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Former Trump Press Secretary’s Sister Launching Dating App for MAGAs

Former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's sister Ryann McEnany announced in a video on Twitter that she will soon be launching a new dating app, exclusively for MAGA conservatives which she calls “The Right Stuff.” Ryann says the app will be “invite only,” and “there will be only two options, ladies and gentlemen,” so “you’ll never have to worry about pronouns.” Women will not have to pay to use the app, but men will. Ryann finished the ad by saying how sorry she was that MAGAs “had to endure years of bad dates with people who don’t see the world our way, the right way!”

No kidding? An actual dating app for MAGAs called “The Right Stuff?” Gee, I can see their ad now, “Ladies, have you been looking for a man who truly believes you're inherently inferior, even if his IQ is only in the double digits? Well, if you have, then you’ve come to the right place. So, just sit back and relax, keep your mouth shut, and listen to whatever the hell he tries to tell you!”

That said, I can fully understand why horny MAGAs might think it difficult to find people to date. After all, how are you supposed to know what someone looks like under those white hoods? Not to mention, I’m sure most sane people tell any MAGAs who come calling “to go fuck yourself,” and - before Ryann McEnany’s dating app, these poor MAGAs basically had to take that advice “literally.”

In addition, because things like the COVID pandemic have greatly restricted get-togethers, and folks aren't having very many family reunions anymore, that means MAGA dating opportunities have greatly diminished in the past two years. Say, this makes me wonder if this site even has a minimum age for dating. Asking for a friend - I’m looking at YOU, Matt Gaetz.

I mean, who wouldn’t wanna date members of the Proud Boys or the Oath Keepers? Or MAGA swingers like Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, Roger Stone, and Jerry Falwell Jr.? Wouldn’t wanna miss out on that action. Here’s a thought, though. If the site uses “no pronouns,” what happens when people have names like Kim, or Chris, or Alex, or Sammie, or even - you guessed it - Ryann? Almost enough to send a poor Christian Nationalist into a state of confusion.

Anyway, not to worry, because I’m sure there’s no way professional scammers will be drooling all over themselves trying to create bogus profiles so they can milk these love-lorn, desperate half-wits for all they’ve got. Nah, that would never happen. That said, I wonder why Ryann McEnany chose to name the site “The Right Stuff,” anyway? I guess names like “LastCallforLosers” or “FuckRepublicans” just didn’t sound quite right.

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johnnyrobish 8 Aug 15
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Does that mean that the rest of the dating sites will be MAGA free????

MyTVC15 Level 7 Aug 18, 2022

Well, we can only hope, but I won't hold my breath. In my local dating pool, I don't see them as competition, since I would never date any of the women who would want them. I've heard from a lot of women on Match in my local dating pool that they run across a lot of them, but they see those guys as mostly an annoyance, and reject them out of hand. So if the ones in my area did move to that site, it would save some women a lot of annoyance, but otherwise, nothing would change.

@TomMcGiverin I don't date anymore, but I met a lot of MAGAs on dating sites. But I met many more scammers. I actually went out with one guy who said he had voted for Trump, but he regretted it. I would not have gone out with him if he had said he did not regret it.

@MyTVC15 I am glad you have those standards on men and politics. Frankly, I am starting to get so cynical that I wouldn't doubt that there are some liberal women who would still date a guy who was a Trump supporter, as long as he seemed compatible in most other ways and was hot enough looking. I am starting to believe that women in my dating pool who are 6s and 7s in looks are becoming or have become out of my league for online dating, since there are so many more men than women in my local Match dating pool. And as a result of that, the women in that above group for looks are probably only ending up dating the men who are 8s and 9s in looks, thinking the guys will stay with them and want a relationship with them, when the reality is, those guys are only using them for sex and then moving on to the next woman in their level of looks. Or maybe it might even be that those women aren't really after a long term relationship, despite most of them saying so in their profiles, and they are very content to just have some fun and enjoy some great sex for a while with these men. Either way, it leaves average looking guys like me out of luck and on the sidelines most of the time, unless we settle for only dating women who are 4s and 5s in looks.

And round and round it goes... I have even heard there are studies that have validated this trend of the women in that group chasing the great-looking men, getting used and then spoiled by the great sex, then ending up with no long term relationship and becoming lonely and unhappy, because they will no longer settle for an average looking man after the studs. Guess they can only blame themselves... It's a sad and vicious game...


Read a couple articles online about her app, and, as you'd expect, the promos for it make fun of stereotypical liberal men as being bad dates, etc. But of course, if any of the right wingers heard any of our jokes here, they would be extremely butt hurt and scream hate speech, etc. They can give it, but they never can take it in return..


Pretty tough to set up a dating service for dickless Incels.

racocn8 Level 9 Aug 15, 2022

I know two MAGA types at my local senior center that appear to be single. I'll need to tell them about this..


Good to know about this resource should I ever decide to date outside my species.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Aug 15, 2022

I have never copulated with a rattlesnake.

Sorry to tell her, I only date humans.


I have news for her: there are neither ladies nor gentlemen in the MAGA mob.

anglophone Level 9 Aug 15, 2022

If it's invite only, where are they going to find their singles, unless it's like Sugar Daddies. Where the ladies are pros and the men are whatever as long as they can foot the bill.

glennlab Level 10 Aug 15, 2022

Probably better to just visit prostitutes, saves time and probably cheaper...

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