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Sen. Ron Johnson Worried About BLM - Not People Who Stormed the Capitol

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) is taking a lot of heat after stating on conservative talk-radio host Joe Pagliarulo’s nationally syndicated show, that he would have been concerned if the people who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th would have been members of Black Lives Matter, as opposed to Trump supporters, whom he described as “people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law, so I wasn’t concerned.”

Oh, now I get the senator’s point. Why, he’s simply pointing out how these law-abiding Trump-supporting citizens, who completely overran the US Capitol, overwhelming security and killing officer Sicknick while shouting “Hang Mike Pence,” all in an attempt to undermine the results of a US Presidential election, would seem far less frightening than Black Lives Matter protestors who were upset over the systemic, racist murder of George Floyd by a member Minneapolis Police Department.

Of course, there are some who might argue that the primary reason Sen. Johnson wouldn’t be afraid of the Capitol rioters, is basically the same idea as to why Johnson would have no reason to fear a hungry, zombie apocalypse horde - professional courtesy. Anyway, you say what you want, but I think this Ron Johnson guy’s really got it all figured out. I mean, you’ve gotta admit, it’s one thing to turn yourself into a disgusting, national racist disgrace - but it’s quite another to be able to figure how to get paid so well for it.


johnnyrobish 7 Mar 16
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Get out get out get out. Resign. We will vote you out & retake Wisconsin for the progressive state it was until the TEE party infiltrated the Elkhorn Wisconsin School board in 1984 & 32 years later took the White House. Retire, resign I don't care. Just get out. November 2022!

Mooolah Level 8 Mar 17, 2021

A-----hole about as polite as I can get

RoyMillar Level 9 Mar 16, 2021

Well, it's good to know with Whom he stand,racist pos..

Charlene Level 9 Mar 16, 2021

Why oh why has he not fallen down and died of a concussion!!!

Another useless obstructionist republican fascists!!!


You don't need to fear the monsters when you're one of them already.
Sorry, BLM wins the moral question hands down.


Deflect and lie - republican strategy


I don’t know what it is with cheeseheads but they elect some of history’s most reprehensible politicians. This guy is another gem. Of course he’s not afraid of the horde of fascist insurrectionists. He is a cohort and an enabler.

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