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They say that all of our bad relationships teach us the best lessons. Unfortunately we need to go through some hard things to learn how to ready ourselves for the real thing. I understand "relationship maturity."

SukiSue 8 Aug 18
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As if they ever were!!!


You could say that water is wet, but I imagine people needs to hear obvious statements sometimes...

Pedrohbds Level 7 Aug 19, 2019

Communication between humans is weirdly difficult at times.

hippydog Level 8 Aug 18, 2019

That's great advice if you have the opportunity to implement it. I guess you would need to have some kind of relationship before this comes into play.

BitFlipper Level 8 Aug 18, 2019

Very true.

bleurowz Level 8 Aug 18, 2019

Unfortunately, this is a lesson that needs to be remembered. It can strike at any time.

JackPedigo Level 9 Aug 18, 2019

My first husband refused to talk about sex. To him it was a taboo subject. Looking back I can tell you that the forced lack of communication played a major role in our breakup.


@SukiSue In general, beware of anybody with conversational taboos. That's a red flag for deeper taboos and neuroses.

@mischl I was you tell me!! And you are correct.

@EyesThatSmile You're still young. Just a lot more experienced.

Was he the 'strong, silent' type.To me a relationship without communication is no relationship. My 2nd partner was alcoholic but was sober 5 wonderful years. When she relapsed the communication broke down and she said we needed counseling. We did go and the counselor said even though his job is about communication even he often has glitches with his wife. He called me and said the issue was not communication. My late partner was a master at communication and if something was bothering me she wanted us to talk, "now". It took some getting used to but I did.

@JackPedigo Not the strong silent type. Although we didn’t go to church, he liked to quote the Bible, was sure he was head of the house because god said so and thought sex was a taboo subject. He was manipulative and had anger issues.

@EyesThatSmile Does not seem a good relationship at all, and am sorry people have to go through this. My first marriage also had problems but different than yours. Things improved with each passing relationship. It's called evolution. My last involved 2 months on the phone and then off and on visits over 8 months (long distance). That 'getting to know' one another made all the difference. People need to be compatible and have commonalities. There also has to be a balance of give and take and, above all, communication is paramount. I have experienced a wonderfully happy and loving relationship and it would be hard to settle for anything less!!


The quote is on point . Oftentimes people just fall back into the a similar situation. Until we identify our own issues it’s really difficult to have a fulfilling relationship. Most of the time attachment is the basis of the relationship.



bobwjr Level 9 Aug 18, 2019

True for the most part. But isn't there often an exception to the rule? What if for example, one of the people in the relationship has asperger's? Just being the devil's advocate here...

daylily Level 8 Aug 18, 2019

Sometimes relationships can then move into friendships. That was my experience at least once with Aspergers, for instance.

@LetzGetReal At the very least I think, it requires a special way of communicating that isn't the normal "talk about our feelings" method used by most couples.

@daylily that's a good point and could be applied to any relationship. It's really about effective communication.

@LetzGetReal of course. Things could still be untenable or even abusive and therefore not healthy. Really I just wanted point out that while the meme offers good advice life isn't always so black and white. ♥️


Yes so true,,you want to be able to talk about anything and still respect each other,,hopefully it will bring you even closer together in your understanding of each other

RoyMillar Level 8 Aug 18, 2019

Bad relationships raise our awareness and test how much we are willing to put up with for love..


So very true.

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