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What nonbelievers do you remember from TV growing up? The ones that stand out to me are Hawkeye Pierce and Dr. Gregory House.

azzow2 9 July 1

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The first time I ever heard the word "agnostic" was from Mike Stivic on "All in The Family".

First time I heard many words said on TV was on "All in the Family."
And other Norman Lear shows.

My dad was very fluent in racist slurs though.

To be clear, Lear was obviously mocking small-minded, living room racism.


Bill..... Nye...... the science guy. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!


Here is another good one Temperance Brennan

Love that show. This is one of the first scenes I saw and this alone got me hooked. It's also one of my favorite scenes.

@Freespirit64 Going to look for it on Netflix do the marathon has been some time since I had watched it.

@azzow2 I'm not real mushy. But that wedding episode...I cried several paper towels worth of tears....

@Freespirit64 I love that character she is so that.


Probably George Carlin and Carl others have said. More recently though Ricky Gervais.


Today? Brian Griffin. (The dog) Which Seth MacFarlane does in his own voice. So----Seth MacFarlane.


Meathead AKA Michael Stivic on"All in the Family."

I forgot about him! lol


George Carlin and penn and teller.

The best.


Addams Family? Munsters? Those are obvious. But that's what came to mind.

Seth McFarlane ( Brian Griffin ), Doc Martin.


Brian Griffin on Family Guy, even though he’s a cartoon dog!

Seth MacFalane does that in his natural voice.


Michael and Gloria Stivic from All in the Family come to mind. I remember the show where Archie snuck the new Stivic baby into a church to secretly baptize him, and really pissed off atheist mom and dad.

I don't think he actually told them though.

And he crept into the church and did it himself.

@BufftonBeotch yeah, you're right, the fight over the baptism precipitated Archie's sneaky christening ceremony.


George Carlin in the only one I can think of. Maybe Carl Sagan.


Good question, let's see. Kaine from Kung Fu my Buddhist Period, Spock I doubt he was, not sure about Captain Kirk?, Sean Leuc Picard, Carl Sagan, Einstein.Likewise Hawkeye Pierce. Mulder of course and that about takes me through to Uni years.


Mulder on the X-Files when I was in High School, is the only one I can remember seeing.


When I was "growing up" NOBODY would have dared be a non-believer, or at least say it. That was the days of Romper Room, Mickey Mouse Club, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, I Love Lucy. They may not have talked about religion during the program but you "just knew" they were believers.

Oh my goodness - you are sooooo right about that. When I let it slip once at work I thought two of my coworkers were going to have a seizure right then and there.

Look how long it took television to admit that married people actually slept in the same bed.

@IAJO163 .....or that ANYONE used the bathroom!


Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly


Not while growing up. Currently there is Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.


Carl Sagan


The Doctor. I loved (and still do) how often he'd (and hopefully she'd) show mystical and/or religious drivel to really be nothing more than misapprehended science.


Sorry this is off topic but your reference to Dr Gregory House reminded me of his A Bit of Fry and Laurie days and you can see he was hedging his religious bets here.......


Family Guy has a few, Sheldon from Big Bang is current but most of my tv didn’t talk religion so you only knew if a character WAS not if they were not.


Doctor Who as he was always annoyed with anyone with ridiculous religious delusions, most of the original Star Trek crew (I was deinitely disappointed in Ohura when she got all sappy at the end of the episode Bread and Circuses), Carl Kolchak the Nightstalker didn't seem to be a believer but did go in for the ritual superstition connecting religion and monsters. Rod Serling seemed to be beyond religion as host of The Twilight Zone.
My all time favourite Star Trek atheist would have to be 7 of 9, even though she did believe in the Borg collective.

Fuck the Borg..

Might as well be a Pentecostal,.

@BufftonBeotch Borg don't flop around on the floor making weird noises unless you hit them with a phaser with adapted frequency modulation. Pentecostal do it every Sunday, I've seen it when I dated a Pentecostal girl in my teens, scary shit.

@Surfpirate Still hive mentality, though.

There Are FOUR Lights!


On this side of the pond it isn't quite the same issue but I suppose Dave Allen was obviously questioning/ridiculing the whole religious thing especially given his Catholic upbringing.

Yes, and Terry Wogan revealed he didn’t believe in god in a BBC interview. Another disillusioned Irish catholic!


Samantha Stevens, after all she was a witch.

But was she a Wiccan? lol

@RavenCT she might have been.?


Samantha from" Bewitched " Christians burned witches, so I'm sure she was not a fan of organised religion.


Growing up on a lake in Michigan, I didn't watch much TV. Too busy swimming, sailing, ice skating, playing flute and reading, my passion.

I remember laughing with my father at "Fractured Fairy Tales." Dad thought it was hilarious. So did I. As a family, we enjoyed the wonderful, wacky, "The Carol Burnett Show."

As a professional jazz trumpet player, Dad loved the goofy, wild band on "Sesame Street."

Uninterested in television, I never bought a TV nor paid for cable. Over the years, two people got me a TV, believing I was culturally deprived. I just use it for Netflix movies.

To watch Masterpiece Theatre shows like the beloved "Downton Abbey" and "Call the Midwife," I join an elderly friend at her house on Sunday evenings.

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