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And that is why I don't watch the news any more

Slava3 7 July 15

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You can’t take anything at face value... you need 3 sources to have enough insight to make a determination of what is most likely true, none of them can be FOX, since they fit the littoral definition of propaganda.


I started questioning (disbelieving) the news when an event I attended (60’s) was described differently the next day in the “paper”... people told me I couldn’t have been there... the paper said... “fake news” didn’t start with trump’s pronouncement... it’s biblical.

Tomas Level 7 July 16, 2018

I find it fascinating.


Me too!


Don't watch FOX. Wasn't that easy?


I have mornings I leave the news off and do not turn on the TV. My day is much better for it. I hate to start out with Trump propaganda and all the bullshit he has tweeted. If you follow the tweets or remember them it was different 5 days ago. This way I go to work with peace of mind and I can concentrate on getting my news later. I have apps that will let me see news all over the world.


Then avoid Fox, Sinclair, and Breitbart at all costs. It would be great if the regular networks did the kind of investigative journalism of the 1960s and 1970s.


Then don’t watch Fox News.


I prefer my news sources to be other than main stream.


I think you’re lying. You watch the news.

Hermit Level 7 July 15, 2018

My tv is in a room without cable. If I see any news it is by mistake on Facebook

@Slava3 Sometimes journalists and investigative reporters make mistakes, but it’s BS to state that the the whole television news industry is one big lie. Can you cite an example of “the news” telling a lie?

@Hermit I wouldn't state that the whole television industry is a big lie, but there is too much to filter to get to the truth, and I can't be bothered any more.


That is why when tRump's voice comes on, I reduce the volume.


The President opened his mouth & what came out was.........


Brian Williams reporting........

Who's he working for? Fox news?


Do not like to be lied to but after all I don't think anybody does.

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