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Would you date someone who is a self-proclaimed psychic/intuitive? This is a follow-up to the very interesting horoscope question I saw today. Would you date someone who believes in tarot cards, hypnotism, mystical powers of gemstones and crystals, psychic readings, and so on ... ?

jujuofthesea 7 July 9

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No as they would end up hating me becaus eof the amount of laughing i would do whenever they mentioned it

Simon1 Level 7 July 10, 2018



Huge no! I used to give tarot readings for fun in high school and college. So many people told me I had "a gift" and asked me to teach them (or freaked out and told school officials on me). I always started the first "lesson" by saying that this was all bullshit and explaining cold and warm reading. There was never a second lesson.

People who do it for money get my ire up. I watched my mom cry after a tarot reader talked in detail about my youngest brother and his messages for my family. It kinda broke my heart to explain to her that every single thing the woman said could have been found on Facebook ahead of time, as my aunt had made an appointment. And that the likely reason my other 2 brothers weren't mentioned at all was because they weren't on fb and thus weren't tagged or listed as family anywhere.

I wish there really was a special place in hell for charlatans who prey on the vulnerable and grieving. I'll have to settle for my own burning hatred and calling them out at every chance.


If I were single why not? Depends on the person not the new age beliefs.


You are irrationally lumping together a bunch of things that you dislike. Hypnotism is a thoroughly documented and verified technique.

If I felt drawn toward a person I’d go for it regardless of those differences. It would be boring to agree all the time. Look at the whole person.


I’ve been seeing someone who is a Witch, hasn’t been a problem. She thinks she put a spell on me, I’m ok with that🙂 The important thing is she is not an educator nor is she in politics ... she is aniTrump so we have that going for us.




What about someone who humors them and just enjoys them but doesn't put weight into them?

They're like fortune cookies, fun but I'm not gonna put the numbers as my lotto picks

Well said.

@LadyAlyxandrea You play the poor man's tax? That is what the lottery is called.


If she were clever in other ways, had a nice smile, and thought I was the cat's pajamas, I'd probably go out with her, but at some point I'd probably say, "Here we go with the tarot cards again," and spoil everything.

Hermit Level 7 July 10, 2018

Have you ever been to a hood tarot card reader. I have and what they said became true. Of course it did they did not really say anything that was not interpreted by me to be factual. If you are open to it it can tell you a lot about yourself, you put yourself into it and so what you get back agrees. It almost has to, like writing down a statement, putting it away, then realizing you wrote it when it was true so it is now true. Of course no one can actually predict the future but most of us can be fooled, especially by ourselves.


I’ve known a few people whom I genuinely believe have a touch of the occult (minor precognition, sensing spirits). They never exploit their abilities, and don’t make heavy decisions based on them. I think they think their abilities are more akin to having a sixth finger on their hand; it’s there, they know it’s there, but they don’t draw attention to it. They’re just more adept at playing piano.

PenLOP Level 7 July 10, 2018

Just one qualifier before I answer the question - Does she look like this? 🙂

Will she deflate if there is a pin prick..if so, there is no future anyway?!

@Humanistheathen She's a real person who designs Steam Punk fashion.

@Freedompath If I recall correctly, the last guy that tried to prick her without her approval had his prick broken off and tucked into his coat pocket.

@Surfpirate REAL and tough! Lol

you are a foff. go buy a Barbie.

@BettyColeman I've been told to FuckOFF but never been called one before, what does that even mean? I dated a woman who looked a fair bit like the woman in the pic and she's a very nice person.

@Surfpirate I am a nice person. I try to help save animals, humans, and the planet. You must admit that picture you put up looks nothing like me. In m 20s and 30s close perhaps. I am not a person who can be nice to myself when I think Of how I look. The picture is current from the last 6 months, so it is me. If you are respectable to women and do not try to screw everyone you date the first time, I apologize. The picture and your comment is misleading in that it seems like if she is pretty enough, you'd screw her. If not the case, I apologize.

@BettyColeman The question of this post is should we discriminate against dating people who are psychic/ new age types and my response was to point out that there are many reasons why an Atheist would be interested in dating a person, not just there delusions. I think it is naive to think that people date others based solely upon how they think. Physical appearance, shared interests, intelligence, charm, sense of humour, wealth, etc. are all factors in the dating game. That's why many people won't even respond to people without a pic on a dating site. As for FOFF, well I am still left wondering.

@Surfpirate you are ok. the way I used the word foff was meant to be a mean stay away from me. If you still like to hook up with someone whom you have no relationship or chemistry, I feel sorry for you. Animals in heat do that. Now I said ok, told you the usage meaning, we should be alright with the world.

@BettyColeman Except for you being a self righteous and judgmental person who doesn't even know me or my history. You sound like you will be waiting a long time for Mr. Right, FOFF is right.

@Surfpirate I am nothing not what you think or say. Talk about self righteous, no I am not. I usually always say I am sorry in an argument before another.. You do not know me or my history and just look how nasty you became? Sir, You are right, I am sorry. You have a wonderful life.


I am with @akfishlady. As long as they don't try to convince me that their path to happiness is my path I'm okay with it. However, if I am pressured to do as they do or believe as they believe, then I'm out.


I would date a psychic just to see if they could predict our imminent break up.

kinda like the Long Island Medium that was surprised by her husband asking for a divorce?

@Lukian yup


Someone can be intuitive without all the nonsense.

Agreed, especially women. Men not so much.


Do you think that's really true?

@Ellatynemouth l don't know if it is true, but it has certainly been my experience.


I am a bit on that side. I am a freethinker, but claim no dogma religion or no real belief system. I have the ability at times to tell if someone is sick and where. Not something I ask for. The term is called empath. I can read tarot. I started in the 1970's. I also. I can get the thoughts of others at times, mike a medium or esp. They are all of interest to me. I have studied a long time. I don't seem to be as devoted as I should. Sometimes, I wonder what it is good to know some things I do. If it is bad news or some such, I will not tell them. I keep it to myself. I prefer to spread positive energy and make life a little happier.The real scientific/psychological astrology is a passion. but I do believe a bit different from the norm.

Me too.
Do keep it more to myself , prediction of world events is my thing, have not been wrong yet. Must wait til it comes to me.

Maybe it's extreme logic.

@Castlepaloma I know what you mean. Sometimes, as i said, I see no reason for knowledge shared with me. i think that is why I really do not discuss it.

@Castlepaloma Actually I am with a logical mind.Never met a math class I couldn't ace. I actually like math. I think it is because there is only one right answer. A composition for say an English class, you are at the mercy somewhat to how the teacher feels about your composition.

If there is a most probably way to communicate with Aliens, when and if they arrive. It would be through mathematics.


There's a wide continuum of reasons to date or not date someone. You have to balance that together with your goals. For certain considerations, I'd sit for a tarot reading. Hell, I've done them, for reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time, you know? Heh.

zeuser Level 8 July 10, 2018

do mine for me please.

@BettyColeman No, no, it's all a crock. I used to go along with it keep someone's attention, then later segue into other things. 🤓

@zeuser you are a bad boy. George Washington would be

so what you are insinuating you'll date anyone for a hookup?

@BettyColeman I did some questionable things when I was younger. ?

@zeuser and still perhaps bragging? You work 20 years with all men, you learn much about how the male mind does logic.

@BettyColeman it's not so much bragging as fondly remembering. ?

@zeuser Every one needs fond memories, Sir. I am happy to know you have memories also.


As long as they don't require me to blindly believe, probably. It would depend on their other attributes.


God no! I have & they are often idiots.

Carin Level 8 July 9, 2018

Takes one to know one I remember hearing somewhere. What happened to do not judge less ye be judged? Oh i forgot, that is that damn BIBLE that has a God.

@BettyColeman Just my personal observation. I live in CA & we have lots of them. No need to get huffy.

@Carin I don't feel huffy. Hardly ever. I like positive.


I would. I think it's interesting and have had my cards read. To each his/her own.


Yes. Why not?


Not intentionally. I dated a woman who I knew was a Christian at a time in the distant past when I would have described myself as agnostic. At one point, she left me a voicemail telling me she had just done a Tarot reading that indicated we had a great future together. That sick feeling in my stomach as I listened to the message let me know that we did not in fact have a future together.


Sure as long as it was toned down. Like did it just for fun while knowing its dumb. Lmao


Not self-proclaimed. If someone could provide evidence that their talent were real, I’d be fascinated.

UUNJ Level 8 July 10, 2018

The date might be interesting if he tells me how he does his tricks. He probably wouldn't. My answer is NO.


Yes, as long as they don't try to replace meds and physical therapy with woo. I mean, all that crystal magick stuff is kinda fun, the rocks and tchotchkes are really pretty, and I'm told pagan sex is fantastic. ?

really good sex is fantastic without anything but feelings.


Hmm, how to answer this.... I would not call myself a psychic or intuitive, yet throughout my life I can site myriad instances of precognition - knowing something that I should not have known - before it occurred! Sometimes it has been something trivial such as knowing a particular bite of fish would have a bone, or something more life-saving such as knowing to change lanes to avoid a truck that jack-knifed in the freeway moments after I'd swerved. I have known things about people - total strangers - that I had no reason or manner to know certain details. I can reach for the phone and know that a particular friend is ringing me.. The list goes on! All that said, I am rather skeptical about anyone claiming mystical powers of them-self or with crystals or reading cards. Not to say that it is not possible, especially in light of what my own experiences, but I would accept proof if offered, and remain unsure or skeptical otherwise! Would I date someone making those claims? If all other criteria is met (yes, I have a list!), sure, why not?

Rustee Level 7 July 10, 2018

I know some things and have much knowledge in some subjects referred to the occult.


I knew you were going to post this.

Wiseass 🙂

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