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LINK Corporal punishment in America's schools

Uhm ... NO!

This is allowed in 19 states. #wtf

SeaGreenEyez 9 May 4

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I don’t think corporal punishment should be used in schools. If you look at the literature on this you will find that capital punishment is far more effective.


Some kids are ruthless thugs and bullies and deserve a good paddling. Hell when I was in the 7th grade one of them hit me so hard it knocked me out and required surgery as it had collapsed one side of my nasal.


Words can be far more debilitating than corporal punishment. By the way, the article is not accurate. In Australia children are not allowed to be hit any where.


It's still not illegal in all of Australia. How widely is corporal punishment used in Australia? I don't know. I just know I did my due diligence before posting this and yes, there's still some places in Australia that utilize this form of discipline.


@SeaGreenEyez I have never come across it and I have two children who went to school her, both in the private school system and governmental one. Neither have I ever heard of anyone being punished in that way anywhere here. But one never knows.

@SeaGreenEyez I think that the article is now out of date perhaps.

@Jolanta As of 11 hours ago, it's still legal in some places in Australia (Queensland, for example.) I'm positive it's happening because the internet is on fire on this topic because of the viral video released from Florida in the recent past. Australia is likened to the US in almost every article on the subject. Maybe you and yours didn't encounter it, but like police violence in the US, I haven't been shot by the police, but it's happening nonetheless.

Though the practice has steadily fallen out of favour in the US, 63 other countries allow corporal punishment in schools, according to the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. Australia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia all join the US in allowing corporal punishment in some or all schools.11 hours ago


@SeaGreenEyez You could be right.


There was a paddle on the vice principal's wall at my school but I can't recall it ever being used and I would have been a prime candidate. I do recall one teacher using his cane to break up a fight and I'm certain he met with no disapproval.


This was allowed while I was in school. Today we all know that mommie's angel would never do anything to be punished for.


In the UK corporal punishment in state schools has been outlawed since 1986. But in privately funded schools until 1998 in England and Wales, 2000 in Scotland and 2003 in Northern Ireland.
However it is still used in some very highly regarded privately run schools if the parents sign a waiver, if they don't the pupil will not be given a place.


Unconscionable, IMO.


Wow! I thought they got rid of that everywhere a long time ago.

Yea me included. I went to Parochial School. Them nuns were vicious. The paddle, the pointer on the rear……

@CuddyCruiser Nuns are vicious bastards


The only people you can still hit with your hands or a whip or a piece or board are children.

Read that again and take all the time you need.


Corporal punishment gas gone on for too long. Time to start punishing the generals.


Red states. What a surprise!

LOL……nothing surprising!! Let’s be careful what we say here…….next thing they will want to reinstate workplace corporal punishment. Uh oh. Lol.

Maybe that’s the reason Blue Democrat controlled cities have more crime than anywhere else, law discipline.


Just another example of how there are still places where people haven't the brains enough to figure out a better way to guide children outside of violence.

And here in the US!! I was taught as a kid that that happened in then Communist countries, authotarian ones.

Sadly it wasn’t true.


In fourth grade I had a teacher named Mrs. Kennedy and her husband was Coach Kennedy.
She would send as many as ten kids into the hall two times a day to be beat by the coach with a paddle.
Somehow I always ended up in the hall. Two or three times a day.
I couldn’t tell Dad, he had already swore he’d beat me if I got in trouble at school, his abuse was legendary so I stayed silent.
One day Tina was sent to the hall, Tina was a natural Disney Princess and I doubt she knew that about herself. She told her Dad, he came to school, he pressed charges. We had a new teacher.
I never got to thank Tina’s Dad, but recently I heard that he died and it made me sadder that I was when my Dad died.

That must have been terrifying for you.... to feel you had no safe haven... no one to defend you. When I was a child, it was unthinkable for a teacher to hit a student.

@TheoryNumber3 We all have our challenges mine are from a time when a girl could be suspended for wearing pants, so a more primal struggle perhaps but all the hate comes from all the same places and all the same people.

@Willow_Wisp I can't argue with that.

Hopefully the serial sadists got theirs somehow. All of them.


Gee whiz, what a shocker... rollseyes


I saw this on the national news tonight. This is not only abuse but I suspect a racist event as the mother (who filmed this as she entered the room) does not speak English. The mom came up to pay for the computer the girl scratched and walked into the room just when the paddling started. The child has been transferred.


Leelu Level 7 May 4, 2021

I assume you're right. It says that black students amount to 22% of all corporal punished students even though black students are only 13% of the student population.

Simple fact: don't be black or brown in America. 😒😤😠

@SeaGreenEyez .....the 800 pound gorrilla question that none of our " au courant cognoscenti " ever ad to this equasion is what persent of the paddle worthy infractions does that 13% generate. without an honest and forthright confrontation of this issue, statements like this will remain hot house posturing. and making a federal case out of school paddling is itself the most ridiculous of posturing.

@holdenc98 What on earth are you trying to claim? That it isn't racism, it's just that black kids are doing more things that require punishment? Or are you just claiming it isn't racism that's the problem, it's that violence should be allowed to happen to all kids at the hands of adults that aren't their parent?

That fucking bitch needs her ass kicked, then fired! This shit of abusing kids in schools needs to be stopped NOW!

@SeaGreenEyez . ............ that is exactly " what on earth im trying to claim". the claim is backed up by crime statistics, and the testimony of all from my generation with eyes to see, who went to or have knowlege of their integrated urban or suburban schools. im speaking of the mostly intra black violenmce that was documented by harvard sociologist tanneberg and elkins in their landmark monogram SLAVERY, ...... now supressed. or again in the landmark congressional MOYNAHAN REPERT of the 1960s, also supressed. socviologist routinely noted the uncheck violence of a minority of black thugs agasinst predominently their own race. today this has no place in the fake dialog. the question of corporal punishment is separate from who if anyone should suffer it, but to equate the mild symbolic nonsense of paddle sting with the very real and viscious violence that the worst of these kids dish out routinely to those they subjugate...well, its panglosian nonsense. maybe we need body cameras in schools, like the cops now have, to sort out whats true in the alice in wonderland world of today's npr fed wise women. not that that, or anything else, would disuade them.

@holdenc98 Your word salad on both of your posts makes commenting impossible.

@holdenc98 Take your racism elsewhere. I'm not going to tolerate your brand of rabid bullshit in threads I post.

I'm not a fan of reporting to Admin or blocking people, free speech and all that jazz, but I won't tolerate blatant hate and bullshit ad hominem attacks of anyone in my threads.


@Redheadedgammy. Exactly!

@Leelu That's cawse he went to one of those gud skools

@holdenc98 It's interesting that the reports you cited were both suppressed. I wonder why that was.......???????

@holdenc98 By the way, Holden, tweets, memes and anecdotal evidence are not FACTS

@TheoryNumber3 .......... et tu bruta? are you mocking my spelling and punctuation? thats from my old age and a learning disorder perhaps. the open mockery from your side is off pioint and it seems a bit ad hominem. definitely beneath you., less than i assumed you were.

@TheoryNumber3 .......perhaps you should focus on the actual "the reports i cited" themselves. the historic monograph SLAVERY, by tannenberg and elkin was perhaps the most famous and often cited work on american slavery (compared to the physically more onerous south american slavery) from the 1950s. the MOYNAHAN REPORT was the world famous congressional report on the collapse of american black family structure, the committee that created it was chaired by daniel moynahan, senator from new york and before that a world famous harvard sociologist. the report was of such importance that the new yorker magazine made it its feature article. 18 papes of 6 collum fine print, emensely dense with facts. this famous and landmark social research into the problems of black americans is not "tweets, memes.and anectdotal evidence" as you seem to think. these 2 works were in fact the intellectual underpinning of lyndon johnson"s " new society" program, the first federal attempt to elevate blact culture with money and social programs. .............. we hear nothing of these "reports" in todays media, despite the fact that BLM generated stories dominate. i also agree that "its interesting that the reports (you) cited were both repressed. i wonder why ???? " do you think thought control has arrived in the land of the free and the home of the brave? read my fellow commentators, right here, and then you tell me.

@TheoryNumber3, @Leelu .............. .odd how for some people anything beyond monosylabic confrormist grunts of agreement becomes "word salad"

@TheoryNumber3, @Leelu, @SeaGreenEyez are embarassing yourself

@holdenc98 how can three different people embarrass only one self?

I think you mean: "you are embarrassing yourselves."



@holdenc98 I called your posts "word salad" because it makes no sense. It's unreadable.

@Leelu . .............. point of order, madame chairman. we need a ruling from the continuoum on that.

@Leelu, @SeaGreenEyez ,......... # stop pontificating from your butt

@SeaGreenEyez ..........youi don't understand the workings of's posting comments


There was no corporal punishment in the schools I attended in northern NJ during the 60s and 70s.
However, I did my junior year of high school in south Florida. I was absolutely shocked to learn that "paddling" was permitted. It never happened to me, but I knew there was no way in hell I would submit to it.
I also know that if I'd have had kids, I wouldn't allow anyone to use physical punishment on them.
It's archaic, it's ignorant, it's cruel,and it's unnecessary.

What’s worse is that it implants in a young mind that violence is fine, if it’s for the right reasons. Very often the abused becomes the abuser.

@CuddyCruiser Facts!


Pennsylvania had corporal punishment when I went to school. They abolished it less than 20 years ago. All the states that still allow it are red states and mostly Southern states.

When I was in 6th grade, 4 male classmates were "swatted" in front of our class. I can still name all four and can still feel the angst that caused me.

They would've hit my kid once. That wouldn't have worked out very well for them. #justsayin. 😤

@SeaGreenEyez Some teachers had a paddle. I got paddled a couple times when I was a kid. I remember one parent made a big stink about her son getting hit and transferred him to a different teacher. Mom hit me harder than teachers would dare to. Don't get mad, but I preferred getting paddled over having to do detention.

Yea they certainly like the “Good ole’ dayz…..

@CuddyCruiser Some kids need discipline. From their parents, not from the school.

@barjoe That’s true. I myself have never been a parent though.

@CuddyCruiser Me neither. I don't think anymore than a spanking at a very young age.

I never hit my son and he turned out to be a fine adult. It's a ridiculous practice to hit children. I remember how it made me feel when I was hit.

@TheoryNumber3 My dad never hit us. My mom didn't hit me hard. She went for distance, with just cause.

@barjoe My mom went for the belt. Not often, but occasionally.

@TheoryNumber3 I raised my son violence free. He was a good kid that turned into a wonderful man. I personally see no logical reason to hit anyone, especially children (of any age.) Violence begets violence. (People spank their children out of anger or lack of knowledge of other ways to effectively parent/discipline. We should mandate that a license is required to be a parent, one must take parenting classes before having a child(rent). Too bad it doesn't work that way.) 😉

@SeaGreenEyez I completely agree with everything you said, but we live in a world where people are basically unqualified for most of the responsibilities they have.... starting with top government 🙂


My guess is that most of the 19 states are Republican. Yeah, barbaric.

You're right!

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming

you guys are acting like trained poodles. yes, they have what we need. but don't ALWAYS cave like dixie cups before steamrollers

@holdenc98 Your comment requires an explanation. What does it mean?

@yvilletom.............. i see unmerited obiessance going on toward that babe in the red coat. the same kind of obeissance weve been serving up for at least the last half million years, and that turned their thinking brain lobes into jello through disuse. we don't demand excellence from them, and we don't get it.

There’s more crime in Democrat controlled cities than anywhere else.

@Trajan61 and correlation is not causation.

@Trajan61 Per capita? or raw numbers. More people = more crime in many cases



my friend, youre joking of course. but we can't see your smile

@holdenc98 I don't think he's smiling.

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