently protected nature preserve; no vaults or grave liners. I would be very happy to have a tree grow up right through me, as has happened to another cadaver there. Let whatever nutrients are left in my body be recycled, though I expect that "I" won't know anything about it.


Sounds like your friend is cobbling together some pseudo scientific bullshit to justify what he wants to believe. But that's ok, it's harmless, it keeps him happy and it doesn't sound like he's ramming it down other people's throats, so whatever. It's no worse than the rubbish that there is some mysterious soul that can think and function without a material body.

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