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Do any here have experience with tantric sex? Apparently the focus is on connecting, and really enhancing feelings of intimacy and oneness. I’m intrigued with its appropriateness for seniors, as the focus is not on the usual parts. This blog says it well
(just ignore those god references 😝)

Justjoni 8 Oct 19
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I will read this.


Would you like to meet?



Did I not mention that this was a main idea for me--

Nope. Not to me ...


Too bad we couldn't come to this awareness in our younger years. Speaking for myself of course, realizing in my golden years that things just ain't what they used to be πŸ™‚ I finally realize that it's all in the head πŸ™‚ again and it's always been in the big head not the little head. It makes being present with a woman way more enjoyable! The pressure is off due to lack of so that the Mind imagination and awareness can be present. Don't know if that makes sense to anybody else but it works for me LOL. Peace

Sept-10th Level 6 Oct 24, 2019

There are many great books on this and I bet if you did a search you could fine some classes on it, many teach it all over the country. intimacy is the focus, not orgasms.


Been there for decades.....

Thanks to #1

moosepucky Level 7 Oct 22, 2019

Kamasutra? While modern day indians are quite conservative our ancestors were quite promosisucuous we even have temples with sex positions on them? There's the aghoris babas and some other crazy sexy tantric stuff to look into if you're keen!

Shiv Level 1 Oct 22, 2019

I’ve heard of it but have never looked into it ; I think I’m going to have to !


It's called tantric! Thanks! I've been trying to explain it to myself! It's outstandingly wonderful!

I’m so happy for you to have discovered this at a young age - more decades to enjoy!

@Justjoni it took a long while to find...

@Cutiebeauty Ahem...your long while and mine are entirely different, lol. I’m just really glad for anyone who discovers or is taught this wonderful way of relating



bobwjr Level 10 Oct 20, 2019

We tried that in my last relationship but ended up focusing on the usual parts.

Lorajay Level 9 Oct 20, 2019

What a beautiful story

RoyMillar Level 9 Oct 19, 2019

I thought so too


Why would it not be appropriate for seniors?

Sticks48 Level 9 Oct 19, 2019

It would be. I’m intrigued with the possibilities.


I believe Mischl knows a bit about it. Or do a search...the subject has come up before.

Hi Marianne, thanks for the mention. Yes, I was coached in tantric sex by a Persian woman in Beirut a long time ago. Later, when I did my master's in Psych, I learned why it works, at least the physical part of it. Then, when that's combined with a meditative practice such as Zen, two people can create orgasms together that take them off-planet for a while.

@mischl perhaps someday, before I am old. Dang! Already old.😜

@EyesThatSmile My experience (recently) is that tantra GREATLY improves senior sex.


That sounds amazing.

Doesn’t it??? πŸ₯°

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