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Dress Code for atheists:

I remember watching a very old video taken in a bar where if memory serves AronRa was asked if he was ever confronted about an item of clothing (identifying hims as an atheist). (think it was the "A" ). He noted a time a woman who wore a cross in an eating establishment filed a complaint with an employee in establishment stating "That (the "A" ) offends me." The eating establishment employee relayed the problem to Aron? and he decided they (those he was with) will just leave.
This was years ago and I don't know if his position has changed.

Do you have the fortitude to wear items identifying you as a rational (not superstitious) person and if so, how would you respond to a woman in an eating establishment?

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NoMagicCookie 8 July 15

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This is a joke, right? What type of clothing would someone wear other than a t-shirt proclaiming, "I am a rational thinker," which, in fact, would prove nothing. I have known (and heard, including in these forums) atheists who are not rational and do not appear to think much at all.

Just sayin'.


Clothing to identify as an atheist?

You mean like a T-shirt that says "Fuck the Lord."

Or a tiny mini skirt that shouts, "I'm not the Virgin Mary."

I usually just rely on my facial expressions to indicate my non religiosity. They're each worth more than a thousand words.

Athena Level 8 July 16, 2018

I’ll wear whatever the damn well fuck I please, and if it’s a pro-science shirt or one that says Atheist Agenda... I wouldn’t give the bitch any control over my general day or where I’d sit, but if I heard someone say such nonsense while not in those clothes, I’d probably troll them greatly.


By the way, I know people who have an issue with my clothing already, but it has nothing to do with being an atheist. It seems that for an old woman of 65.5 years, I wear skirts too short and show too much cleavage.

People read intent into what others wear all the time.


I wear my t-shirt ALL the time.
It's the only thing I have that clearly expresses my position.
Although, I'd rather it actually said,
No worries though.


I wear three specific shirts in public: "Question Everything, Worship Nothing" with the A logo. "I say Oh My God when something is Unbelievable" and "I am the Outspoken, Pro-Choice, Pro-Equality, Freethinking, Science-Loving, Atheist your parents warned you about."


I'm not much of a follower or someone who feels the need to belong to groups and wear the uniform that identifies me as a member. If I must interact with groups of people I prefer to be the leader and dress to my own tastes. I don't fly flags or put bumper stickers on my vehicles unless it is the logo of my company and it is for business purposes. I don't have any issue discussing my Atheism with people alone or in groups but that's just me.


I don't own any clothing that suggests I'm an atheist, but if I did I'd wear those clothes proudly. If I had been in his shoes, I'd have said her cross offended me and that I'd like to file a complaint back then. Lol.

Mea Level 7 July 15, 2018

If you have a problem with something I am wearing, you have a problem, I don't.

icolan Level 7 July 15, 2018

I don't wear anything like that. Just not my style. Though if I did, I would have no problem telling that woman to go pound sand.


I prefer clothing that makes me look hot! Period!

JPEGS, please. 🤓


I have "I'm going to hell in every religion" and "Fiction" with the symbols and a "Vote Democratic: We're Not Perfect but they're Nuts" stickers on the back of my car and I have a "Make America Smart Again" and a couple other caps. So far I've had quite a few people stop me and tell me they like the signs and caps but never had anybody confront me because of them. I might mention that I live in the reddest part of Arizona but I am retired and don't have to worry about losing my job. They do help me find like-minded folks that I would never have known existed otherwise. As far as the woman goes, it would depend on my mood and who I was with. I probably would have told whoever that her cross offends me but I would hope that the employee would have already seen the nonsense of the situation and we could laugh about it.

gearl Level 7 July 15, 2018

I have a few shirts that subtly express my secular position. "One Nation, Indivisible" in red, white and blue, which is the original line before the "under God" part was added in. I wear it to Indivisible rallies, 4th of July celebrations and other patriotic holidays. Then during the holidays, I sometimes wear my red and green "Happy Solstice" and "Axial Tilt / The Reason for the Season" shirts at events where my views would be welcome. I used to have a pin that said "Secular Voter" but I really don't wear pins much, so I have no idea where it is today. All very subtle and only worn at appropriate times and events.

Cool !


I refrain mostly because of my job. At work I'm outspoken enough but the company is big on Christianity so I don't want to start anything with them or other employees. Also, I am a delivery driver and the top brass says we have to be "the image of the company."


I saw a guy wearing a "Russell's Teapot" shirt on the street the other day and had major envy.

I'd wear that but I haven't owned any t-shirts with an atheist message - so far!

Strabo Level 6 July 15, 2018

Sorry , don't get it . What's behind , "Russell's teapot ?



I don’t own any atheist gear. I probably wouldn’t wear any because I generally don’t like talking to strangers and I dislike drawing attention to myself.

Hermit Level 7 July 15, 2018

Also, bumper stickers on my vehicles.

I'd be afraid of getting my car keyed. Religious people have no morals, after all.

@ldheinz I wondered if it would cause problems for us. So far, it hasn't. The truck has had stickers and decals for over 10 of it's 14 years and only my family members have scratched or dented it. We have had a car with stickers for 2 1/2 years now and we haven't had any trouble with it either. My oldest son swears people won't let him merge when he drives our truck. He calls it the athiestmobile. I have never had problems with merging. My thought is that nobody wants to be hit by a 14 year old Ford F150 well used pick-up truck driven by a godless heathen. We are NOT Trump supporters, however, the anti-Trump sticker curled up and died. It happens with a lot of stickers because we live in the desert.

@ldheinz here are easier to read photos.


I saw this T-shirt design the other day and thought it was very clever. I think I'm going to buy one...

I have no idea what that is trying to (or not to ) say .

@Cast1es Instead of looking at the white symbols focus on the blue areas immediately around them. Hopefully, you'll see it then. It's subtle but once you see it you'll never be able to unsee it which is why I love this shirt.

In case you don't see it the blue is actually the word/lettering and the white is the negative space around it. (Click on image to see full photo).

I like this. Who markets these?

@BufftonBeotch Here you go... []


I would have told the hag to go piss up a rope.

She's the one who can leave if she's offended.


I have a few shirts that have atheist roots such as a few that have the atheist A symbol, 100% recycled star dust. I even have one that spells out fiction in religious symbols

Tejas Level 6 July 15, 2018

I don't do it. But if I wanted to express that I would do it subtly. To the point where other non-believers might not pick up on it.


My general attitude is that no one gives a fig what I think or believe or lack belief about, and I don't indiscriminately share such things unless asked to.


I voted that I will wear boldly, but that does not mean I wear things like that always or with intent. If, on the other hand, I am wearing something that identifies me as a rationalist, I have no problem with dealing with any issues that might arise.


I don’t need to wear clothes to acknowledge my ability to be rational and empirical. I show my capacity for such thinking by my actions. I’d rather wear one of my Megadeth or Iron Maiden shirts.


I had a Hispanic woman tell me that my shirt offended her god once at a restaurant. I was about 18 at the time, around about 1990. The entire crew and customer base all glared at me. Lol, fuckers. Today, I would simply tell her, “no, the shirt offends you.”

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