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Question am I Agnostic? I don't believe in God or Christianity...I much rather believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy. I really don't care about Christianity or any do your thing I'll do mine...I stay away from politics too. I agree with atheist thinking but I'm not going to argue with anyone...I just stay away from it. Is there a term where you're kinda both?

Mizbecca 5 Dec 17

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Welcome to the asylum.
Enjoy your stay.

It's not necessary for you to label yourself.
Believe or disbelieve as you wish.

Besides, there are plenty of people who have no problem labeling you and everyone else.
Most of those labels are wrong anyway.

🥰 thank you


Sounds to me that you are a "Don't Carist" like me!

I don't care whether there are or aren't any gods... I live my life in the best way my conscience allows me to, with the morals and ethics I have learned from family members, teachers, literature and of course civil laws and even just modern peer pressure for what is right, wrong, acceptable and unacceptable behavior. We have plenty of guideposts for our behavior.

I don't need the church or a bible to tell me how to act in today's society, regardless of what was deemed proper and righteous thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.

If there is a god of some kind and an afterlife (which I also don't believe in) then I can be judged for my actions on their whole, not whether I followed ancient (often barbaric) rules of behavior as outlined in an ancient book, as recounted by human writers describing a most likely fictional deity who is supposedly all knowing, but who didn't even know the earth isn't flat... I think I'll still get my gold sticker for good behavior.

I identify as an agnostic, atheist, humanist, freethinker, rationalist, skeptic, and many other things, but not a theist, deist, christian and the like.

You are agnostic if you don't have 100% belief in a god. That's my understanding of the word.


Perhaps apatheist. Per Google: "An apatheist is someone who is not interested in accepting or rejecting any claims that gods exist or do not exist. The existence of a god or gods is not rejected, but may be designated irrelevant."


I don't argue or debate. I do try to make my point about something, but I have no god belief nor do I believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny. People mostly just do as they want to anyway and their beliefs are whatever they decide to believe. I am mad at Jesus because he did not bring me a pony. Wait, I think that was Santa. 🙂


Whatever you want to call yourself. It's all good.


Welcome! If you have no knowledge that any gods exist, then you are agnostic. If you have a lack of belief any gods exist, then you are an atheist.

See that's my problem I'm both

@Mizbecca then you are an agnostic atheist. It really is a thing.

@Mizbecca Atheism and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive. Perfectly fine to be both. Don’t get hung up on the terms….the endless debates on that can be worse than religion.

@Mizbecca I'm both too. A lot of us here are.


"A rose by any other name is still a rose and would smell just as sweet".


Don't worry about labels. Like I tell people when the issue comes up, I tell them, you probably call me an atheist. I don't believe in a God. I can't prove or disprove one excist or not. I personally don't believe it does, but I absolutely disagree with religion. It's just a bunch of man-made B.S. So I personally don't label myself. I'll leave that for everyone else.

Thank you 😊


By your own admission, you’re not kind of both, you’re an atheist....😉

Buck Level 7 Dec 17, 2021

As Christopher Hitchens says, admit it, you are an Atheist.

twill Level 7 Dec 18, 2021

Ok fine...🥰🤣

@Mizbecca it’s liberating when you let all the definitions go


Yes, wishy washy.


To me it’s not about what I’d rather believe. It’s about what’s true.I’ve never seen any evidence for a god, so I’m an atheist. I know there’s no way to prove there’s not some god living on another planet somewhere, so since I have no way of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m also agnostic.

So you're an Atheist on earth and an Agnostic when you are on other planets ?

@twill Nope. Both right here on Earth...

@twill I don’t know where that question came from. I was saying there may be something we’d describe as a “god” in some other part of the universe. There’s no way to prove there’s not, so I’m agnostic. But since I don’t believe there are, I’m also atheist.


Ask yourself a question: 'Am I agnostic about all gods ever created by humans, and I mean equally agnostic about all?' If your answer is that you just don't believe in all those thousands of gods, then just throw in the god you just happened to be born into and call yourself an atheist. People might disagree with you, but they cannot say that your position inconsistent. Just a suggestion.

I really don't give a damn one way or the other and don't want it pushed on me. My stance is no one knows the truth just like's all opinions. I know atheism makes more sense and I'd rather be grateful for the blessings of life every minute than stress about it. I told a guy on a dating site (it was Sunday morning and he said 'Well ain't you going to church?'😉 that Jesus, the bible, heaven don't excite me. What excites me is the sunrise and sunset, new blooms on my plants, my , and my pets.

@Mizbecca ok, it's just that your post begins with a question about your position, like you were thinking about it.

@David1955 sorry I didn't mean to come across as hostile...I really am confused about it all.

@Mizbecca Confused? We all are…kinda like a dog , just gotta circle around it a bit ‘till you find your comfy spot.

@Mizbecca Woah, just like politics? There are some political positions that are patently false, like trickle down economics. We know that's total bullshit.


To me I'd describe you as "don't know, don't care". A lot of people fit into that category. As for me I"m an atheist plain and simple. I do not believe in God(s).


I hate using either term. Why should anyone make labels about believing in a fantasy. No one describes themselves as not believing in Santa, the Great pumpkin or the Easter bunny.



Regarding politics:

If you don't want a seat at the table, you'll be on the menu.


You will never find a consensus on this site for the definitions of 'atheist' and 'agnostic'. You can listen to others' explanations but then you'll have to make up your own mind how you want to use those terms. The downside of that is that others still won't know what you mean when you use them. It's really quite silly we can't have solidified definitions, though.
As for me, I believe that 'atheist' describes what you believe and 'agnostic' deals with what you can know. They explain two different things and thus, aren't mutually exclusive. I am an agnostic because I can't know whether or not a god exists, but I'm an atheist because I do not personally believe in any gods.
I have met agnostic Christians before as well (the only logical way to be a Christian if you ask me).

Christians cannot be agnostic since they believe Jesus is the son of god ... the basis of the religion ... whether anyone one can "know" anything is moot....

@Macjazz This is precisely what I was taking about. We will never reach a consensus on the definitions. Maybe how you define 'atheist' and 'agnostic' (some flimsy definitions I've heard claim agnosticism is a 'watered down' version of atheism, is that you?) that would be the case, but from everything I've read and the multitude of sources I've checked, my above definitions make the most sense.

Here is just a tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of resources that agree with me and disagree with you, all from just the first page of responses from the Google search: what's the difference between atheist and agnostic








@Macjazz Man, this doesn't even seem to be a 'who could be right' situation, I actually haven't found any sources that support your claim. Do you have any you could share because there seem to be countless that support my definitions.

@JeffMurray it has been over half a century since I bothered my head with these sorts of questions.... such a poor use of time...

@Macjazz Bro, you're the one that interjected and told me I was wrong. Now all of a sudden it's a waste of time when there's a shit ton of evidence you don't know what the fuck you're talking about?


Not believing = Agnostic or Atheist. Not wanting to discuss it does not affect the lack of belief.

I am an Atheist, however I do not try to convince anyone about that thinking.


I consider myself atheist when it comes to any and all man-made God claims, but agnostic of any "higher power". I doubt any such higher being exists but to say it's impossible would be disingenuous. If it doesn't or can't follow the laws of physics then I generally disregard it. Just my point of view.

Tejas Level 7 Dec 17, 2021

Why disingenuous? That in itself is denying your belief in evidence or lack thereof.

@Mofo1953 because I don't pretend to be a know it all

It’s not a matter of knowing it all, it’s your understanding of the evidence or lack of evidence before you.
I suspect most, if not all on this site would change their position if actual evidence that a god existed was presented. But even if it was, that’s still a long way from tying it to any specific religion. Since it hasn’t happened in thousands of years, i choose not to hold my breath….

@Tejas canndue said it well, besides since when did not believing in bullshit and crap became "know it all" in your mind?

@Mofo1953 saying with 100 percent certainty that their is no higher being is at best naive. I don't deal with absolutes in any form.

@Tejas really? Why? Because you say so? Here's an absolute for you , those who write their when they should have written there are at best dumb and at worst uneducated, deal with that absolute. Also deal with this: all gods and all religions are creations from feeble human minds, all of them, 100%, therefore man made, not one single god is a deity by definition as they were created by imbeciles who used god to replace I don't know why this exists, ergo god made it. It is of course ok not to know something, we are all ignorant of something, that ignorance does not mean I will create this fake entity to say this happens because gods made it. Only a moron would say that. Reality is absolute, the earth is round, deal with that absolute. But according to you you can't accept that absolute fact. Spare me from your idiotic cliches.

@Mofo1953 I never said God did anything quite the opposite actually. I know the difference between there and their phone corrects to one of the two and I don't always care to fix it. I think you should re-read what I typed, I never made any claims of any gods existing.

@Tejas good to see you completely chickened out of your narrow minded idiocy that "can't say there's a higher power" so you realized the truth and now you say you "never claimed gods existed." Wow, I guess chicken shit is not just chickens defecating but walking back on your expressly said beliefs. Anyway, who gives a fuck about wishy washy pooping poultry.

@Mofo1953 I haven't changed any of my statements. Do you have problems reading? I know comprehension may be an issue for you but you'll be okay. Try brushing those chicken shit stained teeth. Your teeth should be one of your top priorities. Your smile reflects more about yourself than you'd think.

@Tejas right, you never said what you said, a texan coward, look in the mirror asshole.

@Mofo1953 you're a little sensitive huh. Next time we communicate I'll use softer language.

@Tejas sure, fuck you too.


IMO, an atheist is convinced there is no God (or gods), while an agnostic leaves the door open for something beyond humanity. I am a religious, non-theist, humanist because I enjoy the community and learning opportunities of my UU congregation, I don’t believe in higher powers, and I believe humans have inherent goodness (even though we screw up so often).

UUNJ Level 8 Dec 18, 2021

From where do you believe the inherent goodness of humans comes from?
Evolutionarily we've had selfishness and greed bred into us for literally billions of years. If you don't belive in higher powers, what is the intervening force that overrides our evolution and makes us inherently good??

@JeffMurray I disagree with your premise that humans are bred to be greedy and selfish.

@UUNJ what is 'bred' into us is the need to survive ...the rest is machinations .... I think JeffMurray confuses these things

@UUNJ You're thinking of it like breeders breed dogs, with intention, for the purposes of changing the dog's appearance or temperament. This is not what is meant in the realm of evolutionary biology. There is no intention or puppet master. Simply put, things that provide an advantage are passed on to successive generations. So it is not my premise that humans are bred to, it is billions of years of evolution that has blindly dictated that at the genetic level, greed and selfishness are winning traits. What's readily apparent, however, is that humans have an extraordinary ability to harness the power of selfishness and greed to consume and destroy like no other species ever has on this planet. It may be an uncomfortable realization, but I don't really see how anyone can deny this with any level of intellectual honesty.


Agnostic means "Skeptical." So long as you question whatever label you fall into, or even just open to consider questions, you are an Agnostic. I think there's a difference between questioning and feeling comfortable with an idea, though. If it compliments most of your thoughts and harms nobody then go for it.

Thank you 🥰


You be your own God and believe in yourself. I am not implying you should take up an irrational notion that you can hop off the ground, magically transform and turn into a plate full helping of pasta in the sky with meatballs.

I am not implying that you should do like Masonic lodge secret religion racist devil worshipper European invador governmental terrorist and think you are better than everyone else and do things to oppression or hate on others.

Think freely, no need to be an illogical atheist, be a God yourself, does not mean you have to go around with "I am a God" sign on your name badge. Know yourself, know what you can and cannot do and believe in yourself for what you know you can do.

Otherwise, if you don't know how to "argue ", for sure nothing wrong with avoiding it and telling people you are "agnostic" (implying you do not know if their style of god exist) rather than tell them you consider yourself a style of god and believe in yourself.

Word Level 8 Dec 17, 2021

Thanks...I'm a year and a half out of a divorce and in the middle of this weird and interesting and sometimes painful self discovery.

@Mizbecca Sometimes it can be a tough journey. Many of us started religious, saw the fallacy, then researched/joined another religion, saw the fallacy , rinse and repeat.. for me, peace came when I stopped the search and simply became an atheist.

@Mizbecca Or you can recognize that you are not a "style of god" as that is nonsense. You are a cog in a pointless machine that accidentally got turned on in a tiny corner of the universe that doesn't matter at all. Starting there really helps keep a lot of other shit in check.

@JeffMurray @Mizbecca Jeff Murry says,"... cog in a pointless machine that accidentally got turned on in a tiny corner of the universe that doesn't matter at all."

What does matter is the fact we do exist, at least for now. Realistly, is every person going to be a "Rock star God", a basketball God Michael Jordon, Kit Carson or Daniel Boone? No.

Debate over nomenclature, what names we call things is all that is at core issues of the opposition for atheism. To say simply, call everyone a God, human and homo sapian and it eliminates the position of atheism that no gods exist.

God, and/or Deity is more attributed to things of greatness (some greatness in evils) Nonetheless there is always the hope of "Good".

If someone goes to doing such as good-great things as helping widows and orphans, having care and compassion for humanity, or simply treating neighbors with dignify and respect: these kinds of things is not going to cause a reaction by other people to say, "look at the good and wonderful things this person is doing, they must ne an atheist ". No one's going to say that it was atheim that caused such goodness or greatness.

Forsure, a person can carry the label of god or atheist and do good and wonderful things, but it isn't either label that makes them good or great.

Kit Carson and Daniel Boone are recognized American Deity. Carson remembered as an icon of the frontiersman days of the American West.

Daniel Boone is most well known for being one of the "trailblazers" of American history. []

And, being apart of the reproductive process such as creating children, is more an attribute for what people do as creators, as gods that bringeing about new life. Simply wearing a label of "atheist" isn't creating anything but drama and debate.


There's so many things wrong with that post (not including the horrific grammar and typos that make it difficult to make sense of on their own) that I simply can't begin to invest time now to point them out.

@Mizbecca I am not trying to sound like a "Religious zealot " and say you must accept being called God, human and homo sapian. No, I understand the "argument and arguing" that goes on from atheist. I understand your statement that you are not interested in the drama and debate. This is something just for thought mostly to easily eliminate the "title of atheist".

Here is a good video from a popular scientist that explains why he goes with "agnostic ".

@JeffMurray why would you send me a video that ends with "...may God have mercy on your soul"?

@Word Yup, that was the proper takeaway...


You're what is called a "troll"

Why am I a troll. I'm real...I'm not catfishing anyone

@Mizbecca You've made a statement here which much of academia would define as an argument. "That you would rather believe in The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, or Santa Claus."
I would define it as trolling because it appears to me you are trying to get a reaction from people. Or maybe you're trying to find others whom agree with you?
People believe in God for similar reasons. You might find the imaginary figures you mentioned to bring forth more fruit than that of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or Yaweh. And they probably do so with much less complexity. They were created for "children" were they not? It's most likely a brainwashing attempt to get people ready for making sense of how imaginary figures have such a great power over so many people - and not to question it so good things will come your way.
Obviously this is somewhat foolish - but a way of our world.

@robman I was simply trying to get different opinions and try to understand both terms better. I accomplished I actually believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny no but I love the joy it brings to people without the fear of persecution.... interestingly I've really thought about it since I joined this sight and Jesus and Santa both have naughty lists... Santa just gives coal instead of sending a soul to hell.
I'm new at all this and haven't once argued with anyone. You are the only negative response I have received... which really bothered me and hurt my feelings.

@Mizbecca Hell is a place God created for the fallen angels. Not for bad humans to go when they die.
For me, I see "The Law" or the government as being more intrusive than a religious person. People actually make it their jobs to put bad people in jail and judge. But I would say there are significantly more people against religion than the law.
I wonder why this is? My inclination is to think that most atheist people were hurt by a religious idiot for no good reason. But atheists and Christians are both equally as guilty. They both argue a subject in which they never have put any discipline in studying. Kind of like politicial people who decide what to care about at any given moment based on what major media is projecting into their living rooms. Overall, I just see a bunch of people who were bred to blindly argue over subjects which does not concern them in any way.
If people are suffering some kind of psychological abuse from a religious, atheist, or political nut, this is truly a pity. I do my best to try and avoid these people at all cost, and do my best to achieve a correct understanding in otherwise complex subject matter, and to seek out people who do the same. Or at least people who can humbly say that is not their prerogative to learn or care about such things.
It is not my intententions to hurt anybody feelings. But I do find this website full of biased against theology. Which any true "atheist" should have a deep understanding of.

@robman What if theology is just...oh, fucking bullshit?

@Mizbecca My friends son, when he was young said to him " Dad I like Easter better than Christmas, because the bunny isn't judgemental"

@twill I love that 💖💖💖💖

@Mizbecca Now that I remember the story better his actual words were ..."the bunny doesn't judge."


You should fit in well here and find a lot of people who agree with most of that.


You're going to Hell. 😮

There's almost a song in there.

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