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LINK William Barr: There’s a “Militant Secular Effort” to Suppress Religion | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

During an interview with New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan yesterday, Attorney General William Barr did what he does best: lie.

He claimed that there was a “militant secular effort” to suppress religion, despite failing to define whatever “militant” secularism means.

snytiger6 9 Jan 30

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The only militant secularist I've ever heard of was Richard Dawkins. Congratulations to him for having such an impact.

And yet I'd be willing to bet the Barr made more people give up Christianity than Dawkins. What should a moral person think after seeing the gross corruption coming from the Christian's President Trump. Barr ordered assorted un-identified militias to attack peaceful protesters in Lafayette Park. Barr is a fascist. Christians, being absolutist in their thinking, support fascism.

Seeking fascism is the Christian version of patriotism.

Last sentence is golden!


Understand where this jackass comes from: He has been on the Board of Directors of Opus Dei. He swims in bull shit, has done so for years.


The jackass found his way out from under his rock?


Delusion. "Christian" delusion.


It would be wrong of me to accuse William Barr of using what passes for his brain.

Yeah, you would not really want to do that injustice to him.


Oh darn it, they've found me out....LOL.


That's right. Us atheists are always knocking on people's doors asking folks if they have heard the good word of science and leaving copies of "The Origin of the Species" in hotels.


Delusional! Barr hasn’t studied religious history...religious people go ‘ape shit’ and try and impose their certain brand of religion on all people. And further, that we need to understand religion to their particular interpretation of the scriptures.

We as secularist want our ‘original’ voices heard and further...we want a seat at the table! How many seats do we now hold in government least out in the open? You want need even one hand to count them on! Barr, is still working toward making this Country into a Christian Nation. And his ‘slight-of-hand’ admonition, that religion is under attack, is his only defense for his brand of persecution. At this moment he and his elk mostly have the upper why are they not satisfied? I believe that Barr & elk are not satisfied because...there are millions of people in American who cannot/would not believe exactly as Barr & associates believe! And so...HE (and probably his associates), are mad about that! They are looking for clones...‘sheep‘ if you will! This is the only way Barr and the ‘religious right’ will ever accept a non-religious person! I would venture to say that Barr...has never had an original thought! He is programmed...from every angle! Why would we non-believers want any part of that? Not me! Not ever!


It's not such a bad idea.... just saying. If it comes to that lol


My first impression is Barr is incapable of discerning the difference between "secular" and "anti-theist". If he genuinely understood the difference he could relax.

Point well taken. But then him and his band of miscreants can’t distinguish between socialism and communism either. So you can’t expect anything rational to emanate from their closed minds.

@Barnie2years or capitalism and crony capitalism. Or truth and lies, fact from fiction, Trump's mouth from his butthole. But I digress....

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