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Christian love...

Dyl1983 7 May 2

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Well . Sindy has sex issues . Wants to be raped badly , and probably her 20 yrs of marriage husband has not touched her for 15 of those . Poor poor sindy , all these thongs for nothing ..
The rest were beaten regularly by daddy or mommy when kids . Never aloud to have a thought . Fear is a good ground for saviors and gods and Jesus boy . Angry fuckers .
Satan has nothing on the rest of us apparently , we are evil and we need to die .
Ok ! I ll get to it first thing in the morning w my coffee , #1 priority , how to make christians happy 😂

I think Sindy has read too many bodice rippers with her focus on the rape thing. Maybe she thinks we will all see the light with a good reaming. She is one sick puppy.


An imaginative group aren't they? 🙂 If Jesus could come back he would pimp slap the lot of them.

Missed u Larry 😂😂😂

@Pralina1 Miss you too. I hate to bother you with the hectic life you are leading during this pandemic. I hope it is getting somewhat better.

@Sticks48 u never bother me . U know that .
It has been a bitch . Better numbers overall . But MICU still full every night , can’t get out of there Larry . I was told I can prepare my team and will return back to ED by end of April .
Nope . We are still at covid units , patients much much younger , but sicker .
I was told we have enough vaccinated people and enough education about covid now and my trauma team and my self we can go back to trauma down stairs and regular MICU staff can fill r shifts .
Then I got a list from here to Italy w all the regular staff that they don’t want to work w covid ( young babies at home , elderly parents , asthma , this and that , ) I am like , wtf .
Still at MICU COVID my best new f friend apparently 🙁
OK . I am done bitching . It’s ok . It’s getting better .

@Pralina1 You have every right to vent. I know this is really taking a toll on you. I feel so bad for you and know nothing I can say will really help. So listening to you vent is the very least I can do, and I don't mind one tiny bit. Know that I am your friend and you will always have my ear.

@Sticks48 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Thank u Larry ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

And then kill them...eventually, because that is what he does.


I L💜VE those types. They make me feel SO smart I can hardly stand my own self importance!

Well put!!


Yes, sadly, and the social media echo chamber only magnifies those thoughts. Luckily most people don't feel that way, but I sure know when I'm up against those who do feel that way, because they've told me to my face a mild comment when I'm sure they felt stronger feelings of hatred toward me because of my more open beliefs.

It's mostly my neighbors who think ill of my beliefs, one of which told me I should be put in jail for performing weddings outside the church. Little do they know that I also perform same sex weddings! Boy, I'd hate to see what they'd say about that.


So utterly unsurprising.

PS – Someone needs to educate the one moron that there’s no atheism “leader.” We’re not just another religion. 🙄


And they don't get why we don't think the way they do... I don't like to dwell on or discuss how ignorant and hateful they are, but they do enough of it themselves. No one other than themselves has to prove it.



Yet these same people would hate on Muslims for saying the same things about "infidels" just goes to show, no matter what they say religion is all about hate.


What else could one truly expect from the NOT quite Legal Brain-Dead?


Well dip me in bird poop, how very christian of them


Hey, didn't anyone ever bother telling them that they've tried shit like that for centuries and we ARE still here and going stronger than ever before?
Hey, Christfools, You CAN kill the person BUT no matter how hard you may try you CANNOT kill the idea.

Every advance of communication technology leads to greater amounts of skeptics and non-believers. That's why they fear everything about the next evolution of an advanced society. They see their gravestone.


Did anyone ever point out to Sindy, God Kills Everyone. What a Dick.


Gee whiz, I wonder why the bipartisan approach isn't working so well. lol


The answers really do illustrate ignorance. For example:

  1. Chris says they should hang the leader. Who is our leader?
  2. Scott has advise about what we should do if the cross offends us. I'm not offended by a cross, I'm not even offended by the beliefs it represents. I just don't believe.

Other comments show how forgiving christians are, even though their belief system requires them to forgive. Such requirement is part of "The Lords Prayer".

I'm not surprised. Actually I'm surprised they don't suggest burning at the stake.

Ah, your sanity is refreshing.

@MsKathleen Thank you.


don't be surprised. the only group hated more than "commies" is atheists. god help us!

Not to mention Atheistic Commies.


But they and their god love you, as long as you agree with their bullshit! 😉


before getting all wrapped up in it, I"d like to know if someone has been able to verify this is for real.

kmaz Level 7 May 3, 2021

HI. I've just found that the same post was made by a different member on Agnostic. com last June.

One member wrote:

This happened in 2011. At the time Blair Scott was the communications director for the American Atheists and was on the FOX News program America Live with Megyn Kelly on July 28, 2011. When Scott returned home after the show, his inbox began filling up with hate mail and threats. The Fox News Facebook page was soon inundated with death threats aimed at Scott and atheists in general. The American Atheists site and bloggers captured screenshots of those comments posted on the Fox FB site before they were deleted by Fox.

Read on here: []


Thanks, this does sound somewhat plausible, but I think it's still worth submitting to snopes or similar, as a question to nail down for sure, so I have done that, along with the explanation offered at the link you gave.

A yellow flag here, in my opinion, is that there is no link, nor any source information posted with the image, .... just the screenshot with no helpful identifying source information. You may indeed have turned up the source information, but I'd like to see if it can be nailed down, yes or no, at a reputable research organization.


This is decades old BS and inflammatory. People have been reposting this same tired meme for ages. Yes there are bunches of assholes who spout they'd like to see us dead. So what... they say the same for all kinds of other perceived offenses. Armchair haters.

Leelu Level 7 May 2, 2021

There is the love that Christianity says it promotes. So if Christianity really promotes hate and denigrates learning, what's left?


Delightful lot, aren't they?

About as lovable as a snake in a sleeping bag.


I've seen as many insulting comments against theists as derogatory comments against atheists on the Internet. Irrelevance of being left or right, or theist or atheist, I don't understand what people are trying to achieve by circulating such comments. What good does it do? It does nothing but to generate anger and hatred towards one another and cause a divide in society. Such comments are so inane that no intelligent person will bother with them, and I am inclined to think that any individual who eagerly spreads them has a devious motive.

Ryo1 Level 6 May 3, 2021

It's good to know what people think; even you.

Hi AlbertSchepis, I'm afraid that I don't regard childish comments as thoughts. Even 5-year-olds are capable of making insulting comments, hence "childish".


What the fuck is wrong with people?

Garf Level 7 May 3, 2021

fear, i think? Which is carefully cultivated too i bet

The list is far too long...


Fuck these assface christurds. Chew on this!! If your offended build a wall and “get over it!!”

You people aren’t even worth pissing on.


Didn't jesus say to love they neighbor? Faithfools need to learn what their bible says in the NT.


I've seen some people on here come close to saying things like this. Not surprising

Tejas Level 6 May 2, 2021

Haven't you ever heard the Latin saying of "Quid Pro Quo" ?
Meaning giving something FOR something, ergo, we ARE ONLY returning the favour( ???) for the favour they have done for those went before us.
Also, as their Goat-herders Guide to the Galaxy tells them most succinctly, "DO unto others AS YOU would have THEM do unto you."

@Triphid yes I've heard of it, but I disagree with it on all levels

@Tejas However, and in my opinion, we ONLY return like for like, well the decent majority of us that is, using WORDS and NOT actions


It is interesting how similar the theists' comments about atheists are to the Muhammadans' comments about kafirs.

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