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LINK Christian hate-preacher calls for the execution of 'every single homosexual'

In a series of increasingly disturbing statements in a sermon on Sunday, Christian hate-preacher Dillon Awes of Stedfast Baptist Church in Texas said all gay people in the United States should be charged with crimes, tried, and executed. (It’s not the first time this church has endorsed execution.) He also claimed they were all either pedophiles or pedophiles-in-waiting. And then, also without evidence, he accused them of committing school shootings and celebrating those tragedies.

snytiger6 9 June 8

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I left Christianity 5 years ago and one of the greatest things about leaving is that I don’t judge people anymore. I may not agree with someone but I can respect their opinion and coexist peacefully with them . Christians cannot do that. This guy is the typical Christian pastor I grew up around and i can’t believe how ignorant it sounds now.


Ahhh...Christianity...the religion of LOVE...smfh. What is AMAZING is that they get to spew this crap...AND THEY GET TO DO IT TAX FREE...WTF


Gosh ... there go most of the hate preachers ...


Safest place for a pedophile is in a church

twill Level 7 June 8, 2022

Especially the Catholic Church


Dillon Awes is a dangerous malevolent idiot.


Surely the police should be involved there.

Public hate speech, yes.

@MizJ Possibly and most PROPABLY would not happen since all any Preacher needs do is to state that he/she was merely doing Gods work and giving a sermon inspired by God.

@Triphid I believe you are correct, however I think the reason would be that the Prosecutor would be hesitant to file charges unless someone acted on his words. If the preacher could be tied to a violent act that the sermon instigated being prosecuted would be more likely. At the county and state level in the US most prosecutors are elected, bringing charges against a preacher might hinder their re-election.

@MizJ Yes and such being the sad and deplorable state of justice in the U.S. you may well be 100% correct.

@Triphid The system is very uneven when viewed along racial and socioeconomic lines. Our mass incarceration is deplorable.


If the Christo-fascists get a hold of this country as they plan, you can expect to see this carried out. But not just to gays, but Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Asians... Whatever it takes to bring back White predominance. This is no secret. They are taking over NOW!!!

Atheists too, eventually


What an asshole. What a moron. Really. Ugh!


Atrocious behavior

bobwjr Level 10 June 8, 2022

What's funny is how many of these publicly gay-hating men turn out to be closet cases. Projection much?


Hate is catching, for some reason I hate him.


I thought it would be useful to see the ugly face of Dillon Awes.

Yeah, he got beat with the ugly stick..

Thanks, you made my day 😑

He's just a boy

He looks like a hateful asshole!


Just another obstructionist regressive republican fascist MAGA death cult member!!!

These fascists all want to kill in cold blood any one or any group that opposes them or who they do not like!!!


Since, Texas is so anti everything that pertains to things that are different than the bs there use to, that dont' surprise me.


He should be arrested for hate speech and threats of violence against others.

Calling for violence is definitely illegal but hate speech is not.

@Tejas Actually, it is.

@KKGator can you show me proof of that

@Tejas JFC, dude. You've got internet access. Google it. I'm not going to do your due diligence for you.
Educate yourself.

@KKGator []. [] literally every link I looked at said hate speech is protected under the first amendment. Not that I didn't already know that, which is why I tried to tell you. Maybe get off your high horse and educate yourself you won't say such foolish things in the future.

@Tejas SCOTUS has made the definition of hate speech very narrow, this is true.
However, in this case, this preacher called for violence to be done.
Calling for the execution of gay people is hate speech, and in this case, is a clear violation of the law.

@KKGator yes calling for violence against anyone is a crime. Calling for the execution of a people is by itself a crime, motive is irrelevant.


We taxpayers should not be required to fund his hate. Tax the motherfucker!


What I would like to do to this 'person' is unmentionable and unprintable.

That could be interpreted in different ways.

@jlynn37 Oh, well, it depends on the person interpreting it. 😀


Someone is obviously nuts and full of hate. It's horrible, but not surprising, that he is a minister..

I would think that his being a minister is the reason he is obviously nuts and full of hate, (as per biblical teachings).

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