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Feeling like spreading a little positivity tonight. I'm curious to know what things are said about you by other people that make you happy, proud, excited, etc. If you aren't sure what the people in your life say about you, please share something positive that you think about yourself; I'd love to hear it smile001.gif I often get told that I have a really big brilliant smile and that I carry such a positive light, which makes me very happy because it's proving to myself that I'm making an impact in others' lives and that I make a difference, something I've struggled with believing in the past. My aunt has also recently said to me that she's been using me as a positive example when teaching her daughter how important it is to know yourself first before commiting to any relationship. I have no words to express how that made me feel <3

By Listener595
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I feel excited affirmed warmed and validated when children/young adults ask me with great curiosity: " are you a teacher ? " at a store or in a waiting room with people of all ages are killing time and I encourage a child to read a book or study a subject useful in life.....it's so easy to guess a child's age and ask the parent if I am correct.....I cherish campaigning door to door phone to phone and relating to whoever answers my knock or ring

GreenAtheist Level 8 Oct 23, 2019