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LINK What do you say when someone asks “Why don’t you believe in god?” : atheism

R/atheism post with question for non-believers

Hages 7 Dec 30

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My answer: Shut up and go away, moron!!!

DIng Ding DIng, WINNA!


Because I don't understand why you do believe in god when there is no verifiable supporting evidence one exists.


I haven't been asked yet, but I'd probably be tactful at first, and say something like the following:

For probably the same or a similar reason you do believe in god; you want to believe in something that makes sense to you. We just came to different conclusions about what makes sense.

I don't believe I need to address the problems with their logic unless they take the conversation in that direction.

Certainly as good of an approach that I’ve heard

@Canndue Thank you.


Because I learnt to think for myself!


I answer, what is God? Turn the tables and make them explain. And then challenge the various explanations that come up. I'm noncommittal about my own lack of belief.Put them on the defensive instead.

@Hages Yes, atheism is the lack of belief. So we have nothing to defend. It's up to believers to defend belief.

Great answer. For those who say atheists make a belief claim, are simply mistaken.

welcome to Unknown God ladies

and if you think athesits don't have beliefs, you're kidding yourself wadr

so a nicer way to put that might be "whatever force caused the big bang" or some other phenomena we can't explain


I have quite a number of replies/responses in my little 'arsenal' that includes some like,
Which God?
When was the Election held to put your God into power?
How many Gods are there and which one IS the REAL God?
How can anyone expect a sane person to believe in something that they can never see, touch nor hear?
Why don't you believe in Fairies, Elves, Dragons, Pink Unicorns, Flying Elephants and all those other things as well?

Yea and how ‘bout some trolls and the Easter bunny and Santa Claus.....


“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer gods than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” – Stephen F Roberts

yet ppl obviously worship many things, right? Money, etc


No verifiable evidence for gods. When there's evidence, I'll reconsider.

Leelu Level 7 Dec 30, 2020

pls see above, and consider expanding your def of "gods" maybe


"Because nobody has ever produced any falsifiable evidence to support the existence claim of any god.". Too easy.

@Hages Thank you. 🙂


Simple. "There's no evidence of any gods." And then I ask them why they do believe, just in case they're looking for encouragement to switch sides.


Which one? Your one, the islamic one, the hindu ones, the ancient roman ones. the celtic ones, the janism ones, the australian aboriginal ones from the dreamtime? Which god there are so many to choose from?

Do I get a discount if I buy into all of them?....LOL


We now have better ideas about how the universe works. The idea of gods make no sense.

yet ppl worship money, etc eh


Believe in who?


Because I don't believe in sadism

bobwjr Level 10 Dec 31, 2020

Nor Sadomasochism


My reply would be "Why do you?"


No one asks. It might be that most people don't care. Or maybe my appearance gives them the clue to not ask.


I usually tell them that I studied the bible too much. How it came into being as we know it today under Constantine in the third century. This is a long time after Jesus and many books were not included while others destined to be a part of the big book. How could anything like that be accurate in any way?

This is usually where believers start in with me "but the bible says." They don't get it at all.

Yes, and when they come up with the "Bible says so because it IS the written word of God" I often respond with,
So where did actually sign the book," or,
Who holds the Rights to the book and under which Copyright Laws,"
Bible is derived from the Greek word 'biblos' which means a book, scroll, parchment, etc, and NOT a collection/compendium of books," or,
If this bible IS Truth and Fact then should not ALL other books be held to be exactly the same?


For much the same reason that I do not believe in the bogeyman, the bandersnatch and leprechauns.


"Why should I?"


I neither believe nor disbelieve. I'm an agnostic; I don't know.

ya, that'll be pop here lol
ok, so i guess theres four agnostics here maybe, not three

@bbyrd009 Where is 'here?'

@Storm1752 i meant this site; i was just recently going on about how it is chock full of atheist gnostics

@bbyrd009 What's 'atheist gnostic?'

@Storm1752 i would say someone who believes that God does not exist, and "knows" stuff? Good from evil, whatever? Speaks in absolute statements, never asks questions, etc

@bbyrd009 Saying I or anybody else 'believes' (rather than 'thinks'😉 anything is by definition a 'belief system;' that is, he or she believes IN the non-existence of 'god,' whatever they believe IT to be.
They set up the straw dogs of unicorns or purple dragons in your garage but that only has to do with a 'divine entity,' which we all know is ridiculous.
So from inductive reasoning they assert with certainty NO ''god' exists by any definition, and given the preponderance of the circumstantial evidence to the contrary, they have no right by the rules of logic to make such an assertion.
Not only is it illogical, it's depressing.
And if they don't know what that evidence is, they are willfully ignorant, and there's no excuse for that.
I'd rather be hopeful and well-informed.
And THAT'S what separates atheists from Agnostics.


As Matt Dellahunty would say, I apportion my belief according to the evidence.

test everything, and keep what is good


Because I think.

"... and you do not."

@anglophone narf


No one ever asks me.


It’s a long story..


"because you have defined Him"

Defined who?

@ASTRALMAX ha im wondering if even "who" is not maybe too much definition, "Him" is usually recognized to be a convention among thinkers

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