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"The American people are a welcoming and generous people. But those who enter our country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law. And because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders, we simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, and unchecked. Americans are right to demand better border security and better enforcement of the immigration laws." - Obama 2006


So funny, the liberals didnt say a word when Obama put children in cages.

gater 7 July 8

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I'd say "nice try", but it wasn't.
Obama didn't instruct the Border Patrol, and ICE, to lie to people and forcibly separate children from their parents, and put kids in cages.
His immigration policies weren't great, his 'plan' was flawed, too, BUT, no one has fucked this situation up worse than 45. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
His boy, Stephen Miller, came up with this bullshit. Miller is a degenerate sociopath.

Further, they haven't kept accurate records, in some cases, they didn't keep any at all.
A lot of the records that they did keep, they've since destroyed. ALL FACT.
THAT'S why they're having to do DNA tests. They have NO fucking idea where most of these kids are, and where/who their parents are.
Homeland Security's own numbers don't support the story about traffickers and drugs mules either. So that bullshit story is bullshit, too.
Stop trying to defend the indefensible.
45 is scumbag piece of shit, and quit bringing up Obama. He's not President anymore.
Oh, last thing, it's not just liberals, or even democrats, who hate 45.
There are libertarians, Independents, and even republicans, who detest his miserable, lying ass.
So don't try that bullshit. There are plenty of people, NOT liberals, who are willing and able to counter your lies with facts.
45 is scum. You got conned.


Please excuse my ignorance KK but as a Pom in Australia I am out of the loop. Why is Trump being called 45? I haven't come across that one until today

@Geoffrey51 I will not use his name. Obama was the 44th President. I will only refer to 45 by a number. I don't even recognize him as being human. I hate him with white-hot intensity of 1.000 suns.

@KKGator Now I understand and that makes prefect sense. Can't imagine where it is going to end. I know the metropolitan police are having to mobilise a considerable amount of officers for fear of the repercussions of its visit.

@Geoffrey51 I don't even know why other countries would allow him entrance. He's reprehensible.

@KKGator You might find this amusing []

@Geoffrey51 It was reported yesterday that he won't be visiting London at all, precisely because of the protests against him. He's such a thin-skinned piece of shit. He can say whatever vile insult he pleases, but he can't handle any criticism from anyone.

@KKGator Oh wow, that is pathetic! Its even worse than I thought. I wonder where he will go. Bonor Regis or Ramsgate I suppose ๐Ÿ™‚ (both sleepy seaside towns in southern England that no one goes to)

@Geoffrey51 He's going to visit his properties in Scotland. You know, the business interests he was supposed to give up but didn't.

@KKGator That would be right! At least you've got him out of the country for a while. I'm sure the White House staff must sigh in relief

@Geoffrey51 Every time he leaves the country, I always ask if we can change the locks so he can't get back in.

@KKGator No, no, no, that will mean he'll knock on Teresa May's door and ask to stay! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Obama did not put children in cages. You watch too much FOX.

godef Level 7 July 8, 2018

Currently, the terrorists challenging our border crossings the most are working in the administration.


Neither President Bush or President Obama had a POLICY to separate families.

Wrong, when people commit crimes they are separated from their children. This has been true for what? at least 200 years?

@gater NOT without due process! You know, that thing that is guaranteed in the constitution!


  1. Seeking asylum is NOT a crime! Many of these people walked up to the appropriate (marked!) Area and were seized.
  2. Trying to cross the border is a time you jaywalk, let's rip your kids away........punishment far exceeding the crime IS disgusting & unwarranted!

@gater WRONG: Both Bush and Obama avoided pursuing adults with children. They were not targeted for criminal prosecution. I'm not saying it never happened, but it was rare that children were separated from their families. And when it did happen they were reunited as soon as possible. Trump made a conscious intentional decision of zero tolerance regardless of the circumstances and treated everyone as a hardened criminals. Then lied and said he couldnt do anything about it. Then made a big show of one of his legendary presidential orders to stop doing what he originally instructed border patrol to do in the first place.None of this was necessary for people accused of a misdemeanor.

@gater Setting off fireworks is a misdemeanor in Ohio. Do you think CPS comes and takes the kids everytime someone sets off fireworks? In case you're unsure, they don't.

@Minta79 They don't lock up anyone for misdemeanors

@gater They're currently locking children in cages over misdemeanors.


Like most right-wingers, you twist the truth terribly. Under Obama, the vast majority of children who came into the country by other than legal means were released with their parents pending their hearing. The problem today is legitimate asylum seekers are being labeled criminals and their children taken away from them. That is nothing less than an unconstitutional action and a human rights violation. Anyone who defends such action is a bigoted ethnocentric moral idiot.


Seeking asylum is completely, utterly different from illegal immigration.
I am deeply ashamed of my country's (Australia) evil and cruel immigration policies. Ours are worse than Trumpelstiltskin's.


Sounds like someone just trolling to stir up more anger. Donโ€™t feed the trolls! And btw, maybe get an effing life!


There was no widespread Obama-era policy of separating parents and children โ€” but it's a common talking point for Republicans.
One other thing to note is that many of the people crossing the border are seeking asylum from incredibly violent situations in their home countries. U.S policies in places like El Salvador and Guatemala have contributed greatly to violence and instability. I drives me crazy that very few people consider this.



What's it like being wrong so often and still going through life as if you have the slightest fucking clue as to what you're talking about?

Spot on!

tell us

@gater There's a link attached that explained it. Do you know how to use hyperlinks?


And there is another thing about Americans besides generosity. They enter countries illegally, like Vietnam and Iraq, just to name few and kill inocent people by millions.


Ya know, folks, trying to present facts or logically explain anything to the OP is useless. This isn't to open up a dialog of give and take: it is trolling to make the OP feel superior to the libtards. And "libtards" is anyone who disagrees with him.

LIBTARD & proud!!

@Countrywoman Same here!


Obama did not tear children away from their parents-big fucking difference.

Then why were there pictures of children locked in cages taken in 2014? under Obama?

@gater Older children and teens who arrived by themselves were detained. These were not children who arrived with their parents

@gater Because at that time there was a flood of unaccompanied minors coming to the border, often sent by but not accompanied by their parents. They were housed in less than ideal conditions but they had no one to assume responsibility for them when they arrived here. They were NOT babies, toddlers or pre-schooler and they WERE NOT snatched from the arms of their parents, who were threatened with permanent loss of their children or told they were just being taken "for a shower" then not returned. As sassygirl said, "BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE!"

@GinaMaria can you prove that?

@gater They were teenage boys who arrived UNACCOMPANIED in huge clumps, not babes ripped from mommy's arns. Huge difference!


He was wrong, and we didn't hear abut it. So it was difficult to raise an alarm. But as usual you oversimplify the issues and cherry pick your evidence. Soooo typical.


Ve haf vays uf makink you FAIR UNT BALLANZED!!!


Genius, give the numbers for his 8 years... if you can't provide stats you can return your tongue back to your ass. Numbers, numbers.

you are disgusting

@gater No numbers... just troll. Well, at least we know where your tongue is. By the way... President Obama was not president on 2006. The problem with numbers of the Ignorant!


Obama was no saint. Criticism where it's due.

But if you're using your post to criticise Obama's policy, then how do you defend Trump's policy?

Im just pointing out the hypocrisy of the left.


Some comments have been made here about US intrusions into other countries and the damage caused by US foreign policy. I totally agree. With great respect to the people in America, there is indeed a need for some balance to this ledger. US invasions, interference in other countries and their politics, unimaginable deaths and injuries, propping up always right wing regimes, and on it goes, all carefully crafted by mainstream media and political parties to conform to the "we're the good guys" image. On the big scale of things you are the good guys, but you are betrayed by the ruling military industrial corporate class who rule over the people of America with the same distain that they show the rest of us. The American outrage over Russian meddling into its politics is hypocrisy writ large. You wrote the rule book, now used against you. Intrusions into your sovereignty and borders? The borders of other countries mean little to you when it suits you. Americans need to take Morpheus' pill and wake up and see the matrix being fed to you. You need a reality check more than a border wall.

Please don't assume that all Americans are unaware of our heinous history.

@KKGator I don't assume that. I frequently watch progressive channels there online, and read widely, and there is a growing movement I know who want to change the situation. But it is also true that millions of people are snowed by the mainstream narrative. It's no less true in my country.

@David1955 "History is written by the winners"
We're just as guilty of that as anyone else, maybe even more so.


America....practice what you preach eg you are in Syria and Yemen illegally, not to mention violation sovereign borders with drones.


You're absolutely right. I apologise for everyone who said anything ever.


Even if your fantasy of what was done under a previous administration is true, how does that make it ok to do now? That argument was invalidated in kindergarden. Did you make it past that level in school?

Unfortunately quite a few of our ruling class for all intents and purposes failed kindergarten.


So are you arguing it is OK? WTF is the point of this post?

He has no point, he just likes to rile people up for the fun of it.

@PickledRick Thanks. How can I block him?

@Mitch07102 Go to his profile , right hand side column will show , 'Block", click it.


I don't think the American people have shown themselves welcoming and generous. But how did it ever happen that immigration laws could be flouted to this extent? Was it because ordinary American employers could benefit from the lower cost of labour with illegals?

The Republican employers want the cheap labor and the Democrat politicans want the votes. It is only the average American who gets screwed.


It's not funny, it is politics. Regaining power is all they care about.


Wheres the outrage when Obama put children in cages? hypocritical liberals.

gater Level 7 July 8, 2018

In defending its โ€œzero toleranceโ€ border policy that has caused the separation of families, the Trump administration has argued that the Obama and Bush administrations did this too. Thatโ€™s misleading. Experts say there were some separations under previous administrations, but no blanket policy to prosecute parents and, therefore, separate them from their children.

โ€œBush and Obama did not have policies that resulted in the mass separation of parents and children like weโ€™re seeing under the current administration,โ€ Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst with the Migration Policy Institute, told us.


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