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Apparently in 2013 Oprah made the comment that Athists cannot feel awe and wonder.... [] Jebus Christamus. She should definitely NOT run for president, I am sure there is enough footage of her saying stupid stuff to sink the Poseidon. However, what about you, do you think you feel awe and wonder. I have a beautiful granddaughter and another grandchild in the oven. I definitely KNOW I feel awe and wonder.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 12

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Think we need someone like a Colan Powell to run Ophra has skeletons in her closets.

Did she have a diet pill issue?

We need common sense citizens NOT Fascist general Colin Powell under ReaGUN

"Colon" Powell, ya sure; maybe he will give another demonstration of how the coloured water in the vial was really one of Iraq's chemical weapons.


Yep, she's been a practitioner and promoter of woo for decades. She's in the spiritual-but-not-religious camp, and she likely contributed significantly to Deepak Chopra's popularity through her praise and promotion of him on her show. I don't actually dislike Oprah Winfrey, but I'm not a fan either, and I think she has questionable judgement when it comes to religion and spirituality.

@AMGT I remember when her talk show first started she was doing sensational tabloid-style shows. I remember one where she interviewed a woman who claimed to have had sex with or had gotten pregnant by a space alien. As the years went by, her show became less like that but more full of things like Deepak Chopra and The Secret.

Yep. Good point


Forget Oprah. She's just another arrogant religutard who assumes she knows anything about atheists. She'll see no support from me.
I feel awe and wonder all the time. I don't need any silly god to supply it for me.

kale fills me with wonder

@btroje I wonder why people eat it.

@btroje Ya, and it fills me with shit too.

@MrLizard That's awesome. You are welcome to my share!!!

@KKGator and scotch

@btroje Scotch is good. We like scotch.

@KKGator well there are different kinds of awe and wonder, all of which i am capable

@MrLizard myself I would rather eat kale


yeah, it was a bigoted thing to say. i'm not surprised that she couldn't even grasp that it was a bigoted opinion. I just feel pity for her. The irony of a black woman shitting on another minority could not be greater.

Marz Level 7 Jan 13, 2018

What has "black" have to do with anything? And "woman" too. I happen to be Caucasian- but I would prefer to be any other colour than the present POTUS. I believe a thinking person would enjoy a conversation with Barrack Obama- two seconds with 'Donald James' would certainly lite my fire. I believe Michele Obama would make a perfect choice because of experience (even though it wasn't directly in government) and 'education'; unlike Trump, at least she has one.

Another point, I didn't read Oprah's comment- but I would tend to disagree with her, totally. When I threw off religious fantasies, many decades ago, and started to live in a world of reality, a whole world of "awh and wonderment" presented itself.

try re-reading my last sentence


Worthless trivia, but she was supposed to have been named Orpah, which is a biblical name. The clerk who typed it in transposed letters, hence Oprah.


Ha. I get called Orpah by my granddaughter. It's the Dutch term for Grandfather.


Who is Oprah Winfrey?

Oh bless your soul!! US daytime television talk show host. Been around for ages, started as a reporter in Chicago I think. Made headlines ages ago for some diet plan, then put it all back on, and she is not religious but sorta religious.

@HippieChick58 Oprah got a serious role in Color Purple movie and rode it to fame with her Chicago tv talk show. ...she was cast as the strong honest woman overcoming male violence and social injustice. ....she has never left that religious role outlook. ...yup the diet and pissing off Texas cattle ranchers led to her blossoming empire of "experts"mostly sucking off her advertisers

@HippieChick thank you for your reply. I am being slightly facetious and dismissive. However I have chosen not to have tv the last nine years and for very long periods in my life prior to then. I think I saw her once and determined never to watch again unless in a waiting room having her on the gawk box with no off switch or remote and alternate "while away the time facility" like an attractive fellow waitee to converse with. 😉

Isn't she one of the world's important people- the one who cured cancer?

@FrayedBear As far as TV watching- it does grind the brain down. I don't know what percentage is just pure garbage. 95%? But then PBS has some excellent programs too!

@Diogenes we do not have PBS in Australia as far as I'm aware. 🙂

@FrayedBear I am in Canada. I've done a bit of travel; never been to Oz. A guy I used to work with married a girl from Oz. I am close to the US border and Buffalo, NY. I believe that you can get WNED, which a PBS station from Buffalo, on the internet. Brooks and Shields really didn't waste words about Trump's insanity last Friday night.


I haven't really given it any thought, but she ain't Trump.

But Trump is "brilliant"- the world's only 'talking' vegetable.

@MrLizard Definitely a root vegetable- 'and if my selling is correct', pigs also "root".

@MrLizard "p". Oh my, besides everything else, can't spell myself.


Is not like, she knows what she is talking about.

Maybe, but my guess is that at least that she has enough on the ball to appoint secretaries who 'do' have the abilities. Can't know everything about everything. Trump's only agenda is to empower the next sycophant and crook.

@Diogenes All I am saying is No more celebrities.


While I have always admired Oprah ( she does do a lot of good) I disagree with her statement in that regards. I am in awe everytime I look up at the star filled night sky and wonder what/who else is out there in the cosmos. I feel it when one of my does gives birth to new life and am humbled when a life passes. While I admire her I agree she is not suited to be president. Bernie Sanders has my vote.

Misstuffy I agree with you, but being in Canada, I have no "choice", but Sanders would have been mine. Remember, Sanders, being human, would have also have made mistakes--- but that is a far cry from trying to find as much evil, and doing as much evil, as he can.

@Diogenes Sanders is and was my choice as well, if not him I would love to have Elizabeth Warren run.

@misstuffy Yes, for sure, Elizabeth Warren. Any time I see/hear her speaking she makes sense.


I've said it before and will undoubtedly say it again :

"babbling brooks do not understand that still waters run deep!"

Unfortunately I think that there are more babbling brooks than still waters?


my awe and wonder has not atrophied


I can say for sure that sometimes thinking about the universe fills me with a sense of awe and wonder. I know that at least on one occasion, I just felt glad that the universe exists. I feel that absolute nothingness would be the worst thing possible.


Oh, no! She found out our secret! I call bullshit on this.


Carl Sagan Neil deGrasse Tyson biologists all sell awe and wonder observing the universe. ...Oprah is selling religious bigotry against Atheists in her talk show cult = fear and belief NOT THE AWE of Atheist Einstein or the wonder of inventions Atheist Edison

Yes, certainly.


No more celebrities! Let's find a nice normal centrist pragmatic boring honest citizen.


Thanks for sharing. Had no idea-will re-evaluate

Never was too interested in Oprah, one way or another. If I had not made a preferred selection of the channel and she was just on, I never paid attention. I too may have to "re-evaluate.


As has been pointed out here, she gave Dr. Phil his fame. As a therapist I find him shallow and offensive. Hell as a human being I find him shallow and offensive. Funny, that is the same view I have of religion. I believe it is harmful when a therapist takes on a God complex. Therapists should never assume because of their training and experience they know someone better than the person knows themselves, or some standard advice is going to apply to everyone. I hate to quote Cat Stevens again but it fits. "If they were right I'd agree, but it's them they know not me." What happened to Cat Stevens? I don't get it.

I can't stand Dr. Phil. I agree with you, his show is all about making him look great with out really solving anything.


I don't dislike Oprah. However, she is a prime example of how we confuse someone with charm as also being a deep, sound and a consistent thinker. Someone whose views we should cherish. Cat Stevens turned out to be a disappointment, but to quote a line from him. "I've known a lot of fancy dancers. People who could move you on the floor. But when you ask them, why you come here for, they say I don't know....". Time to start appreciating the socially awkward introverts.


I've always been an Atheist and have always known awe and wonder observing the world and universe around me. What the hell is that woman talking about ?


Oprah is just like most believers. They blow in the wind like leaves. I saw that broadcast when it originally aired years ago back when i was a christian and i am guilty of judging atheist too. Present day, i am non believer and have reconciled the errors of my ways and i am sure Oprah's opinion may be different now too...who knows....

I still love Oprah and Christianity aside she does try to use her resources to help the less fortunate. She is a more genuine Christian than many out there. And I think people such as that swimmer make her think, I watched the video and you could see it in her eyes, the surprise that an Atheist could be in awe and wonder. Maybe someday she will realize that there is no god(s). She is a very intelligent woman after all.

@misstuffy she is not perfect but certainly not Trump horrible either.

@twshield I would love to have Obama back, he is ubdoubtedldy one of the best presidents in history but since we can't Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

@LennyP49 I agree The dems are weak whe it comes to filling the supreme court and did have control of the house and senate during the first 2 years of his first term, however N Korea has been a thorn in the side of america long before Obama. You would be more accurate to blame George W Bush instead.


I am awed almost every day by the things I see in nature and the things that humans have accomplished. But perhaps that's the artsy, creative side of me working. But sure would be nice to see an openly agnostic person run for president. I'm sure it would cause quite a stir nationwide.


As much as I like her I do not think she can or will run...enough with celebrities ...


It's a religious believer prejudice I've heard before. Atheists and non believers might look for evidence and science and skepticism, but they lack a spiritual side, a sense of wonder and awe. Baloney! I agree with what others have said here on that. As for Oprah, she's good at what she does, and good luck to her, but on that show of hers she had a lot nonsense and twaddle that pandered to her market. She is not suitable as a Presidential candidate. She might support someone who is, like Bernie, and help that way. She couldn't handle a political environment and I suspect she's smart enough to know that.


Well that's just simply a load of nonsense. I don't see how having a sense of awe and wonder must be predicated on the existence of a god. Is it really so difficult to possess wonder for wonders sake?

We Atheists need to take a grain of salt when idiots like Oprah piss on us. ...I refuse to debate the existence of non-existence. ..their gawd gott gods sounds are void of meaning without rational definition nor evidence therefore


She has to appeal to the Nit wits that would vote for her


As with many people, Oprah is neither worthy of unquestioning worship nor wholesale vilification. She is definitely a promoter of woo. But she has also played a high profile role for the cause of basic human compassion and respect for diversity and human dignity and has provided a large platform for disadvantaged groups to be heard. I respect her for that, just as I respect Christian friends of mine who are caring people, even as I disagree with their woo.

I would NEVER advocate for Oprah's nomination to run for President for any political party. On the other hand, I absolutely WILL vote against whomever the GOP nominates for President. That party in its present form is a dire threat to our democracy. If the American electorate demonstrates a further capacity and inclination to pick celebrity over political experience and they nominate Oprah, I will vote for her over ANY Republican. Even a thoughtful, moderate Republican I might personally respect would still, as President, aid in empowering a GOP run amuck that has proven it doesn't give a damn about protecting the planet nor the common people from being metaphorically raped by corporate greed. I would just hope a President Winfrey would not pick Dr Phil for Surgeon General, Judge Judy for the Supreme Court, etc. 😛

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