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Fanatics I need your help!
My new rescue kitty Rigby is giving me trouble.
His claws are insanely sharp.
I have a scratch post and a floor scratcher thingy.
I have made numerous attempts at restraining him in order to clip said claws but he is a master wriggler and I’ve failed miserably.
Because he is such an affectionate little guy I am currently painfully perforated!
Share your best solution please....before I bleed out.

AmiSue 8 Aug 29
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My groomer does nail trims for $10-15 (and that's Canadian!!!). It might be worth it to save you time and grief, and possible injuries to both parties. For some cats, putting a cloth over their heads (over, not wrapped) might calm them.

graceylou Level 8 Aug 31, 2018

There is one l hadn't heard before.

@Sticks48 I’ve known a number of groomers where I used to work. I’ve also had to medicate and give injections to cats. We kinda develop a bunch of tricks.

@graceylou That one is pretty cool.

@Sticks48 They have this giant hamster ball looking thing that they put on the cat’s head when grooming. It’s more for cats that bite. Groomers can’t risk having their hands injured because they work with their hands.


I know it's kinda expensive but maybe take him to a vet for clipping...Hope it works out for you!


I seem to be able to hold them and when they use their claws I touch their foot, they retract the claws and keep cuddling.


I know how that goes. My cat has sharp claws and she won't let me anywhere near them. I can't feel the lower part of my stomach because of her cushioning. She's just lucky she's cute and that I don't want to hurt her. She does use her scratching post. Thankfully she doesn't cushion for very long.



I use these to trim the kitties nails. I also wear their asses out before I attempt to trim. I play chase the laser until they're worn out. Then they're a tad more docile. I also keep talking to them, that seems to calm them.


[] This style of curved nail clippers have become my favorite over the years. They're sold as "pet nail scissors". Not for cats per se. I just find the rounded blades make a better cut. And the scissor action to be easier. (could just be me)

My first cat was polydactyl and I tried everything and went back to these - which are $4 scissors lol You really can get them most anywhere.

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 29, 2018

Hey. Are you using toe-nail clippers?
That seems to be the best tool for this.
For some reason, maybe less sensation in the guy's paw, they are much calmer than with scissors.


All of the cats I ever had loved to scratch on a log. A small piece of landscape log sans arsenic preservative gives them what they really want. Not what a store or company tricks you into buying. You can train a cat with catnip that the place to scratch is this log. It does not have to be vertical. Mine are about a meter long. I do not clip the nails & they no what "ouch" means & do not scratch me.

Mooolah Level 8 Aug 29, 2018

Another favorite was my cardboard box of books. Too heavy to fall over & high enough they could get a good manicure.


With Spike I keep a clipper by my easy chair and when he's relaxed I can usually get one or two claws clipped before he gets cranky. Fiona, haven't found a way to do her claws without a person to hold her.

Booklover Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

Right after they eat, and are falling into an Alex Trebec "Jeopardy" induced coma is when linda performs the manicure.


You could try the slow method. Choose moments when the kitty is sufficiently relaxed and start by letting him see that the clipper is not a bad thing. Just pet him and help him associate the clipper with affection. Then one day, slowly and gently try to clip a nail or two. Eventually you should be able to clip all the nails. The key is to avoid a struggle. No restraints.

Or you can just take him to the vet.


You can take him to your vet for a nail clipping. They are good at it.

IAmLove Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

Oh you could try an emery card board scratcher? Those help with needle claws.

And applying cat nip to the scratcher will bring them to it. I buy the good stuff not the WalMart brand. Let me grab the jar... lol "Cosmic Catnip". (probably from Or if you get to a craft fair? The stuff that's home grown is almost always fantastic.

Some lady that was at Eastern States last year had really good stuff she was in one of the State buildings?

We should do a gathering there this year! 😉 If I go.

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 29, 2018

Yup I hear that.

I have just one that I have to resort to grabbing her and putting her in the tiny bathroom with me. I put her down on the floor and then pick her up and do the claws. Returning her to the floor when she freaks out. And repeating until done.

She does freak out but it has to be done both as she has one odd claw that will grow into her paw pad if I don't.

I'd bring her to a vet or groomer but that would be even more trauma so we muddle through it together and then I release her and give her treats. I'm sure to shake the box to give her a sound cue which helps to distract her out of freak out mode too.

I've used the towel wrap thing when needed but over the years we've progressed to on her back in my lap in the tiny bathroom. The enclosed space away from other cats and noises seems to be best. And she can only run so far so she is resigned to it.

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 29, 2018

Take him to the vet or groomer for a clipping. Mine get like razor blades and I still have scars from them.

Sydland Level 7 Aug 29, 2018

@AmiSue Do you have a friend who can hold him wrapped burrito style in a blanket while you clip his nails? Someone who won’t let go no matter what? My Cleo is foul mouthed when she has her nails clipped. She genuinely thinks we’re trying to hurt her.

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