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I have my new fish pond filter/hydroponic set up assembled, now for a trip to the hardware store for the parts I'm going to need to mate it to the fish pond. this winter I'll raise cabbage type plants plus watercress, springtime it will all depend. I'm thinking of adding framing and additional support. I have two of these and looking at putting one in the greenhouse depending on leakage.

By glennlab9
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I have two IBCs just have to get someone to help me with the technical aspects and get it set up to a garden. The idea is to have something like you have there on the top with herbs, salad greens, that need a lot of water up here, in them able to put their roots into the water. Then fish in the water to produce fertilizer and the water runs through the garden bed for hardier vegetables to use before being pumped back to the fish all filtered. Takes a bit of set up but hopefully with my brother's help we will manage it this wet season (easiest time to dig the ground to put in the plumbing)

Budgie Level 5 Nov 22, 2019

I was orginally going to use septic tank pipe since it already has pre-drilled holes. As I was looking up the materials, this popped up. The one thing that really surprised me was the size of the pump. 3 GPH. I have a 300 gph to give me a current, so That was one mistake I didn't make. Goldfish make the best fertilizer fish, they're cheap, no cold sensitivity, will eat squash, and feed off of the algae on the walls of the tank. In the past as well as this time, I let the fish set up their chemistry before I start scrubbing the water with plants. If you have questions, I'll try to help. After 40 years of ponds, I learn something new every season, and I still make some mistakes.

@glennlab Thanks I knew we would need to set up the fish first and my brother and his friends have run aquariums so going to be using their knowledge for that, We have some freshwater fish in the area that people up here use as they are used to the temperatures we get here. Cold is not a problem hot is as our days can get up to 40celcius. The pumps and irrigation are going to be the fun bit.


Wow, Glenn, that is seriously awesome, and your pond looks great too!

LisaFultonave Level 6 Nov 14, 2019

Thank you, I have had evolving ponds for the last 40 years. A lot of trial and error as well as discussions, trade shows and reading to get to this point.


looks like a great hydroponics set up

ShadowAmicus Level 7 Nov 11, 2019

Thanks, I need to build a new frame to make it level with the top of my pond and get weed block under it, and build a frame over it for plant support. I can't wait to hook it up.


I may have to take a road trip up there to see your pond when it’s all done Glenn! It sounds like it’s going to be awesome!

You're welcome anytime, everything is always a work in progress, even when projects are finished, I seem to have ideas to improve them. The cold front is barrelling through right now and I'm feeling my age. When it warms up, I'll get back to work.


Pretty impressive!

Hathacat Level 9 Nov 10, 2019

Got 54 plant holes, still figuring out what I'm going to plant.


Looks very impressive, Glenn, hope it all works out!

tinkercreek Level 7 Nov 10, 2019

It is supposed to be in the 20s a couple of days and I don't want to be working in water at those temps, then Thursday is a colonoscopy, so I hope to have it up and running before turkey day.

@glennlab Brrrrrrr, very glad we're having a milder November here! I hope to be able to do some walking outdoors before the rain comes in next week. I overdid it a bit yesterday, stayed up walking around for too long and my leg became swollen. Much better this morning and trying to be more cautious. I'm really a rotten patient.

@tinkercreek you be careful, overdoing it is just as harmful as not doing enough, learn your limits and only go slightly past them. You don't want to get an inflamation in there.

@glennlab Yes, sir

@tinkercreek I'm terrible, the normal advice to swollen joints is elevate it above your heart, but there was no way i could picture that that didn't send me to other thoughts. Get well soon.


I'm confused, as I do not see your FILTER /Hydroponic setup?? I merely see the interwoven PVC tubes smile039.gif with holes to aerate the flowing water??? I'm new here... butt where can I view more photos of you setup / pond.... I been raising japanese coi and GOld FIsh from tiny store bought $0.50 cent fish just 2 inches long and recently sold a 14 Inch COi named ""ELVIS"" cuz he just outgrew our small 150 gallon homedepot plastic pond here in the desert near Palm Springs...... the only aeration I have is from a 300 gpm pump with a wonderful big water flute!

topdogcarl Level 5 Nov 9, 2019

The holes are for plants/planters, the roots will filter the fish poop out of the water and use it for food. because of the size of the pond, I don't require aireation except during the warmer summer months. The hydroponic pump is only about 12gph. My pond is about 1600 gallons, a work in progress picture is here [agnostic.com]

I have raccoons that raid mine so only comet feeders in my pond. They get to about 8-14 inches in one season. I had coi a few tears back amd while the raccoons didn't catch them, they scared them enough that they jumped completely out of the water and into the yard.

@glennlab TRULY ?? you have fish that grow up to 14 inches in one season?? I dind that difficult to BELIEVE??

@topdogcarl You just need the right size tank and food, hatchery trout get up to 14 inches in 9 months, fish will within their genetic makeup grow to the size of their enviroment. I maintain a well balanced enviroment with 1600 gallons of well circulating water.

@glennlab My Elvis (Japanese COi) lived in the 150 gallon pond for several years..among like 22 other smaller goldfish, Im happy he made it to size 14 inches without getting sick or diseased... OUR summers get over 110 and my pond is covered /shaded I mean all year long... 24 hour pump circulating fluted water display... PLaced ad on Craigslist for a good home and a price of $150. One Asian nice man with a huge large glass enclosure pond came to buy him for $100. now that the weather is bad, freezing... are there fish in your pond now??

@topdogcarl I've got about 150 comets. Goldfish originated in Tibet, so a little cold weather isn't going to bother them. Your limiting factor is the the heat, Do you have a nice fuzz of algae on your pond walls? That provides added oxygen and food for the goldies and coi.

@glennlab........I do a thourough cleaning of the plastic pond liner 150 gal size twice per year... and yeah I will always scrub the side walls and bottom to remove excessive pond green algie, butt I NEVER remove all of the algie, as that would upset the balance of the water.... by removing the green algie in large amounts twice per year I get nice clean water to view the fish all the way to bottom of pond... it only last for several months especially in the heat the algie grows so fast....I constantly am cleaning the 300 gallon per hour pump and its sponge filters cuz the algie build up is heavy!

@topdogcarl I would suggest getting some plants, they will uptake the root cause of the free floating algae as well as bind some of it in their roots.

@glennlab I think we have different ideas about the plants I'm not a big fan of live plants in a in a small pond with 25 fish growing I find that the plants promote more algae growth and that's what I want to stay away from

@topdogcarl quite the opposite, the plants suck up the same nutrients that the algae thrive on, they also suck up the sunlight and shade the deeper water. Best of luck.

@glennlab my pain does not sit in a sunlit area it is in a shaded area 365 days a year as I mentioned the plant idea might suit your particular Pond needs but it doesn't work well in my small 150 gallon pond with 25 fish best wishes



MissKathleen Level 9 Nov 9, 2019

Right now, I'm about a week from installation. We have a cold front that is supposed to bring the temps into the 20s, so even after i get the hardware, I'm not going to be working in sub freezing water.

@glennlab Yikes!

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