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Have been fortunate in life to have experienced demonstrated unconditional love, from grandmother and grandchild.

OldHippieAtHeart 6 July 19
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Oh yes!! I have had that from my grandfather and my father,,,but I will never be a grandmother,,unless one or both of my kids change their minds. Some how I raised a couple of really cool feminists!!


Wish I could say the same.


Your a very lucky person

RoyMillar Level 9 July 21, 2019

My maternal grandmother was such a wonderful human being. She taught me how to love. ❤️

Sacrilege Level 6 July 20, 2019

I am amazed and overwhelmed at how much I love my grandchildren. I would do anything for them. Fun biology fact, when a baby girl is born all the eggs she will ever have are in her ovaries. In other words, when a woman is pregnant she is actually carrying the next two generations. So my grandbabies actually started in my body, they are literally part of me.


Hoping you give as well as receive .

Cast1es Level 9 July 19, 2019
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