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An investor gives you "seed money" to start a business. What kind of business would you start?

You have the money.
You can use it to fuel any sort of venture.
Profit or non-profit.
Fun or good willed.

What would you do?

silvereyes 8 Dec 14

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I know they say never make your hobby your job, but I still think the right answer here is "pornographer."

Nice Hobby!!!!


Fair trade, recycled and all natural store. I had a business called Green Lady but sold wholesale to others-I'd have my own shop this time.

Im writing an "on the road" sort of book called "the green lady" about reefer, lol


My first thought is a chain of non-profit grocery stores.

If it's any consolation, this idea has been on my mind for at least a few years.

That's a fantastic idea


A church lol.......kidding. i would open my own low income health clinic for the elderly

Took the words out of my mouth... a non-denominational for profit church and vinyl apholstry school for lepers. Perhaps a cannabis farm... seriously, a non-profit animal shelter with Veternarians on staff, and free healthcare for all animals.

lol thats awesome!


I would start a medical marijuana growing and distribution company

That has the potential for a really big return on investment!


I'd like a little restaurant. Nothing fancy, just a little burger joint.


I would open a chain of old folks homes geared specifically for dorks, and do it up right. Top of the line medical care combined with wings that look like Gondor, the old Battlestar Galactica set, that shit would be gold. If anyone steals my idea, hook me up with a room!


Co-op Brothel?


A cafe / cat adoption center combo. The cafe would have some of the more friendly cats hanging out, and then the more shy cats would have their own building off the cafe.


I would like to turn my back yard into a community garden. I just don't have the funds and energy to clear the land and upkeep the garden.

I bet there's a program that can help you do it... I can look into it for you if you'd like.

@FoxyMoron; I would really like that. Thank you.


Video game development

It's a multi-billion dollar industry. I don't need too big a percentage of that to get by on.... 😉


A community art center. The local one here burned down 10 years ago & nothing ever "fully" took it's place. That type of outlet has really suffered since. Maybe I'm crazy but I can even feel the void even in the daily attitudes of the locals.


The Foundation for the collection of antimatter.

how would you have room to store it

Would not be the mass but the density that would pose a problem. Would need a containment field off planet.


I'd open a hair salon catering to curly hair. It's hard to find stylists who know how to cut my hair. Most of the time I have to fix my cut after a salon trip.


something that helped wildlife


I think I might buy some land and build small frame houses to sell to the working poor. I got lots of people wanting to buy houses. I can't find enough houses priced right to meet the demand. New home prices are outrageous. There are lots of vacant lots scattered all over Dallas that can be bought for a song. But the city won't allow frame houses to be built on them, so they just sit there. Sad ! I'd have to go outside the city limits. Just a thought. If they would let me put mobil homes on those lots, I can get mobil homes free, just for hauling them off.


A low cost chain of universities for people in third world countries who could not otherwise afford to continue their education.

"University of the People" exists and seems amazing, not to take away from any ideas you may have, but seeing what they do, restored a little of my faith in humanity. []


A grassroots lobby group... like we need another one of those


So many choices ..... doggie daycare, food co-op, housing / shelter for thrown away LGBT kids - hell throw in some job training and life skills classes. If the LGBT thing works, then do it for Vets. I'd make loans to people so they could get away from payday lenders.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

How to live healthy self substainable homes and food lives without the Federal Governments.

Doing that now, but the Corperationism Government keeps getting in the way.


I'd set up offices buildings in purple states and lure liberal tech companies there for everyone's benefit and profit.


Something in promising renewable energy technology.


Start an organization that grows organic foods..and also makes self sustaining community's with houses made from storage containers...


Start a zero cost university of science for gifted young people who would otherwise not have an opportunity for advanced study. One of my lifelong dreams.


A brewery. But i'd need a million...

I worked at Strohs for about 10 years I was in the package department. The work environment in a brewery has a lot of commodity.

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