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LINK The GOP (Rightly) Fears America’s Churchless Majority

For the first time on record, a majority of U.S. adults do not belong to a church, synagogue, or mosque.

Since 1939, Gallup has been surveying Americans on their religious affiliations. From that year until the turn of the millennium, church membership in the U.S. never dipped below 68 percent. But over the past two decades, that figure has steadily declined — and now, the emerging churchless majority has arrived.

HippieChick58 9 Apr 2

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As the faithfools numbers shrink, they will cry louder.


Hope the majority keeps the GOP up at night. GOP showed their true nature for years and now more people are catching on to their bs.


I would suggest a few word changes; the word 'less' has negative connotations and I prefer the more liberating word, free as in godfree and churchfree. We are not hurting because there is no god or that religion is evil but are liberated. Also, as of recent, the religious 'moral' majority has exposed their true nature so it, to me, is the immoral minority. Lets call things as they are.


for a long time, churches seem to be running de-promotional campaigns...


This makes me very happy.


Can YOU hear what I hear...... methinks it IS the sound of the world's SMALLEST violin and it IS playing just for them.


the heir is under servants while he is a child, and no better than a slave, even though he is master of all


I think it is a result of their own abuse of power. Linking up with conservative churches and politicizing them has certainly contributed to their decline. The disregard they have demonstrated for anyone else and their preoccupation with money turns people off. I believe the same sort of phenomenon occurred after the Salem witch trials. The abhorrent behavior of church and religious civil leaders broke the stronghold religion had on the social structure in the aftermath of the incident. Too bad we need to experience such BS to finally get people get a clue.

It seems to ne that the more the religious right speaks the more evidence they give that they are full of shit and making it up as they go.


boon voyage!! Faithfools won’t like this!! Maybe time to celebrate!!


Bout friggin time..


Oh, how true!!!!! It fears a population which is not dominated by belief in a controlling religious and/or political ideology. Without such a belief, people cannot be easily played like a fiddle.


They say religion is the last refuge of a scoundrel but from all appearances it’s go to for the GOP.

Can you name a republican who is not a scoundrel?

@Healthydoc70 No, I in fact simply cannot.
I didn't know enough about Bush Sr. so I was impressed by desert storm.
A simple goal, drive out the invaders, leave. But beside this one admirable feat he was a dick too.

@Willow_Wisp Bush senior was head of the CIA and orchestrated the holding of the hostages until the election was held so Reagan was elected. That was a coup! He was a typical self aggrandized preppy(The Groton School) Yale male predator. At the age of over 90 and in a wheelchair he was grabbing women's glutes!

@Healthydoc70 I get it but I was still exhausted from trying to understand everything that happened with Nixon. Bad shit doesn't stop happening when I look another way. Thanks for confirming my claim that Both Bushes were unmitigated dicks.

@Willow_Wisp And desert storm was more than just drive out the invaders. Mostly about oil. In 1958(Republican president.) the US invaded Iraq and threw out a democratically elected Qassim and the result was Saddam Hussein. We did the same in Iran in 1953 over oil. No wonder Iranians don't trust us.

@Willow_Wisp I have to laugh. My sick mind hit on Monty Python and the Roman legions headed by biggas dickas pronounced with a pronounced lisp. Both Bushes were BD's


Great News....this is certainly a good Friday when we find out people are continuing to realize religion is a fraud.

It was a day off work, any paid holiday on a Friday is a damned good Friday.

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