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What's the one thing your boyfriend/girlfriend does that makes it so easy to fall in love with them?

I have only been in love twice and I married both of the women. They were both so easy to talk to with no awkward pauses. Spontaneity, laughter, intelligent conversations, and a willingness to provide truthful details about their past and present.

ebdb 7 Apr 25

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Thoughtfulness and sweetness... It's the little things that that say 1) you're on my mind and 2) I get you.




Integrity, I like someone who has principles and stands up for them. My wife has gotten in trouble many times when she felt management or customers were treating her more submissive, young or impressionable coworkers unfairly.


Thoughtfulness ?


See me as I really am, still be interested and supportive...
Never had that before...
I only hope I reciprocate close to as fairly to him.


Cook a great meal


Can't explain it. They just "get" me and it feels like they have my back, and vice-versa on both those counts.


Intelligence, adventurousness and kindness are key but I have to be honest and admit that physical beauty is the first stepping stone for me, I'm shallow that way but at least I am honest about it.


I've a hideous crush on someone like this ^^^right now. Circumstances are preventing it from escalating unfortunately(attached, not married or engaged). His kindness, ability to express nuances and be honest put me on the ceiling. Wish I had the gift of being able to cover every nook and cranny in matters the way he does.
Oh well... I hate poachers and refuse to be one. Our personal fan club remains intact however.

@maturin1919 hfs this thread is like almost 9 months old.
Well I was sucked into the "sales job" phase. Ever'things alllllll difernt noaw.

@maturin1919 no worries! 🙂


Being considerate


Loyalty,Respect, Honestly.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 25, 2018

Good conversation and laughter. I have to laugh.

that about covers it for me. and enjoying being outdoors

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