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Yay! My free (purple) T-Shirt arrived today. Also, unexpectedly in the same package was an pen.

For those who don't know, when you reach level 8, you can submit your adsress for a free T-Shirt.. It's the site owner's way of saying "Thank you" for participating on the site.

snytiger6 9 July 20

Enjoy being online again!

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It's purple!! I need to level ?

Sirena Level 7 July 20, 2018

I chose purple because I didn't have a purple shirt, but I have lots of black T-shirts (black is teh other color choice).


I'm jealous you got a pen!

Me too...

Me too I got a pen


I really don't want or need another tshirt... any chance that pinback buttons could become a thing? I kinda have a collection...


Excellent idea, @GinaMaria I would wear that on my hat ... for those protest days 🙂


I didn't apply for my T-shirt because I live in the Thailand at the moment and shipping costs would be high.

Even back in the US, I plan to live in Lexington, KY, a redneck area, so I doubt I'd dare wear it in public to avoid dangerous alt-right attacks.

I live in KY I put it on my facebook , I have worn it to the store a few times. infact I try to wear it where the most people will see it. Only on person has said anything and that was a FB christian girl I'm friends with. she said what's with the shirt christ is alive. I replied Sure.

@Knd502 It does come in black or purple which ever one you want. I got the black.

@Knd502 You can make it fast or slow, follow some people you like,make comments, join some groups, The more people get to know you, the faster you will get your shirt, I hope you find it's a lot of fun.

@Knd502 well it did and that was my only choice! And I rarely wear black, because it is too hot! Purple would have been my choice!

@Knd502 yeal sorry about that, after t said all that I looked at your profile. What do I know, not much.

@kenriley You're a white privilege male so redneck people would leave you alone. They wouldn't hesitate to attack me, however.

@birdingnut Yes, and that sucks, But this is one guy if I was around then they would have to deal with me too. That kinda shit makes me sick, But I don't have to tell you that you know,

I would not think it woudl be that bad... although I've never been to Kentucky.

@snytiger6 To find out, go to an online newspaper article from a Lexington, KY, newspaper and make an anti-Trump comment on any article about a Trump incident. Death threats and attacks on your Facebook page will likely quickly follow, although as a white privilege male, probably not as much as what happened to me.




If I lived on the West Coast instead of NY, I'd love to be the first to take it off you, anyway enjoy in joy!


Congrats, welcome to level 8


Good agnostic, good on you. I aspire to the 8 level. I've got quite a ways to go, but the tee-shirt, hell, I'll do anything for a free tee-shirt. 🤓

zeuser Level 8 July 20, 2018

Grats. I'm here more for the conversations and learning from others point of view. But I do have to admit That if I do get to that point of getting that shirt, I will wear it proudly around every one.
I am Happy that you got yours.


I'm super excited that the shirt is purple. I would literally cry if it were red or yellow.
Teal would be nice though 🙂

I've seen pictures of a black option too.

@kensmile4u's a tossup but I think I'm going with purple

@kensmile4u I got black, black is better lol

@SkotlandSkye Purple is good and teal would be nice. I'm going with the black.

@kenriley Me too.




Congratulation ..


Brilliant well done..congratulations!?


Never got a pen, but was more than happy with the shirt! Be sure to post a photo of you wearing the shirt!


I must be the only level eight member so far to have politely passed on the shirt offer...

but why??? you could have sold it for big bucks on Ebay! LOL


WooooooT... I can't wait to get one!!!


Don't forget to submit a pic of you in the shirt! 🙂


Mine had a pen too! A nice pen too not those cheap ones

And I thought I got my pen for my suggestions on improving the site. Some suggestions of mine have been incorporated into the site.


right on @snytiger6!


Cool, I did not know that

Admin will plug in and inform you!

When you reach level 8, you need to read your notification carefully as there is a link th ttakes you to a form to fill out to get your T-shirt. You wont' get a T-shirt specific message.




Cool. I’ve got 4 levels to go. How can you check what level you’ve achieved?

Go into your own profile, and scroll down to where it shows what level you are and how many points you earned. If you click on the points, it will brign you to a page that shows you just how you earned your points doing what, and it also shows you how you can earn more points by doing various things to partivipate on the site. Oh, and it tells you how many points you need for each level too


There's so much to participate in on this site that I know eventually I'll get something. I'm just enjoying being here. Congrats!


Sweet! Thanks for the info. Something to look forward to.


Congrats buddy.

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