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When was God born?

When did man first create God?

Do you think inception occurred when sapiens first learned how to communicate?

Was it even before this when our animal instincts were influenced by elements of weather, astral bodies, or geological activity?

August1 6 Feb 13

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My thought is that gods were likely first dreamed up with the first story-tellers, and likely changed with the times and the geographic location over generations, but sadly the ones that stuck took hold with the printed word, since once it's set in stone or on paper, it seems to become "truth" and "sacred" where stories are just stories, myths and legends are for entertainment and education about human nature, faults and heroism.

A god is born into the head of each child (or adult) to whom the myth is drilled in as truth, every day. It stays "relevant" only by people talking about it, making laws respecting the "God" and offering holidays celebrating the god of the various religions.

Various cultures had their own creation stories and myths to try to make sense of the world around them. For example, the "gods" and "demi-gods" of the polynesian culture are sacred in that there are stories that are old and ancient, so should be revered as history, but nobody thinks these gods are real in this day and age, nor think they really offer supernatural powers, any more than a totem or charm gives someone courage by reminding a person of their strength. They are seen more as historical myths that helped to shape a culture and helps us make sense of how people thought way back then.

It's definitely time for a new story for this world. Maybe one that unites all the religions into one harmonious multi-cultural all inclusive one world kind of mindset.

I think I love your answer the most!


On the tongue of the best story teller at different times and places.

A dramatic tale that answers all of life’s questions, delivered by a charismatic leader. An all to common recipe for suffering.

ANCIENT horrible story teller INDEED ...... when few words were spoken more often chants and threats acted out against women raped or giving birth or fever deliriums and war whooping to go kill steal and rape


James George Frazer in his seminal work The Golden Bough sugests that there is good reason to think priests actually came about before gods.
Priests were the original meteorologist and scientists who noticed the patterns of nature and so could be seen as Rain makers, predictors of the the seasons and weather and knew when the animal prey would come back after hibernation.
Sometimes their would be a freak weather pattern and their predictions would be wrong in such cases they needed a scapegoat and that was an angry god, who was displeased and so was withholding bounty until atonement was made, by organised worship and sacrifice, so long as it was not of the priest.


Just a thought...

Maybe it began when communities started to emerge and socialize, and a fairytale was first used to explain the unexplainable. I can imagine a child asking "why" and having no rational answer then one was made up. I can also imagine that when these stories became popular and spread then someone recognizing an opportunity claimed to have communication with whatever deity in the story of the time and used it to comfort and control the community. Pretty much the same way as witches and demons became an excepted part of society.

Fear of the unknown can create panic and unrest, giving it a name and purpose can go a long way in creating a calm acceptance specifically when there were no facts or evidence to argue against it.

Believing in something was better than the fear created by not knowing.

Betty Level 8 Feb 13, 2022



When we started asking “WHY”. Maybe a father eventually got frustrated with his 4 year old son asking questions.
Why is the sky blue?
Why does the moon have phases?
Why Why Why!
“Because god said so. Now, get back to work!”


The 1st time a question occurred that there was no answer . God is the go to solution to everything. Sort of a default position.

That is sorta true the last few centuries of anthropology controlled by the Vatican


Probably quite late, in that most early religion was animistic and gave personality to things, but did not conceive of gods as distinct form the things themselves. Gods as such, probably came on to the scene only at about the same time a collective cultures on a large scale appeared. While the idea of a monotheist god did not even exist in, for example, the earliest versions of the Old Testament, much before five or six hundred BCE. If you read the OT you can still find traces of the earlier polytheism, such as references to, our god, as though he was still one of many. Which is also about the same time that the polytheistic Greeks and Romans began to speculate about a philosophical metaphorical mono-god behind the polytheism, as an ideal.


I believe we were influenced by everything and had no way of explaining things. God gave us a way of knowing and explaining when we did not know.


I’m pretty old but I wasn’t around then, but If I remember correctly man 1st started creating art at least 70k years ago? In my opinion this capacity for abstract thought would enable them to conceive of a greater being or purpose.


as soon as someone dreamed him up?


27th of April 1972.


I have often wondered about the massive amount of unpublished material on Koko the gorilla and if religion as a topic was ever broached. Koko did discuss death, very unwillingly, as just darkness. Something like that could give us an idea of our ancestors.

Discussed this with my daughter, we thought it amazing and conjectured that could religion of sorts exist in other animals.
Since we cannot see through their mind's eye, we are unable to answer this.

Koko is smarter than most, and especially Mormons!


When Akhenaten came to power: []

True, the Amarna heresy is the first historically noteworthy monotheistic religion


not yet.

edit: When some single sliver of consciousness came to recognize another and be aware of them even in their absence we gained the capacity to lay blame anywhere. probably lots of stuff.


I don't know when god was born. I've said this before; "I' was born when god-dude was a teenager.


When no one was looking.




Depends on whether we’re talking about gods or God. Gods of various types were probably conceived before humans developed language hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Monotheism may have begun as far back as the 14th century BC.



skado Level 9 Feb 13, 2022

The best religious con-job was done by the Christians with their invisible god- and only the devout could understand and see their god. Anderson, with his story of, "The Emperor's New Clothes" , had it right; it took an unindoctrinated kid to see, that the Emperor was sitting bare assed.


An indoctrinated kid?

@skado Yes, another typo. I put the "un" in front of "indoctrinated".


Which one?


When was human consciousness born?


November 4, 1952 of the Common Era.

"Never ask a woman her age!"

@anglophone why not?

@Gwendolyn2018 If she is under 50, she is too young, and if she over 49 she is too old. 😉

I thought that might be the answer, but I would never ask.

@anglophone damn. At 69, I should be dead!

@Gwendolyn2018 No way, you have many years ahead. If things get really bad remember I need a king-sized many colored quilt, to keep for you.

@dalefvictor I keep swearing that I will never make another king sized!

@Gwendolyn2018 I would not expect one from you, you have too many other people around you who are more deserving. But I can bug you about it, just cause.

@dalefvictor there are few people to whom I give quilts. I have several I rotate on my bed, I have two spare bedrooms, and the rest are in cedar chests. Maybe someday I will try to sell them, but too busy with school now.


Probably the first time one human discovered they could control another human by talking them into fearing a fictional monster.

Deb57 Level 8 Feb 13, 2022

No other species has a gawd, and we are all under the same skies, so, nothing except fear.


Which one?

Hey, I can't count that high!


When the first homo sapiens saw lightening, heard thunder or experienced any natural occurring phenomenon.

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