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LINK US Supreme Court Strikes Down Landmark Abortion Decision Roe v. Wade | Twitter

Motherfuckers Did It. Six Catholic Imposed Their Religious Beliefs on 330M People.

barjoe 9 June 24

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We knew this was coming with those six Catholics on the court.

I guess I am lucky, that when I had to have my second abortion because of the fetus being deformed, with the heart and lungs growing outside of the body cavity, that I am not a young woman today with this problem. Today I would be forced to carry that pregnancy even though my doctor said it would kill me and the fetus wasn’t going to survive anyway.

I am so fucking angry I could scream that this has happened to women in this country. We are nothing but incubators according to these religious fucking assholes. Here I am back in this fucking state of Texas too! I will find a way to help any woman I can to leave this fucking state to get an abortion if she needs one. I don’t have much but I will certainly try and help anyone I can.

I'm sorry that your country is so damaged and troubled. I assumed that the US Spureme Court be an independent institution like the UK Supreme Court, but obviously that's not the case.

To say this is infuriating would be an understatement. When Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in we knew it would only be a matter of time. Bastards!!

We hear you, sister.

@Ryo1 No, it is not the case now with the six Catholics on the court. I think we are in for a world of hurt from here on out with the six religious fundamentalists taking away rights. Next will be birth control, then gay rights, then gay marriage, it will go on and on. These people seem bound and determined to turn this country into a theocracy.

Senators Joe Manchin and Susan Collins are so disappointed.

@Sierra4 Too little too late! As if they couldn't see what would happen. Any conservative determined to over turn roe v. wade, and up for consideration to be a Supreme Court Justice is going to lie about their true intent when questioned about it. Doesn't take much brains to figure that one out.

@RhondaShotwell TY Susan Collins (Dumbest bitch on earth. Dumber than RBG)

People should start moving to states where their rights are upheld. I would never live in Mississippi or Montana! Not even Texas. They will be trying to bring back slavery next. Watch...

@twill RBG was smart!

@RhondaShotwell yes, she was smart and should have used that smart brain of hers and retired when Obama could have replaced her. Now look at the handmaid bitch we have to deal with!


This is bullshit.

I will help any woman circumvent the laws of her state in any way I can.
Whatever it takes.

Women should never be forced incubators for any reason.

KKGator Level 9 June 24, 2022

We do need a revolution in the USA: a revolt by women who are mad as hell and are not going to take it any longer.


Voting matters. This is the result of Trump being president for four disasterous years. Fuck you Trump, fuck you assholes who voted for him and fuck you shitheads who did not vote in that election allowing Trump to get elected.

Liberals don't vote. This is what Ya get

Yep! And Trump is why we have the impotent Biden now. Because we would have voted for a fucking turnip rather than Trump.


We have stepped back in time several centuries. Alas, Babylon.

And, The Handmaids Tale.

@RhondaShotwell yes. My heart grieves and I am pissed. I am almost 70 and this decision does not involve me personally, but it is a strike against women--put us in our damned places, barefoot and pregnant.



Mooolah Level 8 June 24, 2022

Centuries ago, the Catholic Inquisition targeted women as witches and put them to death. One segment who were particularly persecuted were midwives and herbalists. Midwives were targeted because they also performed abortions. Herbalists not only dispensed herbs that could stimulate a miscarriage, but they also dispensed birth control (however effective it was or wasn't). Both also counseled women on ways to avoid becoming pregnant. Sex, the old sin, was only sanctioned with the intent to cause pregnancy, so having sex without this intent was a sin.

The Protestants were no better; Martin Luther said it was of no consequence if women died in childbirth as giving birth was why they were put on Earth.

Women have been turned into witches again; the form of persecution and punishment have not changed much.

The US never even ratified the Equal Rights Amendment!

@MizJ thanks for adding that!

@Gwendolyn2018 You're welcome. And fuck Phyllis Schlafly. For those that don't know she was an anti-ERA activist.

@MizJ I well know who she was--she didn't die soon enough before trying to set back women by hundreds of years.

@Gwendolyn2018 I figured you would be aware of her and her evil anti-women deeds. A few years ago I asked a 20 something woman if she knew who Gloria Steinem was and I got a blank stare. The generation of women younger than us seem to know little of feminist history is why I added that.


I've known it was coming for some time, but I still can't believe it actually happened.


The fascist Christian Nationalists have been maneuvering this day for decades now. Not just on the Federal level, but in the states as well. Trump was the culmination of their effort, a far Right, Catholic Supreme Court majority, willing to overturn decades of human rights decisions! This is just the beginning. Separation of church and state, gay marriage, inter racial marriage, sexual equality, Title IX, voting rights will all be on the chopping block, thanks to Right Wing majority state legislatures. Hell, I would not be surprised to see the emancipation proclamation come before them at this point. With the gerrymandered and election laws being passed in so many states, digging out of this quagmire will, if at al possible, take decades! History is a series of small advances and severe reversals for progressives. Advanced cultures being destroyed by mongrel hoards is a human tradition that is unlikely to change. Our brief moment in the sun may be coming to its conclusion.

As I wrote in my comment, alas, Babylon.


This Court is DANGEROUS...if Biden doesn't PACK this court...this is going to snowball downhill from here...smfh...problem is, Biden is OLD AND TIRED and I doubt he has any fight left in him...this is BAD.

Biden was just the anybody but Trump vote. That is the only reason he is President. We need someone else to run who isn't afraid to go to war with these religious nut jobs. Biden should have started packing the court already but the old fart can barely stay awake.

@Shaggy2018 ABSOLUTELY...we all felt like it was Biden or we are FUCKED. Biden was NOBODIES first choice. Don't know who in the Democratic pack of idiots has the brains to fight the GQP toe to toe though. We need new JFK...I don't see anyone even REMOTELY close. If we DONT find a way to relight people's BRAINS...there will be some serious shit going down in the streets I fear. This country is at a breaking point... emotions are as tight as a piano string and they are getting close to a breaking point. This SCOTUS BS may be the last straw.



bobwjr Level 10 June 24, 2022

Marriage Equality is next.

Yep, Clarence Thomas is now wanting to reverse the rulings on contraceptives, and gay marriage.

@RhondaShotwell Contraceptives I don’t understand. Maybe get rid of all medications. If you have diabetes, cancer, or heart disease , well it’s all god’s will.


Welcome to the new U.S.A. Our liberties being taken away 1at a time. Won't be surprised if the vote against womens right to vote. Then interracial marriage, and then gay rights and so on and so forth. Not necessarily it this order but all gone.

Clarence Thomas is now talking about reversing the ruling on contraceptives, and gay marriage. 😟

@RhondaShotwell yeah I seen that. I don't think they should have the right to decide what 2 consenting adults do in the privacy of there house. They want to control all aspects of our lives. Guns and churches have more rights than us, especially women. They want to control what women can and can't do.


So why is it fine for these imbeciles to shit on precedent but wrong of Biden to also shit on precedent and load the Supreme court with enough justices so the left has a majority? Just need 4 more.


Free protest materials for downloading


Republicans be like

Brilliant song, and so very true of repubs!


Washington Post updates



Body Autonomy!


Most of us that see or read news knew this was coming. What I do not understand is the Supreme Court acting on its own to take something away that has been with us for 50 years. People have bitched about Roe v Wade off and on because of that one word -- abortion. We let them get away with terms like about clinic, abortion doctor, etc. This leaves most of the right believing women used abortion rather than birth control pills. The far right does not even believe in birth control pills. This is all a big sham that will come back to bite them in the ass. It is also one big strike against women's healthcare and a woman's right to choose and have control of her own body. Let's be honest. This does not make abortion go away. It makes abortion go undercover without capable care.

Listening to it all on PBS today one authority claimed that Roe v Wade was not part of our Constitution and did it in such a way as to claim that makes the decision valid. I thought he was avoiding the questions.

The Supreme Court is supposed to be "infallible." If one court reverses the decision of an earlier court, seems that there is a lot of room for fallibility there.


So you got the DeLorean to go up to 88 miles per hour and take you back in time!!!


I expect this to back fire spectacularly on them by making more women question their religious affiliations with how their bodily autonomy is being taken away from them by religious wackos.

To bad these "justices" did not get aborted...

... the American Taliban is in full force...

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