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I don't think that I am asking too much.

AngryCelt75 5 Sep 22
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I’ll take that???
What are you offering for that “One?”

avectoi Level 6 Mar 5, 2020

The same in return.


Seems like a day dream to me...

Fleury Level 4 Jan 10, 2020

No, not so. Since I have posted this, I believe that I have found this someone.


No this is not too much to ask, I need that too. Every man or woman who’s ready to love again needs that.👍👍😊


I have a best friend and not sure a romantic partner needs to be my best friend in that sense. Indont need them to shop with me either. Don 't need to share my money either, since I don't have any 🙂 But the other stuff, yes that would be great! And really, you never know if someone will always be there. But the hope is that they will.

GreatNani Level 8 Sep 22, 2019

It’s possible. Keep looking. You’ll know when you find the right one.

Hazydays Level 7 Sep 22, 2019

I must be jaded ... seems like a fairytale dream

Justjoni Level 8 Sep 22, 2019

it really isnt.just like the song said....."this is a promise with a need to be open to love because love is looking too......"....but what do I know?Its only a song. like SO MANY songs i get to hear.But......


Does not exist. Yes, you are asking for toooooo much. Come out of your Cinderella syndrome, grow up.

A relationship is a transaction. You make me happy and I make you happy including living with each other's flaws. Nothing more. You go your fucking way and I will go mine when it does not work.

St-Sinner Level 8 Sep 22, 2019

Right, a relationship is a transaction and requires work from both parties. I suspect that finding the right person is not easy, much less guaranteed. And sometimes you find the right one to early or late in your or your partner’s life and you can’t accept it. I’m pretty sure that no one ever said that life is fair. But when you find the one, life is beautiful.

That is a shallow point of view.

Correct. It is called pragmatism and it is not deep. That is the attractiveness of pragmatism. It discounts myths, dreams, false hopes, superstitions, miracles, blind beliefs and faith without reason. Pragmatism is based on realities, probabilities, and facts on the ground. Yes, pragmatism is shallow to dreamers and hopers.

@St-Sinner Again, I disagree. But you have to experience what I experience in order to understand what I am thinking and feeling.

It is rarely possible and you were one extremely lucky. There are too many frustrated, disappointed, waiting-for-ever souls that did not know that too high and incorrect expectations is a fool's game. I am not saying close the door but be very pragmatic. Often you have short windows in life to find a partner... a man to be your lover, a father of your children, a companion in middle age and in old age. Wanting an ideal man or a woman for all stages with all attributes and to expect great matches in dating is asking for too much.

Your good experience in very uncommon from what I have seen in life... not just in mine.

@St-Sinner In this case, it developed over many years.... Very slowly.

That is how it is supposed to work. Start with imperfections, learn to love the good in each other, develop gratitude and know that each person has something beautiful to offer. My philosophy lately is that relationship failures start with incorrect expectations. We call them primitive but that is how ancient cultures work. Reconciliations are mandatory.

@St-Sinner Acceptance is the key

@Our_existence I agree fully.

I loved this discourse. You both disagreed but by the end came together and agreed with each other,

Finding a perfect person is not easy but finding the right personal is not difficult if we start with reasonable expectations, know who you are, what you can bring to the relationship and the fact that all people are different and everybody has a good side and imperfections. A relationship becomes rewarding when you start pragmatic, maximize the good, play down the negatives and above all develop a lot of gratitude for what the partner brings to the relationship. None of the work here requires broadcasting the relationship to your friends, at work, on Facebook, taking photos, expecting gifts and yes, PDA. Be real and understand the difference between what you want and what you deserve. Life is not a Disney fairy tale.

The reality is not as beautiful as a dream but our POV can make everything look very different every day. Do you know a person who has just survived a serious accident or surgery or near-death experience, sees the grass is greener and the world is more beautiful? That is because his POV has changed from talking the beauty in life and around us in the world for granted to beginning to appreciate every small thing in and around us. Life can be very beautiful if we want to it to be.


Yes, that is what I want. I am not sure it exists.

Something like that hasn’t showed up in my realm so far. If it ever does I’ll shout it out. Everyone will know I have it. They can stop looking now.😀


I found her once and have hope that I might again.

Detritus Level 7 Sep 22, 2019

In my experience, once in a lifetime.


Find a dog!

zesty Level 7 Sep 22, 2019

You might be right about that!


It does not get any better

RoyMillar Level 8 Sep 22, 2019

Had it until cancer took it away. Want it again.

JGal Level 7 Sep 22, 2019

Used to be that simple you marry that person. It's so hard to find now.


Life partner.... That's the phrase that was always in my mind when I was dating... I think I got a life partner now... 😊


Harder to find than we all thought it would be.

So v ery true !

@Cast1es absolutely

When I found the right person, as the song says “loving her was easier than anything I’ll ever do again”.


Not asking too much. Happy life if you find it.

GreatNani Level 8 Sep 22, 2019

Absolutely necessary for a relationship and happy life together

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 22, 2019

Searching hard for that,probably never find


All of the above are essential to a great relationship

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