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LINK Women Who Cook While Menstruating Will Be Reborn As Dogs, Hindu Leader Says | David Gee | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

In yet another example of blatant sexism inspired by religion, a leader of a Hindu sect in India is claiming that women who menstruate while cooking food for their husbands will be reincarnated as dogs, specifically bitches.

Swami Krushnaswarup Dasji is part of the Swaminarayan faith, which focuses on salvation through total devotion to God and made headlines for running a school that forced more than 60 girls to remove their underwear to check if they were on their periods.

snytiger6 9 Feb 25

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OH that explains all the stray dogs in India.


More religious BS!


Well. My dog does what he wants to do. He gets fed and taken care of. Hmmmm how about men just cook. 😁

2 to jail with this douche.


Stupid idiot........his mama probably dropped him on his head when he was born.


Men who speak while they have their dick in their hand, or a dick in their head will be reborn as dog shit.


I recently saw a dog, who looked very familiar!!

I think dog is the highest form of reincarnation. ☝️


Religion just goes out of its way to be outlandish


Jealous that women can bleed for 5 days and not die. And we don't get prostate cancer.


Is there a way that a man could come back as a penis? Maybe that would be rewarding.

Imo, there are some who are born as Penises and spend their entire life acting as one as well.


Lesson here (LOL) NEVER ask for Tomato Ketchup whilst dining in any Hindu Household....LOL.


That doesn't seem fair. Personally, I'd prefer to be reborn as a spoiled house cat.


It depends if she is using it as a primary ingredient in the meal or as a side dish or as a dip! 😂


Fine, the ladies get a break while hubby cooks dinner. Sounds like a new day dawning for many households. (Wishful thinking on my behalf I suppose!).

Yes!!! I'm going to tell my husband all about this ASAP! I'll make up some of my own rules, too:

• Men who leave the toilet seat up will be reborn as worms.
• Women who do the laundry while premenstrual will give birth to goats.
• Men who mow the lawn will be rewarded with cookies in the afterlife.

@AmyTheBruce brilliant lols.

I happily cooked for my wife whether she was menstruating or not. (Then she had a hysterectomy, and I am still happy to cook for her.)



Men whose wives are menstruating should be banned from eating. (And I hope he gets reincarnated as a Dalit.)

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