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I originally posted this in Wordsmith group, but I thought y’all might enjoy too.


We all dream of love
we long for someone
to hold and be held by,
and yearn for love songs come true

Yet must I allow another to change
my mind my ways my thinking
my sense of self
to better fit the script dreamt by another?

Sleep comes easy now that the
dream spell has been broken,
the script shredded
cast aside, my type uncast

Breath flows freely now that the
pillow has been lifted,
the very air cleansed
emptied out by wind and cold

Heart beats steady now that the
chaos has lessened,
the pushes and pullings
settling into a quieter rhythm

I admit I am broken
but that admission does NOT
invite someone else to fix me,
to decide what needs fixing and
what that fixing might be

I acknowledge I feel lost
yet that doesn’t mean I
wish to be shown The Way.
I must find my own path for it leads
to my unseen future

I dream of love unfettered,
and I’m fixing to make some,

JCS 10/14/19

Justjoni 8 Oct 19
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Well, well.


loved it

RoyMillar Level 9 Oct 19, 2019

I enjoyed that very much!


Wise story universally true about my life.....true love sculpts together the same clay for pottery which contains the gifts we create collaboratively consensually is so sad when one lover turns toward the grave of religion away from the measured practical science of love


Just how I feel.


Yes. There is that other glove.

Sept-10th Level 6 Oct 19, 2019

Thank you for sharing that. Very beautifully expressed. It’s weird how many of us feel this way, yet I still feel so alone

Marcie1974 Level 8 Oct 19, 2019

Ain’t that the truth!

so very true


Yeah strikes a cord with me

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 19, 2019

This is highly relatable. Thank you for sharing it.

JGal Level 7 Oct 19, 2019

I’m glad you find it so. Yw 😁

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