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LINK Biden White House cheers 'red ripple' as Republicans underperform midterm forecasts | Reuters

(As Biden has an approval rating in the low to mid 40's, it would appear that voter really didn't like what republicans were saying.)

WASHINGTON, Nov 9 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden had plenty to enjoy as midterm election results came in, even though his Democrats could lose control of Congress.

Republicans may eke out a narrow majority in the House and the Senate is still up for grabs with key races in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada undecided.

But that is all better-than-expected news for the White House. ...

snytiger6 9 Nov 9

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A ripple is still a win for them. Just not one with as major an implication. They play the long game so will further chip away at it.


The initial projection was that the republicans will take the Congress and not accomplish much beyond that based on the candidates up this time around.

Republicans are pretty well set for congress, they took out a few governor’s positions, a lot of more local seats, and the senate isn’t a done deal yet.

Given that most things have to pass through Congress before taken up by the Senate, the senate should be held to little more than confirmations for the next few years and less overreach will make it through.

Republicans did lost control of some state legislatures, and democrats flipped a couple governor seats as well.

Still, we probably won't know the house outcome for sure until Friday night. Georgia is doing a runoff for the Senate seat, as although the democrat got more votes, neither got more than 50%, which in that state automatically creates a run off.

All in all, I think it was a win in a way for both parties. Democrats didn't lose as many seats as expected, despite Biden's low approval numbers, and republicans got evidence that Trump is now more toxic than positive, and may actually fix some of the damage he has done to their party.


I think his straight talking has done well for the party. I created some hate but his results were still record breaking.
DeSantis is is very similar but more forward thinking before he speaks. Other republicans are getting more direct and vocal as well.
Do you think it’s odd that 30 years ago, we knew all of the results the next morning and now it take nearly a week to figure it out though?
Seems a bit suspicious to me.

@CourtJester Forget all about using the "We woz robbed" line. It is not true and it's getting very very stale. Instead, look at how Republican candidates have actually faired. Pretty much all of the 45s cuckoo-for-coco-pops election-denying picks have faced a 3%-10% Trump tax at the polls.
Whereas Republican candidates that have not gone along with his bs and have publically distanced themselves have done as well as they should have.
This should have been a red wave, you know it should have been and you can snowflake cry foul all you like but facts do not care about your feelings.
Fact; Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 against the worst candidate since McGovern
Fact; Trump lost the house in 2018
Fact; Trump lost to Sleepy Joe in 2020
Fact; Trump lost the senate in 2021
Fact; Trump has given Sleepy Joe the best midterms of any incumbent for 20 years!

Okay, let me explain how things work. We had our own lying scumbag in the UK called Boris. A serial philanderer and corrupt entitled prick. Who nevertheless had a way of dodging any bullets fired at him. Even when he was caught out lying to the house, his party stood by him. Then we had 2 by-elections in June and the Torys lost both of them. And when I say lost, they lost big-time. The Lib-Dems (the small 3rd party) overtook a 24,000 majority to win a Tory stronghold. Boris was poison at the polls. Boris had to go.

@CourtJester I think that it takes longer to get election results is not that strange. Long before the pandemic there was a general movement to vote early by absentee ballot, and absentee ballots and mail in ballots take longer to count.

The issue is that several states don't allow counting of votes to begin until the actual election day. In Washington and Oregon, which have had 100% mail in voting for about 20 years, they count them as they come in and simply don't release the counts until all the polls have closed in the lower 48 states, and thus are still able to give instant results on election day. Part of it has to do with the efficiency of all ballots being processed in the same way, while other states have ballots from the polls, absentee ballots and mail in ballots which can all be different and have different processes to be counted.

Personally, I find mail in ballots as lot better, as if there are any candidates or ballot initiatives I am nto familiar with, I can look them up on the internet before making my choice, which is something I could not do when I lived in California and had to vote at a polling place. Since moving first to Oregon and then to Washington states, I usually have my ballot returned about two weeks before the actually election day.

I think voting by mail is a much better system and that it shoudl be done nation wide.


Mail in ballots are wide open for corruption. There is a big difference between a ballot and a voter.

I’ve done early voting before because I was going to be out of the country or the state during the Election Day. I still had to show up at the courthouse and show my ID.

There is zero verification or chain of custody with a mail in ballot or a drop box ballet. That’s why democrats push them. Hell; Arizona is still counting because “mail in ballots” are still coming in. Lake was gaining so they changed their projected counting time from Thursday, to Friday, and now to Monday. Amazingly, she’s fallen back. Her opponent is the Secretary of State that controlled the voting process. The republicans won’t win in Arizona. No Republican wins in a state with mail in ballots where the counting time can be stretched to get a few more. Trump was ahead until they stopped counting in Georgia, Pensilvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona. But amazingly they had to stretch out the vote counting at the last minute by shutting down the counting.

I’m sure cheating happens on both sides and it should be punishable with the death penalty regardless of the side because it completely disregards the will of the people, but the democrats are normalizing stretched vote counting BS.

If we knew the presidential nomination that night or the next morning, I’d trust that Biden won and would accept it. Disagree, but accept it. This mail in ballot, or “a water pipe busted in a building down the road so we have to stop counting for the night here”, ballot drop boxes, etc. is retardation at is highest level.


I spent six months at Hull York Medical School while in college. I can say with absolute certainty that y’all’s liberal logic is screwing your nation. You have more stabbings than New York has shootings, you’re paying out the ass for minor life staples, you’re taxed to the hilt on gas, food, and income just so that you can pay for the laziest within your society (and the royal family), your citizens fly to the United States for medical care, and you’re currently dependent on Russian oil coming into the winter. Who said that would happen if you didn’t change the way that you did things a few years ago??? President Trump.

You’d grow leaps and bounds if you talked him into being your prime minister.

@CourtJester On average, who lives longest?
Last laugh

Btw I apologise for you having to live in Hull

@CourtJester You obviously did take in very much of the English character when you lived here for you to even suggest that we would go for a rude arrogant blowhard likeTrump. Sure we have picked some wrong-uns but not to his degree of dangerous criminal incompertancy.
Here is one episode that typifies the problem with a guy like that. Early in 2020 Trump stood up at one of rallys and stated "South Korea is a great country. I know South Korea very well. If fact I think I know South Korea better than anyone. Seoul is a tremendously large city. It has a population of 32 million, 32 million". Now he was wrong, Seouls population is in fact 9 million, its elevation is 32 meters but he can be forgiven for simply reading an atlas incorrectly, especially as he is not familiar with the metric system. However, here is why I would not trust him with running a hot dog stand. Six months later he repeats the same mistake, in a presidential debate no less. There he was, proudly crowing out his ignorance for the whole world to laugh at. Blissfully unaware of what an idiot he looks like (the fact that so many American voters also did not see it speaks volumes). I know it sounds trivial but bear with me here. What does that say about the man, his team and the relationship he has with them? It tells me that here is a guy that will not accept when he is wrong. That no one on his staff had the guts to point out his mistake and if they did, he obviously ignored them.
Fast-forward to after the election and he is being told by the very people whos job it was to tell him; "The election was not stolen. No Mike Pence does not have the power to overturn the election". Did he listen? As a result, Jan 6th made your country a recipient of the worlds pity.

@CourtJester As I have actually be voting by mail for the last 12 years, and you haven't, I think I have more experience with it. There are features which make fraud very difficult. For instance on the return envelope there is a bar code next to the box for your signature. They scan the bar code and compare the signature. Ballots and envelopes are watermarked. Washington and Oregon have had less voter fraud than states tht do polling places.

As the bar codes are scanned, the computers keep count on just how many ballots were returned and who returned them. Although once the signatures are verified the ballots are removed from the envelopes and unfolded to be scanned.

Security for vote by mail systems is much stronger than it is for systems that use polling places.

Republicans don't like vote by mail because with vote by mail, more people tend to vote, and they don't like that.


The only one that died on January 6th was an unarmed female protester and the vote was completed three hours later. It was only a big deal in terms of a liberal crybaby talking point.

@CourtJester If you think that the only one that died on Jan 6th was just a MAGA idiot then you have no idea. And I am not talking about the cops that committed suicide or died later as a result.
Let me explain;
America has often had questionable and not well-thought-out foreign policies. There have been military engagements in Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention putting the whole world at risk of destruction for decades during the cold war. It might have been okay for you guys at the time because you had some measure of control. Imagine if you lived on the other side of the world and the only person that stood between you, your country and the world as you know it being nuked into non-existence was a senile ex-actor?
Your one saving grace was the belief that America was the good guy. Sure they made mistakes, and maybe they came on too strong sometimes but like John Wayne, you were the side to be on. In WW2 America came to the rescue like the cavalry coming over the hill. You were better than the other guys. America was on the side of democracy, freedom and justice. America was the beacon for the western world shining as an example. At least it thought it was and that can be good enough for the benefit of the doubt.
America was not some communist dictatorship with lifelong presidencies or some 3rd world republic at risk of coups and revolutions. America was a democracy and for all its faults, democracy gives us the ability to say "You're fired" to the guys in charge. That's what gives us in the west our edge because it's a package deal. For democracy to work, it has to have things like freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, a non-corrupt bureaucracy, a (reasonably) fair judicial system and the rule of law. That is why developing nations like India or S, Africa choose democracy as their preferred form of government. It works better than all the alternatives. Like a stone arch, each stone supports the other. But right at the top dead centre keystone is the right to say "You're fired". You know government by the people, for the people. Without that everything else has nothing to lean on.
Donald Trump tried to take away that keystone;
In 2020 over 80 million Americans said "You're fired". The electoral college gathered up all its certified votes and said "You're fired". Sixty-one judges said, "You're fired". The supreme court said, "You're fired.", His DOJ Bill Barr said, "You're fired". The white House lawyer Eastman said, "You're fired". Even his own daughter told him "You're fired". That should have been the end of it. It doesn't matter what team you support, the umpire says "You're out" so you're out, right?
Not Donald J Trump, this stable genius thought it would be a great idea to try and cling on to power by whatever means he could, legal or otherwise.
On January 6th America ceased being John Wayne defending the jailhouse from a lynch mob. Trump's America WAS the lynch mob and he was the saloon owner in the fancy waistcoat that riled them up.
No, my friend, she was not the only casualty that day. America was deeply wounded and only time will tell if she ever recovers.


“ the cops that committed suicide or died later as a result.”

Boy… you’re washed in the blood; aren’t ya?

@CourtJester I'm washed in the blood am I? You guys bleat on and on about "The steal" and have nothing better than Sunday school stories to back it up. "And it came to pass that 1,000s of votes were trucked from New Jersey to Pennsylvania so sayeth the apostle Guliani". "Lo did Italian satellites co-ordinated from Germany used software from Venezuela to change Dominion machines, sayeth Mike Pillow"
And on such bs you think it was okay to destroy American democracy?


Can you identify where I said that???

@CourtJester Are you kidding? Nearly every post or comment and you refer to some sort of voting fraud bs like some evangelical zealot, with about the same amount of proof. When I comment about Jan 6th you say "Well only one person died" (as if one person isn't one person too many). When I say I'm not talking about any subsequent deaths but the damage Jan 6th did to American democracy all you can talk about is what I said I was NOT talking about. Like Jan 6th did not really matter because if it did then Trump is the bad guy and we cannot go against our cult leader.

@CourtJester Well, you watched him destroy America's reputation and institutions. You watched him fill SCOTUS with Christian bigots. You watched him try and destroy American democracy. Now sit back and watch as he destroys your Republican party.
Because this is how it will go down. Trump will probably announce his presidential bid on Tuesday. He will personally attack any and all candidates, journalists or Republicans no matter how senior that does not support him. If he wins the nomination? He will lose the election. Everyone except Trump knows this and the big money will not support him. So if he does not win the nomination he will run as a 3rd party candidate. He will claim that RINOs rigged the vote. There WILL be acts of politically motivated violence along the way.
How do I know this? Because Trump pisses in every well on his way out.


The only reason either of these parties can win an election is because of the competition

twill Level 7 Nov 9, 2022

Wasn't Red Ripple a fake cheap intoxicant ('wine'😉?

THE premier Hangover Producer!

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