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Trump Sending Border Patrol Tactical Units to Sanctuary Cities

The Trump administration is deploying highly trained, heavily armed tactical units to boost arrests of unauthorized immigrants in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, in Trump’s latest move against localities that adopt "sanctuary" policies.

Gee whiz, sending in an armed militia to hunt down immigrants? Why, if one didn’t know better - one might think our president was actually trying to provoke violent incidents.

But I see his point, America desperately needs heavily armed tactical SWAT units to protect us from unarmed, impoverished, migrant men, women and children.

By the way, if those SWAT units are looking for unauthorized immigrants, I hear Trump properties are a great place to start. On the other hand, if they’re looking to catch real hardened criminals, I suggest they focus on the White House.

Folks, this isn’t hyperbole - this is fascism. The Statue of Liberty must be crying right now.


johnnyrobish 7 Feb 14
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He is only doing this to appease his base of rabid followers. He knows he has to do everything he can to hold onto them, so what better way to do that then get them all riled up about immigrants.


America's most trusted source for fake news.


No matter what..... he knows how to deliver to his base. I wish Obama was this forceful on his agenda.

St-Sinner Level 8 Feb 15, 2020

And just how did Melania get to be a citizen after lying? And her organized crime parents got in through her and trump. Her father, a traveling salesman, could afford a nice car and expensive family vacations under the Communist regime - give me a break.


So sad.

ToolGuy Level 8 Feb 15, 2020

Indeed - and its only just beginning!

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