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A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.

A forum for women and men to exchange thoughts about intimacy and relationships. Frank and explicit discussions about real life topics.

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Real Intimacy
Jul 21, 2020Jul 2020

Posted by Joebenson017
Many people are desperate to find a soul mate, someone who responds to their deep image of love and intimacy. They go to great lengths to meet people, and they spend considerable time feeling achingly deprived of the joys of intimacy they imagine. ...
Real Intimacy
May 31, 2020May 2020

Posted by LetzGetReal
I always liked the (basic) philosophy of this song; it sounded good on paper anyway , though rings a bit sad between the notes. A deep, versus a casual, open relationship is quite challenging to maintain; I know I did it, or I might say-- WE did ...
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Real Intimacy
Mar 17, 2020Mar 2020

Posted by Rodolpho23
My last relationship was with a Catholic woman. However, I believe her religious beliefs lacked depth and intimacy. I feel that I can find a greater sense of intimacy with a spiritual or agnostic or humanist gal. Just sitting by the water and ...
Real Intimacy
Dec 2, 2019Dec 2019

Posted by bryerwood
Being a man "of a certain age," I find I have a lot of questions about my identity and relationships in a culture so hyper focused on sex and sexuality that everything is seen through the lens of gender. I would like to find or form a group the ...
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Nov 10, 2019Nov 2019

Posted by DavidDuhon
So, intimacy is in my mind a culturally shaped concept, and western culture is Christian culture--I think we could all be happier and have better relationships if we open up as to what we think is innately us and what is cultural overlay. When ...
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Nov 9, 2019Nov 2019

Posted by WonderNYC
For me, intimacy has always been connected with commitment. Lately I've been pondering what it means to make and keep a commitment to someone for the long term, or even for life. There are layers of questions and uncertainties I've encountered, but ...
Real Intimacy
Jul 1, 2019Jul 2019

Posted by ejbman
Proposed new term: emosexual. If asexual is on the left of the curve, and demisexual is in the left-middle, this would be to the right of (typically) sexual but still left of hypersexual. Unlike demisexuals who require an emotional connection prior ...
Real Intimacy
May 13, 2018May 2018

Posted by Marcie1974
This cracked me up.

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Posted by UnitySomeday my princess will appear before me. ❤️

Posted by AtheistPeace666Hello I'm a single Canuck looking for my special lady Canuck.

Posted by KhaCRYou ever feel like you found the perfect sexual partner then he turns out to be a complete 💩bag and you can’t find the satisfaction in other encounters?

Posted by EntheogenFanI have a story to tell.

Posted by EntheogenFanI have a story to tell.

Posted by KateOahuYes, I agree that the reverse is also true.

Posted by JolantaThis is what women have to put up with and then they want to be intimate while we are still angry because they will not do their share of housework.

Posted by JolantaDucky, Snookums....

Posted by SorchaThis is a guy I was talking to from okcupid. He is totally new to online dating and it shows.

Posted by JolantaThat’s Amore. Some women are just far too shallow.

Posted by JolantaSomething for real intimacy perhaps.

Posted by Green_Soldier71Has anyone here had any experience with (or known someone who has/had) a SEXLESS MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP or a FRIGID PARTNER?

Posted by EyesThatSmileNakedness.

Posted by LetzGetRealMy family has often commented how I should become a "cougar"... as I look pretty good at my age and have a younger mindset than some of my peers, I guess this is there rationale?

Posted by Ann-1980The 4 types of Intimacy to feel sufficient, satisfied & healing in a love relationship.

Posted by Philip21over the top thinking? []

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