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LINK Supreme Court says death-row inmate entitled to pastor’s touch at execution - The Washington Post

The Supreme Court on Thursday boosted the religious rights of death row inmates, ruling 8 to 1 in favor of a Texas murderer who wants his Baptist pastor to touch him and pray aloud at the time of his execution.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the majority that the rights of John Henry Ramirez were protected by federal law and that Texas could accommodate his requests without compromising the lethal injection process. The lone dissenter was Justice Clarence Thomas, who wrote a lengthy description of Ramirez’s crime in his opinion.

snytiger6 9 Mar 24

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I wonder if they choose electrocution as the manner of the execution if the pastor will lay his hands on him, and put his faith that god will spare him as the condemned dies.πŸ€”


That goes to show priests enjoy fondling people of all types... 🀣🀣🀣🀣


Oh really, so the rights of MURDERING Bastard outweigh those of the victim/s and their family/families SIMPLY because the Murdering Son of a Mange-ridden Gutter-mongrel wants to die with some Con-Merchant whispering magical, mystical religious hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo as he/she of yet another breath of oxygen that someone far more decent, humane, caring and productive to the whole of humanity could make better use of ..
Instead rid the Universe of TWO pieces of useless TRASH and giving them both the Permanent Dreaming solution at the same time.

Your prose deserves an award of some kind.

@yvilletom The MTG Award for Incomprehensible Language in an Internet Post

@Paul4747 What, having trouble understanding my comments because I am from Australia and NOT the United States of Absurdity?
You DO realize that both your so-called American English and my Australia English came from EXACTLY the same root-stocks don't you?
Oh, and as an after-thought, did NO-ONE ever tell that jealousy is a curse and that the emptier the vessel, the greater the noise.
Oh, and please do have a very nice day as well @Paul4747.


So everybody has religious rights except people on death row. Must have been a real toss-up for Thomas, supporting religion or supporting punishing people. I guess he believes in that OT God who just smites people, not so much the compassionate, love-thy-neighbors angle.

I always wonder why Justice Thomas will vote for religious right for everyone except black people. Only he is entitled to white privilege as a black person.


I can't stand C.T. never should even been aloud to be a S.C. justice in the first place. His wife is a piece of crap as well. Two people I wouldn't of mind seen taken out by covid.


Is the inmate going to be electrocuted because then it is sort of two birds one stone.

Now I would pay REAL money to watch that event, a Murdering Scum-bucket and a Scam-artist Religious Preacher getting the socks of their lives at EXACTLY the same time.


I'm sure the pastor has done all kinds of touching. Maybe Ramirez can cry at the right moments and then be assured he is entering Heaven real soon. How nice would that be? Maybe we could simply strap him in and tell him he s going on a ride at Disneyland..


the religious are overly eager with their touching

Yes, especially in areas on the personages of others where they should NEVER touch and ESPECIALLY when it comes to their Holy-joes and Altar Boys, etc, etc.


Why not.
If he lives through it, we’ll see how strong god is.
If he dies, we see how weak god is.

I’ll be accepting all bets. $100 minimum.


Isn't Thomas dead soon?


I wonder if other kinds of touching will be also allowed...can't wait to hear about them.


The inmate likes wasting time in last hours of life.


Thomas is a fuck nut on everything. As long as they let Muslim/ other religions in states like Alabama thar only allow their xtion minister to be there, I really don't have much of a care. I don't support the death penalty anyway.


So he loses his right to be alive but has a right to religious ceremony during his killing. How humane of us. Just gets me that they can take away a persons right to exist yet argue about the rights at the time of the killing. Seems ridiculous to me.

Death is about the living. Their feelings, and conscious, need to be soothed.


Too bad Texas doesn’t use the electric chair! πŸ˜‚

And, the rev has to wear steal toed shoes for safety.

I was going to post the same.
Good thing I read through the comments first.

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