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Ladies high heels or flip-flops?

Sheannutt 9 July 23

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I don't wear heels anymore. Since my office went to jeans I rarely even wear dressy flats. Mostly sneakers, or birks. Yes, I can fall over my own feet in flip flops, or barefooted.


What's the difference, in the end they both end up on my floor next to my bed. lol. πŸ™‚

You wear what you want I'm all for it but it can't be comfortable for you to wear a high heel and a flip flop

@LadyAlyxandrea To be honest, I like my sketchers.

@LadyAlyxandrea To be honest, I like my sketchers.

Do you have a photo of you wearing the heels?


I prefer heels.They make my calves look good.


The higher the better!! 70% of the time. I do it for me and no one else, they make my legs look fantastic and at 5’10”, I’m definitely over 6’. It’s fun and sexy.

You're in my team!! Props for wearing heels! πŸ˜‰


I prefer flats over heels. I am in SoCal so flip-flops are fine, but I only wear cute shoes. Lol! It's a rule of mine.
❀️??Good shoes take you to good places!

Thank you! β™₯

@Storybook Thank you!


Sensible nursing shoes with sturdy orthotic inserts!

I need new ones lol

@LadyAlyxandrea I have a pair that are similar. Great for when your working on your feet all day.

@patchoullijulie also great for when you have plantar fascitis even if you sit all day

@LadyAlyxandrea They have dual function and look good also! πŸ˜€


I love high heels and girls on heels look gorgeous, however, not all women have the same taste, and it is respectable, but one thing that is annoying to me, is all the women telling other women what to wear and almost mocking anyone that thinks differently

Now, I think of all the men whose feet hurt, have bunions, back problems, etc... was it for wearing heels too?? Or how about all the woman that love heels and never got any kind of problem??

Women bashing on high heels seem to me like conservatives going berserk because of abortion. If you don't like it, fine, don't do it, but STOP telling othet women what to do or what to wear...

Thank you. There was a post on this thread earlier, to which I replied, but has since been deleted that stated that women wore high heels for men and were unable to think for themselves. I thought that rude and said so in my reply.

I had someone tell me once that women over a certain age should not keep their hair long. I decided that until the time I start to look like Granny Weatherwax, I’m keeping mine long!

Exactly. Women always criticise & blame other women. My favourite is "she broke up my marriage".

@Cassiopeia Yep. I'm always horrified when women badmouth other women Some educating needed.


Flip flops for me, heels just kill my calves, and the weird looks...

But I bet you look fabulous!


I love high heels.

And sometimes I like to wear them myself.


It baffles me why women would willingly put torture shoes on their feet just to look better for MEN. I also think flip flops can be dangerous and the middle gripping part soon rubs skin between my toes raw.

Originally, high-heeled shoes were to make short English noblemen seem taller, then later, tall platform shoes kept rich people out of the sewage flowing in the London streets.
Why modern women choose to wear them is beyond me, but they deserve whatever pain they suffer for refusing to think for themselves, catering to MEN.

Who says it’s to look better for men? I don’t wear heels all the time but when I do it’s for the same reason I wear make up, or a bra. It’s for me. And I take offence to your suggestion that if a woman wears heels she doesn’t think for herself - how rude!

I am a feminist and that means that I can choose what I wear; whether it be heels or doc marten boots. Trying to shame women into not wearing heels or make up is bad as any misogynistic shaming attitude.

I like the way my legs look in heels. I like the feel of being on tippy-toe. I like to sashay. None of these are to make me 'look better for men'.

@GoldenDoll So you would wear heels if you were on vacation in some area where there were no men to impress? Wow. I really don't understand women at all. They also put hot wax all over their tender areas, so yeah..I don't get it (shudder).

@birdingnut . No, you don't get it. Yes, I wear heels where there are "no men to impress" (why would I want to impress anyone?). What you don't get is that I love my body - I love the way it looks, I love the way it moves, I love its imperfections and I love the way that everything still works! I can walk, I can dance, I can think Some feminists never get past the "this is for men" stage. There is a stage after that, where you love yourself & your body (no matter size, shape or colour) & then you get to pick & choose what you wear & what you do. That's true freedom . Good luck.

@GoldenDoll LOL! I just want to be comfortable and be able to move freely. And be able to walk and run comfortably in whatever shoes I'm wearing. Here in Thailand, I'd walk a km from the bus stop to my school by the beach, then climb stairs and walk all day between classes scattered across the school grounds, then walk back to the bus stop. I'd have to walk from the bus stop home, so I walk both coming and going. I walk to the store, everywhere. My shoes have to be comfortable.

@birdingnut And that's absolutely fine. You're free to do what you want. Without me telling you you're doing it for men. Just like me.

@GoldenDoll LOL! Nope! I live for can take it or leave it.

@birdingnut Exactly. So maybe think next time you accuse other females of "catering to MEN".

@GoldenDoll Gracious! You're saying that women wear high heels just for themselves. Probably a few, but all the cis hetero women I know hate them, complain about wearing them, and take them off immediately after a soceal function. But you are an exception. So what? I'm entitled to my own opinion and you to yours.

@birdingnut At least we agree on that.

I don't do anything for men, just for myself. I like the way my legs look in heels and how they complement an outfit. Same as wearing well done makeup or the perfect handbag or jewelry. Also, my legs and lower back will hurt if I try to wear flats for some time.
By the way, platforms were invented by Spaniards in the late 15th c. See 'chopines'.

@birdingnut -It all depends on your lifestyle. If I had to do what you do, I'd also wear comfy shoes. But that's no reason to bash those who think differently.


False. Skate shoes. They make my calves look amazing. πŸ˜‰


@stinkeye_a Welcome Back Good to see ya




High heels are for the bed room. Flip flops for the deck on my yacht.


I like choices..
Boots (not cowboy)

Sirena Level 7 July 24, 2018

Heels aren't within your options?

@Aggelos12 heeled boots. I have knee length heeled boots, yes.. I'm tall for a Latina woman and I like comfort too.


I don't wear either (I have balance issues) but I don't think I can emphasize enough just how much I hate flip flops!!!

Kat Level 5 July 24, 2018



Neither - a good pair of tennis shoes, hiking boots, dress shoes, or sandals & I am ready to go for any occasion.
High heels are a pain & flip flops do not feel secure for me. So I'd prefer just about anything else.


I don’t wear high heels. I do wear flip flops on the weekends. But I hear you about tripping though...


I can't do either. Bad feet. I'm just grateful to find comfortable shoes that aren't ugly.


High heels came to be, not because they make women seem taller, but because they cause the wearers buttocks to protrude more. Men, of course, prefer this as it appeals to the ape brain as it brings back a hint of the posterior view observed when we spent more time on all fours and female genitals were more prominently displayed. The foot ware was enshrined in haut couture as sophisticated fashon, of course, but the primal urge is where it came from.

High heels started as men's wear back in the day that men dressed as peacocks.

But you do have to know how to walk in them. Marilyn Monroe did it best. But she did have one heel cut down to emphasis the wiggle. Fascinating Ferragamo shoe museum in Florence where they used to make her shoes.

Ferragamo for Marilyn. Nice for doing the washing up in. I would.


I'm a city person and always wear some form of heels when I go out, up to 4 in. Flip-flops for the house, in the warm weather.


Flip flops, for sure.

Pook Level 5 July 24, 2018

No high heels...that is a long gone era for me! Flip flops are indeed dangerous, if you are not a well balanced person! Lol. I wear flip flops sparingly!


I like to see women in high heels. When a woman dresses up to look her best, high heels are part of the costume. Flip flops are for lounging around doing nothing important.

Sometimes one has to compromise comfort for "good looks." I hate ties but I wear them when appropriate. @zephr


For some reason most girls in high heels seem sketchy to me. I don't know why. Lol


Flip flops are tricky. They slip off part way and snag on everything. There's no way to be graceful in flip flops.

JimG Level 8 July 23, 2018
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